Camas, WA — For the first time ever, Downtown Camas is hosting the Hoops 360, 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament. The event stems from a long tradition of outdoor 3 on 3 events that have averaged, over the years, 200+ teams of fun basketball competition from youth to elite athletes.

According to the Downtown Camas Association, this event has been happening locally for over 20 years. Games will start Friday, August 17 at 8 pm, and conclude at 10 pm. Saturday games begin at 10 am, and end at 5 pm. Games will resume Sunday at 10 am on Sunday and conclude by 3 pm.

Shoot 360, which owns Hoops 360, is the facilitator.

“We are a tech firm for basketball development,” said Brad Butterworth, who represents the company. “We have facilities all over the country. We use a tech platform to teach basketball skills — ball handling, shooting and passing. The company began in 2012 in Beaverton. Then they opened in Vancouver, then LA, Indianapolis, and we are opening a second California location soon.”

Shoot 360 recruited Butterworth, who is a former coach, after he started his own tech firm.

“I really believe in Shoot 360’s mission,” said Butterworth. “It’s incredibly powerful. We engage a positive way to teach our kids. And, it’s a very intriguing and powerful company.”

Their business model is member-focused, and boasts a membership of 500 in SW Washington.

“We are using technology as a coaching tool and resource,” said Butterworth. “It’s like Fortnite for basketball.”

Their Vancouver site is located at Fourth Plain in Orchards. To learn more, visit

“Currently, every year we run a 3 on 3 event, which used to be Hoops on the River,” he said. “They closed shop. We wanted to keep that 3 on 3 thriving, so we rebranded it Hoops 360 3 on 3, and we ran it at Marshall Park, near Clark College. This year, we are moving it to Camas, so we’re really excited. We’re turning all of 5th Ave. from Adams to Dallas into an outdoor basketball venue.”


Three men jump battling for the ball in a 3-on-3 basketball tournament held on the streets.

The events will happen on Birch Street between 5th and 4th, and on Cedar, between 5th and 4th — all of which will be basketball courts for three days.

Event organizers anticipate 4,000 people, and the City of Camas said it would be the second largest event behind Camas Days. They’re expecting 275 teams, most of which come from Clark County, but a few are coming from Seattle.

Hampton Inn and Subaru of America are key sponsors, who are helping them market and spread the word. In addition, there will be 12 vendors on hand, and they will be playing basketball movies at the Liberty Theater. A beer garden will also be available.

“We are trying to make it an entire family affair,” said Butterworth. “We want it to be a vacation-like experience. There will be live music playing. We’re bringing in people from Savannah to play. It’ll be fun!”


Camas, WA — After many weeks of negotiations between Lacamas Athletic Club and Camas High School (CHS), the school’s athletic program was forced to find a new home for the Girl’s swim team this season, and is leaving the future home of the two-time State Championship winning Boy’s swim team in doubt.

“Our girls swim program will be swimming this season at Cascade Athletic Club,” said CHS Athletic Director, Rory Oster. “Cascade Athletic Club and Evergreen School District has been excellent in working with us to accommodate our kids. All I can say is that our preference would be to have Camas High School girl’s swim program using Lacamas Athletic Club facilities. Unfortunately an agreement could not be made in order to do so for this upcoming swim season, my hope is that our boys swim team will be able to use Lacamas Athletic facilities as again, that is the preference of Camas School District Athletic Department.”

Oster said that Camas High School will not have any “home meets” and that all of their competitions will be at other pools.

In June, Denise Croucher, owner of Lacamas Athletic Club, approached Oster with demands that CHS could not meet. Among those initial demands, according to Mike Bemis, CHS Head Swim Coach, was to find another coach who wasn’t affliated with Columbia River Swim Team (CRST) — a competitor of the Lacamas Athletic Club’s Headhunters private club swim team. Bemis is a two-time State Championship swim coach for CHS, and the team won back-to-back State titles in 2017 and 2018.

Camas reaffirmed their loyalty and commitment to Bemis and his successful program.

According to Bemis, Lacamas Athletic Club accused him and CRST of recruiting athletes away from the Headhunters program.

