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CAMAS — Camas High School Track & Field Coach Alisa Whitney Wise got more than she expected today at her local US Bank branch. With two of her sons with her, casual business turned into a surreal and frightful situation.

As she was opening an account, she heard shouting and saw an elderly gentleman spill water, …and that’s when she asked what happened.

A frightened teller told her: “We’ve just been robbed.”

Wise said the bank immediately locked the doors (about noon) and told everyone to remain in the building until police arrived.

Wise, who is usually every aware of her surroundings, said she wished she would have seen more.

“I’m usually so in touch with my surroundings,” she said. “But I didn’t see it happen, yet it happened just a few feet away from me.”

The teller told Wise the robber handed her a note with a demand for money. The visibly shaken teller said she handed him the money and he then immediately fled the scene.

Local authorities (police, sheriff’s deputies, K9 units) arrived within moments and canvassed the area — all the way to the Liberty Theatre.

The suspect is described as a man in his mid-20s and local officials are on the search to apprehend him.

Wise said the only customers at the branch were her, her two sons, Micah and Stockton, and the elderly man.

“They handled things very professionally,” said Wise. “But they were clearly shaken. I would be.”

The police questioned the customers and the employees until just before 2 pm, and then everyone was free to leave.

“I just really wished I would have seen more,” said Wise.

More details to come.