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Bat bag, check.

Uniform, check.

Winning attitude, check.

RV, check.

After Sunday’s District 4 Championship victory, the Lacamas Red team is boarding the team RV and heading to Auburn, WA, Friday afternoon to represent District 4, and Lacamas Little League, in the State Championship tournament.

Opening ceremonies begins at GSA Park in Auburn on Saturday at 9 am, and the team plays their first game Sunday at 9 am.

The team formed about a month ago, based on voting from managers, coaches, and peers and worked hard during the post-season All-Star tournament, which was held at Evergreen Little League in Brush Prairie. They were undefeated, 6-0.

“We’re the last Lacamas team standing,” said coach John Blair, of the 11-member team. “It’s pretty exciting, and the boys are ready to go. They’re prepared.”

The coaches head up separately, but the team RV, owned and driven by Larry Humble, sets off to Auburn late afternoon Friday.

“We’re looking forward to it,” says Humble. “It’ll be fun.”

Outfielder Jordan Geigenmiller was packed days ago and is ready for action.

“We’re focused, we’re ready, we’re pumped,” he said. “This is going to be a blast!”

The team is managed by Jeff Mansur, and coached by John Blair and Andy Ott.

“We don’t have a weak spot in the lineup,” said Mansur, recently. “These kids make coaching easy.”
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District Winners
The Lacamas Red team after receiving their championship medals.


BRUSH PRAIRIE – The two 9-10 year-old division Lacamas Little League All-Star teams battle it out Saturday at 10:30 am in the semi-finals at Evergreen Little League.

The Lacamas Black team, managed by Ed Barbier, and the undefeated Lacamas Red team, managed by Jeff Mansur, square off for the first time in this post-season tournament.

“I’m so excited about this,” said Lacamas Little League president, Erin McClanahan. “This will be good baseball to see those two teams play each other.”

The winner advances to the District Championship game on Sunday.

Josh Mansur after hitting a homerun earlier this week.


Jordan Geigenmiller
Jordan Geigenmiller waits for it.


HARMONY SPORTS COMPLEX, VANCOUVER – In a hard-fought semi-final’s contest, the Lacamas Majors 10-11 All-Star baseball team defeated Evergreen, 9-8, and advance to the district championship game Tuesday night against Cascade.

Home team Lacamas allowed two runs in the first inning, but came back and tied it up at the bottom of the first inning. The game stayed close throughout, and Evergreen hit a homerun in the third inning, and hit several deep into left field. The Lacamas defense was swift and decisive.

At the bottom of five, the score was 5-5 and Jimmy Peebles delivered one into right field for a base hit and RBI, breaking the tie. Grant Heiser and Luke Brewer moved the score to 7-5.

Evergreen had their final say in the top of the sixth, and scored three runs with two outs on the board. The score was 8-7.

At the bottom of the sixth, Lacamas loaded the bases, and Grant Heiser’s walk off double brought in Camden Ford and Carson Williams, to win the game.

The final score was 9-8, Lacamas.

Tonight’s district championship game will be played at 6 pm at Harmony Sports Complex, aka Cascade Little League.

Editor’s note: For the record, Christian Geigenmiller is quickly recovering from his line drive hit to the head during Sunday’s game. He sat out Monday’s game, but plans to play in the championship game Tuesday.


Rylan Marshall takes the mound against Evergreen.


Jimmy Peebles hit a much-needed single and RBI to break a tie in the fifth.
Grant Heiser’s double at the bottom of six brought in the final two runs
to win the game against Evergreen.