”Nothing could be further from the truth,” said Bemis. “These are great kids and we have athletes from multiple clubs who compete for Camas High School. The athletes all get along quite well, and it shows with their accomplishments. CRST, for which I work very part-time, has not recruited any athletes from Lacamas or any other club.”

Bemis said the final gap that couldn’t be bridged was that Lacamas Athletic Club also demanded that Bemis sign an agreement between CRST and Lacamas Athletic Club that neither club could recruit any swimmers from each other’s clubs that are aged 14 or older, and that after turning 14, they could never switch club teams.

”That’s an agreement I simply could not sign,” said Bemis. “I have no authority to do that, and the owner of CRST was never approached. Such an agreement also infringes on parental choice as to where they want their child to practice and compete.”



Camas High School girls swimmers hold up the US flag during the pledge of allegiance at a 2017 home meet.

The management at CRST concurs.

”We were never approached by Denise or anyone at Lacamas Athletic Club with an agreement,” said Darlene Lumbard, owner of CRST. “I even spent four days next to Denise at a recent club meet and nothing was ever said. In fact, the kids from both programs get along very well.”

When Lacamas Magazine approached Croucher in late June about possible outcomes, Croucher said of Oster: “He may be considering moving the team, but this is not the outcome we are hoping for.”

Following the official move to Cascade, Croucher was asked to reply to details about the negotiations, and she said:
”Our agreement with the school district had to be re-negotiated because the current terms no longer worked due to the time changes at the school district; they could no longer swim at 2:30 pm. It is not uncommon to renegotiate the terms yearly if needed. With our drastic membership growth over the past two years, the members’ pool usage has also increased. This makes an agreement more difficult as we have to keep our valuable member’s needs a top priority. Unfortunately, we were unable to reach an agreement this year that worked for both parties. Being a private business, we will not discuss the details of a business agreement. Hopefully we can accommodate the school district’s pool rental needs in the future.”

At one of the 2017 Camas High School home swim meets.

“I think again this just goes to show you that you can’t demand this upon parents,” said CHS Assistant Swim Coach, Leslie Levesque. “She [Croucher] has no legal ground to stand on. Parents have the right to decided which club their kids swim in. This is absurd. And Mike said we can easily practice in the morning times at Lacamas as we did last year.”
The move has scheduling, traffic, and other complications, and poses some additional burdens on the coaches, Cascade Athletic Club, and the parents. Bemis also expressed gratitude toward Cascade for making this accommodation. The club will see how things go with the girl’s season, and then make decisions about the future with the boy’s season. Levesque said CHS will have two lanes at Cascade Athletic Club from at 5:30 am, 6:15 am, and 7:15-8:45 each evening, and will share the pool with CRST.

Camas High and Washougal High School seniors honored at Senior Night.

Making It Work
“We’ve been put out to pasture,” said Bemis. “This makes it a lot tougher to keep winning championships. It creates travel issues. No home meets. It’s hard to build up new kids in a situation like this. It makes it more challenging to get to the facilities. This is my biggest fear. It’s been challenging to work with Lacamas Athletic Club over the years but we’ve always made it work these past 12 years — until now. We’re really grateful to Mitch Merwin at Cascade — he’s been great to work with. He’s been very helpful.”

Swimming at a home meet.

A Parent’s Perspective
“Well, besides the Lacamas pool being a beautiful facility, I’m glad the Camas school district isn’t playing the blackmail game,” said Sarah Segall, mother of CHS swimmer, Bailey Segall. “Denise never treated the swimmers well and frequently wouldn’t have the pool open when they arrived for an early morning practice. It will be tight to have all the swimmers at Cascade but the girls seem excited about the opportunity to train with each other. Although it’s not ideal for them to drive so far across town for their practice, it will show their dedication to the sport. It would be great if the city of Camas were made aware of the need for a facility for the community as well as for the high level swim program at the high school. CHS is still working out details on transportation from morning practices to school, and is uncertain how this will impact the boy’s swim team season.”

The future of practice and home meets is in question for the 2X State Championship winning CHS Boys Swim Team.

“For practice we are able to give our students options for attendance so it has the ability to fit everyone’s schedule,” said Oster. “Camas SD and Evergreen SD will be sharing facilities during practice times. Our hope is that Lacamas Athletic Club has a change of heart by the time boys season begins and welcomes us back to our prior relationship which has always been positive and effective.”

Statement from Camas City Councilor Rusch

“Although the only information I have on this is what’s been reported in your article, this is disappointing,” said Camas City Councilor, Deanna Rusch. “However, I can say the City is actively working to pursue a year round pool/aquatic center/community center. A multi jurisdictional committee is set to begin meetings September 5 to discuss this. I look forward to serving on this committee and to helping to further the current momentum and progress we are having on making sure Camas has a safe and fun place to swim. My goal would be to provide a year round facility for our swimmers and divers.

Further, although the existing Crown Park pool will be demolished, City Council hasn’t made a decision on what will happen in its place. I, for one, don’t believe a small neighborhood pool and a larger community center pool are mutually exclusive and I’m examining all of our options in this regard.”

Swim Gallery


Tulsa, OK — July was a very busy month for Camas elementary student, Aubrie Wheeler, who won the top title at a National Horse show in Tulsa, OK, which was preceded by wins at two major competitions in Longmont, CO.

“From July 5-6, Aubrie competed at the Rocky Mountain Regional POA High Point Show and won (9 & Under Divison), and from July 7-8, she competed at the World West POA Show High Point (9 & Under Division),” said Mamie Wheeler, Aubrie’s mother. “Then we went on to Tulsa, Oklahoma to our National show, where she won National Congress High Point All Around 9 & Under. That was three overall titles in three shows — at the national level.  It was a huge accomplishment for a little one!”

POA (Pony of the Americas) is the breed of her horse, and over the course of four days, Aubrie competed in 43 classes, and won the overall title for her division at both of those shows. There were participants from nine states, and Aubrie was high point all around 9U for both shows. She had a bunch of class wins, and she was the top of her division in both shows. There were 14 in her division.

Each class is a separate event, or competition. At end of show, judges combine class totals together and name overall titles. She won the national title at the National High Point All Around 9U.

Aubrie Answers Questions

What is your favorite part of showing your Pony? 

AW: Being with my ponies and making new friends.

Who are your new friends this year?

AW: Olivia and Avery Mae (Tennessee), Grace (Georgia), Olivia and Kelly (Oklahoma), Katie (Wisconsin) & McKenzie and Hailey (Illinois).  And I made the trip with my friends Chloe and Kylee from Washington!

What is your favorite event at the shows?

AW: Gaming.

Why do you like Gaming?

AW: Cause you get to go fast.

What does it take to win the an Overall National Championship?

AW: You have to work hard.  Practice a lot.

What is your goal next year for the National POA Congress show?

AW: To win the Overall High Point Championship again!

What do you need to do to reach that goal?

AW: Practice and try hard.


“We do a lot of training ourselves, and we work with two trainers,” said Mamie. “She rides 5-6 days a week, and trains with a trainer in Ridgefield, while the other trainer comes to our house. We’ve been competing since January, and she has competed in two to three competitions a month since March. This was helping her prepare for Nationals — to get lots of practice.”

Her trainers are Anthony Wilson of Wilson Performance Horses in Ridgefield, and Amy Vesneske, of Battle Ground. Veneske specializes in jumping, and Wilson specializes in pleasure horses. Mamie teaches the speed competitions.

“We are a fourth generation equestrian family,” said Mamie. “We raise our own babies. Grandpa did rodeo, and her dad was a professional bull rider for several years. She was born into it, and has competed in rodeos and horse shows since she was 2 years old.”



Salem, OR — The Camas Dream Team 3rd graders went 6-0 this past weekend and dominated the 8-under division to win the Oregon Hoopla 3-on-3 basketball tournament at Oregon’s capitol. Oregon Hoopla is the largest 3-on-3 basketball tournament in Oregon, and the boys played well.

The tournament itself comprised 16 teams in the 8-under division, and the Camas boys outscored their opponents 211 to 42 in six games during throughout the weekend.

The Camas Dream Team players are Lincoln Fogle, Max Gibson, Pierce Harrington and Jaxson Sullivan. All boys will be 3rd graders at area Camas schools this fall. To learn more about this program, visit

The next tournament they play in is the Shoot 360 3-on-3 Tournament in Downtown Camas on August 17th-19th.  This next event is sponsored by Shoot 360. To learn more about that event, please visit

Here is a summary of their game scores:

Camas Dream Team 35 Hampton Inn (Vancouver) 2

Camas Dream Team 35 Team Pitbull (Salem) 4

Camas Dream Team 35 Oregon Flash Red (Portland) 12

Camas Dream Team 36 Fearsome Foursome (Eugene) 10

Camas Dream Team 35 Vipers (Keizer) 9 – SEMIS

Camas Dream Team 35 Beast Squad (Wilsonville) 5 – FINALS


Camas Dream Team. Max Gibson, Lincoln Fogle, Jaxon Sullivan, and Pierce Harrington.

Sedro-Wooley, WA — The Camas 12U All-Star baseball team is now 3-1 at State after defeating neighboring Salmon Creek Little League Tuesday night, 7-5.

Once again, Camas bats were hot and their All-Stars scored immediately.  Base hits by Trevor Wong, Owen Meyer, and Andrew Kralj brought in three runs in the top of the first inning.  Jacob Swenson, who ended up throwing for 5 innings, came in as the starting pitcher for Camas.

The All-Stars baseball team scored one more run in the top of the second inning, making the score 4-0.  Swenson only gave up one run in the first two innings, but Salmon Creek rallied at the bottom of the third inning and came back scoring four runs to tie up the game 4-4.


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Camas didn’t give up.  Wong hit an RBI triple in the top 4th inning, allowing Cade Gehlen to score the go-ahead run.  Another RBI single by Thomas Clute put Camas up by two.  Salmon Creek answered with another run in the bottom of the fourth inning.  A RBI triple by lead-off batter Gehlen brought in special pinch runner, Brevin Pike, in the top of the 5th.  Relief pitcher, Owen Meyer, came in at the bottom of the 6th inning.  Along with Meyer’s two strike-outs, the Camas defense held Salmon Creek, winning the game 7-5.

Camas will face Sammamish Little League Wednesday at 6:30 pm in game #20 of the Washington State Championship tournament.  This will be game five for Camas, and it is a must-win.

Article written by Liz Geigenmiller

State Baseball Tournament Photos

Sedro-Wooley, WA — After losing a tight baseball game Sunday against Pacific, the Camas Little League 12U All-Star’s team (2-1 at State) came back Monday night to defeat Bainbridge Island, 6-5 in the double elimination Washington State Little League Championships.

It was a fun baseball night. The boys came out swinging Monday night with a 2-run single by Thomas Clute and a sac fly by Andrew Kralj, which scored four runs for Camas at the top of the first inning.  Camas pitcher, Jake Swenson, had two strikeouts and held Bainbridge Island to one run to end the first inning.

Trevor Wong came into pitch for Camas at the top of the second and would pitch the rest of the game.  Camas was able to hold Bainbridge Island to a single run until the bottom of the fourth inning, when they rallied and scored four runs, putting Bainbridge Island ahead 5-4.

Camas didn’t let up.

The Camas All-Stars loaded the bases and a base hit by Andrew Kralj brought in the tying run.  With the score tied 5-5, at the top of the top of the 6th, Cade Gehlen started a Camas rally with a double and was able to score the go-ahead run with a hit by Trevor Wong, making the score 6-5.  The Camas defense was able to hold Bainbridge Island for the next three outs winning the game with a final score of 6-5.

The boys have been playing since Saturday, and face neighboring Salmon Creek (District 6) on Tuesday evening. Since losing Sunday afternoon, Camas has been playing in the loser’s bracket, which is a tougher road to travel.

To learn more, visit

Article by Liz Geigenmiller


Gresham, OR — The Columbia River Swim Team (CRST) had their best showing ever at the annual Speedo Sectionals meet at Mt. Hood Community College this past weekend, with Camas High School’s two-time State champion, Eric Wu, leading the way.

The team itself earned more than 300 points, and Wu’s performance in the 100 Fly Finals earned him a berth on the awards podium. He also earned a personal best time, and set a team record in the 200 IM (2.11.13).

Top college and high school athletes from 11 states convened at Mt. Hood CC in a meet that lasted four days — Thursday through Sunday — to test how far these swimmers can go.

Wu’s big success of the meet was the 100 Fly, in which he earned eighth place while competing against college athletes several years older.

“Every moment leading up to the 100 Fly was nerve-racking,” said Wu. “I just barely made the big A final. I would be swimming with all the big college kids in the heat. After I swam, it was a sense of relief mixed with frustration since I missed the Summer national cut by .2 seconds.”

“I did something different training for the 100 Fly this year,” he added. “In addition to swimming fly every available moment in practice, I also did the 200 Fly in every meet this season. The 200 Fly being double the 100 allowed me to build the base and endurance I needed to finish the 100 Fly strongly. I believe that just swimming so much fly throughout the season gave me the back half I needed to drop so much time in such a short period of time.”


Eric Wu competes in the 200 IM at Speedo Sectionals.

His coach, Darlene Lumbard, was pleased with his performance this weekend, and with the team’s efforts overall.

“Eric did a fantastic job, and we are so proud of him! He comes from a very academic family and they put academics first,” said Lumbard. “We make exceptions for the specialized classes and work with his schedule. Swimming is important to him but we’ve always given that time he needs for academics. He’s a well-balanced athlete.”

“Swimming and academics go well together,” added Lumbard. “The swimming culture is really academic. It’s a lifetime sport and they know it. It’s a great stress relief. It’s like yoga.”

Lumbard said the team overall exceeded her expectations.

“They bonded so well,” she said. “They get up and they raced together. They all worked hard and swam well.”


The 400 Free Relay. From left, Wu, Ilya, Tom, and Max.


On the 200 IM

“On the last day of a four day prelim final meet, multiple swims wear you out both physically and mentally,” said Wu. “Your body is sore and your mind is weak. Having experiencing this, swimming the 200 IM for the second time on Sunday in itself is an accomplishment. However, dropping time and swimming your best is even better. As I was swimming warm up before my event, I kept thinking to myself I was way too sore and too tired to finish the event, let alone drop time. However, on the outside, Darlene said I looked fine. Physically I was fatigued, but what made me even more tired was thinking that way. Honestly, that’s what makes swimming such a hard sport, it’s not the different strokes you have to swim, or even how much you have to swim, the hardest part about swimming is overcoming your brain telling you you can’t do it.”

Photo Gallery

Camas, WA — The Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA) is honoring Camas High School with the prestigious Scholastic Cup (4A Division) this Thursday, June 7, at 2:30 pm at the CHS main gym.

The students are receiving this award for their athletic, academics and sportsmanship achievements during the 2017-2018 season. Camas took home the 4A Scholastic Cup with WIAA State Championships in Swimming, Gymnastics, and Boys Track and Field. Camas completed the season with nine top-5 finishes in various sports, as well as having nine teams ranked in the top-5 of their respective categories academically.

The honor is the first for the Papermakers, who finished second in the 2016-2017 season. The other Divsion Champions are: Almira Coulee Hartline (1B), Saint George’s (2B), Lynden Christian (1A), Sehome (2A), and Interlake (3A).

The WIAA Cup recognizes performance in the classroom, as well as on the playing field. Schools that finish at the top of their respective classifications in state athletic competition receive points, as do schools that finish at the tops in team academic performance.

Sportsmanship is also a factor, with substantial points deducted for ejections from contests. At the end of the year, the school with the most points in their classification will be awarded the prestigious Scholastic Cup.

To learn more, visit


Mt. Tahoma Stadium, WA — Yes, you read that headline correctly. Camas Boys Track and Field won the State Championship Saturday in a four-way tie with Chiawana, Issaquah, and Bothell. For the record, Walla Walla earned 36.5 points.

So, how did that happen?

Daniel Maton’s first place victories in the 800 and 1600 meter events put Camas in contention, and going into the final event — the 4 x 400 Relay — Issaquah was ahead with 36 points, with Camas, 32; Bothell, 29, Chiawana, 27, and Walla Walla, 30.5.

Chiawana’s victory in the 4 x 400 Relay earned them 10 points, putting their final score at 37 points. Bothell earned second place, giving them eight points, also putting their final score at 37 points. Walla Walla’s third place finish earned them 6 points, for a total haul of 36.5 points. Camas placed fourth for 5 points, which put them at 37 points overall. And, a last place finish for Issaquah earned them just one point, which was enough to make it a four-way tie for first place.

”It was really one for the ages,” said Boys Head Coach, Jon Eagle. “Amazing. It was a surreal last part of the meet. It was very long odd for it to turn out the way it did. Go Papermakers!”

Mason Gross, William Schultz, Bryce Leighton, and Daniel Maton ran the 4 x 400 Relay for Camas.


From left: Daniel Maton, William Schultz, Mason Gross, and Bryce Leighton. Photo from District Meet.

”I’m pretty sure it was the first time that’s ever happened at State,” said Leighton. “It’s pretty crazy, it’s awesome that we managed to get first as a team, though. I’m really proud of our entire team and program, even everyone who didn’t go to State, for working so hard and getting to where they got.”

Leighton said there were 15 other Papermakers at State.


Event Results

Blake Deringer placed 7th (11.21) in the 100 meter event, and 6th (22.43) in the 200 meter event.

William Sun placed 6th (40.11) in the 300 meter hurdles.

Matt Williams placed 8th (169-03’) in Javelin.

David Connell placed 5th (9:17.03) in the 3200 meter event. LJ Floyd placed 11th (9:40.47).

Maton won both 800 meter (1:51.02) the 1600 meter event (4:07.50), setting personal records in both. His two victories were essential to the team’s ultimate victory, but as the math shows, every point and individual team member placement led to the overall success at this year’s State competition.


TUKWILA, WA — After battling into double overtime at Sunday’s President’s Cup State Tournament (Division 1) at the Starfire Complex, the East County-based Washington Timbers Red 2 BO4 team defeated NSC Green in penalty kicks, winning the coveted title 5-4 in PKs.

The tournament, which actually began a week earlier in pool play, continued into semi-finals Saturday culminating in Sunday’s Championship game.  The Timbers beat Crossfire Premier in the semi-finals, 3-0, and over six games, the boys only gave up two goals.

“It’s a very athletic group,” said Head Coach, Dan Youngren. “The championship was a really good game, and the other team had a strong defense. We had 10-12 shots on goal and couldn’t get them in during regulation time. During OT both teams went back and forth, then we went to PK’s. It’s a crazy way to end it. The first four kickers from both teams scored. On the fifth kick, NSC missed. Our last kicker, Jaydon Morgan, a left kicker, buried it in the right side of the net. And, that’s what won the game, we won 5-4 in PK’s.”

Timbers goalie Ryan Doyle worked incredibly hard, and Ethan Hunt and Jeremy Mohn scored the goals against Crossfire Premier during semi-finals.

”We’ve had a solid defense all season,” said Youngren, who’s coached the sport for nine years. Mark Fortin in the team’s assistant coach. “This has been a fun experience, and it’s still sinking in what an achievement it was.”

But, the team has been here before — except in Oregon, where they won State last year.

“It’s pretty cool to be state champions in two different states,” he said.

The Timbers success gives them the opportunity to advance to Regionals, which is in Salt Lake City on June 12.  It’ll be  round robin play, quarter, semi- and finals during that weeklong tournament.

The team’s roster:

Jevon Carr

Ryan Doyle

Kade Drake

Gavin Erickson

Michael Fedoruk

Connor Fortin

Ethan Hundt

Ethan Kay

Jeremy Mohn

Jaydon Morgan

Ethan Ouchi

Jake Penn

Hayden Rouse

Derik Soto

Eli Warne

Samuel Wilson

Cody Youngren