David Stuebe was sworn in as Mayor of Washougal Monday, September 26, 2022, after a unanimous vote by Washougal City Council. He will serve in Council Position #1 until late November 2023. Rochelle Ramos stepped down from the role on September 17 to pursue a career growth opportunity in Utah.

“I’m honored and humbled to accept the Council’s vote of confidence to fill the role of mayor,” commented Stuebe. “I’ll continue providing leadership and sound judgement as we help grow and serve our community.”

As a resident of Washougal since 2007, he was appointed to the City Council March 29, 2021. Stuebe is committed to helping Washougal provide intelligent and responsible growth, resident safety and youth/adult resources and activities. He serves on many city and county boards and commissions and is also a VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) lifetime member, Back a Hero committee member and sits on the All-Service Academy Interview Committee for Congressional Appointments.

“I think this decision makes sense,” said Councilmember Molly Coston. “As Mayor Pro Tem, Councilmember Stuebe has become very adept at understanding the role as extending beyond the chair of the council. He is very engaged in almost all of our activities.”


Stuebe served over 30 years in the United States Marine Corps (active duty and reserves), retiring as a Colonel in 2016. As a Marine, he managed multiple humanitarian projects, coalition trainings and combat operations around the world, in addition to leading several large commands. Stuebe has also held senior management positions in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries for over 20 years. Stuebe is a graduate of the University of Redlands with a degree in Political Science.

“I have served around the world in many different roles and have made Washougal my home,” remarked Stuebe. “I’m committed to making this a great place for all.”

Council Position #1 will be on the ballot in November 2023, with the elected individual serving the remainder of the four-year term through the end of 2025.

More people have a criminal record than you may think. Anything from a small misdemeanor all the way to a full-on arrest has a significant impact on your record and can change your life. Read on to learn about all the ways a criminal record impacts your life.

Finding Work

Unfortunately, one of the most significant ways a criminal record can hurt you is in your ability to find a job. Employers can turn away candidates based on a criminal record, regardless of the conviction. They can discover your criminal record through a background check or just by noticing your absence of employment history. Even when your conviction is not related to drugs or violence, your criminal record impacts how employers perceive you as an employee. Some employers may take a chance on you, but finding one will take some time.  

Child Custody

If you are going through a divorce, you may need to figure out child custody. You can solve this sort of thing amicably, but often it goes to a court where the judge will consider various factors to determine the best situation for the child(ren). A criminal record will affect child custody because it is one of the factors that the judge considers. Criminal records hurt your ability to get custody of children, but the judge will also consider the nature of the conviction and how old the conviction is. Older, non-violent offenses are less likely to hurt your chances than if you are a repeat offender.


Limited Rights

In addition to struggling to find a job or obtain custody, you will have some other rights limited. These limitations vary from state to state, but some federal restrictions exist. For example, you cannot serve as a juror or run for public office if you have a criminal conviction. You may not have wanted to, but now you definitely can’t. You also cannot legally own a firearm or vote.  

Limitations like these can be alarming for many since they never knew about these limitations. Some career paths require licenses and certifications you cannot get with a criminal record. You cannot enter into real estate, insurance, the medical field, or even become a social worker.

A criminal record impacts your life in many ways, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Once people learn you have a criminal record, they start to treat you differently, even when it is in no way a reflection of who you are today. Hopefully, with this new perspective, you’ll understand how important it is to abide by the law.

Washougal, WA — Rochelle Ramos is resigning as Washougal Mayor (City Council Position #1) effective at midnight on September 17. She is pursuing a career growth opportunity in another state. Mayor Pro Tem David Stuebe will fulfill the Mayoral function until the Council appoints someone to fill the vacant Council Position #1 seat.

“It has been an honor to serve as Mayor. It was not my plan when I ran for office to only serve 10 months. I was also not actively seeking a new position. I was approached with an opportunity that is very positive for my family, and although it was a very difficult decision, I just couldn’t turn it down,” said Mayor Ramos.

In November of 2021 Mayor Ramos was elected to a four-year term to Council Position #1, which is designated as Mayor, taking office on November 23 of that year. Her election as Mayor was the culmination of years of volunteerism, service and support in the Washougal community.

“We are grateful for Rochelle’s long history of service in our community. We as a City have been very fortunate to have had such a passionate and engaged community member who has done an outstanding job in all her roles, including her current position as Mayor. She will be greatly missed,” said Mayor Pro Tem Stuebe.

The Council will be discussing the vacancy and appointment process during its September 12, 2022 worksession. The appointed individual will serve as Mayor until late November 2023. Council Position #1 will then be on the ballot in November 2023, with the elected individual serving the remainder of the four-year term through the end of 2025.

“I am excited for Washougal’s future. We are in the middle of updating our Strategic Plan, which will guide the community into the future, and there are several exciting projects in the works. I encourage Washougal citizens to get involved by volunteering to serve the community through the many opportunities available,” said Ramos. “It is with mixed emotions that I move into this next phase in life and I will miss Washougal.”

Tucked away from the road and away from congestion but close to all amenities is this stunning 5-acre property with expansive lawns and old growth fir, oak and maple trees. It’s located in the top-rated Camas School District, and is offered by John Fitzgerald, of Sotheby’s.

Key Features:

  • 5 bedrooms, 4 baths
  • 4,200 square feet
  • Airport only 20 minutes away
  • Close to downtown Camas charm for shopping and dining 
  • Flat lot with enclosed raised garden beds
  • Large deck to sit and enjoy the peaceful nature
  • 3 acres of native land

6301 NE 232nd Ave. Vancouver, WA 98682

MLS# 22129442

Video tour: https://youtu.be/U_ddFuotl4I

To schedule a tour and learn more visit:  https://fitzgerald.cascadesothebysrealty.com/ListingDetails/6301-NE-232ND-AVE-Vancouver-WA-98682/22129442

This house has so much to offer:

Kitchen: Fully remodeled open kitchen and living room area. Brazilian mahogany drawers and cabinets, huge granite island with sink, professional grade DCS double oven and five burner stove and flat grill. Built in refrigerator/freezer and separate wine cooler. Private kitchen nook lined with huge windows overlooking the expansive yard.

Master: Vaulted ceilings and spacious living space. Large master bath includes walk-in closet, jetted sauna tub, radiant heated tile floor and spacious glass and tile shower. Brazilian mahogany cabinetry with double sink and mirrors. Large windows provide the area in natural light.

In-laws suite: Generous sized room has a small full bathroom with shower, enclosed closet and storage space. Beautiful view of front yard and circle drive.

Library and downstairs office: Just off the main entry is a large space perfect for a library, office and game room. French doors open to enough space for a group to congregate and close to the kitchen and other living areas on the main floor. 

Office: Well equipped office space with large half round fan window to view the evening sun. Large enough space for large desk, computers, peripherals and filing drawers. Plenty of enclosed closet space for storage and supplies.

A gorgeous kitchen!

Kids Bedrooms: Two similar sized rooms with built-in desks and lights. Generous enclosed closets and large windows with views of the property.

Garage: Three car garage with full bathroom and overhead storage selves. The single bay is very deep and allows for a nice space for a work bench and tools. Plenty of room to store all the toys and equipment required for a property this size.

Landscape: Private paved road leads to house with elegant circle drive for easy entrance and exit. Fully landscaped yard including manicured lawn, hedges, maple and birch trees, seasonal bulbs and rysomes. Computerized irrigation system.

Backyard: Large wrap around decking with separate outdoor spaces for dinning, gather around fire pit, sun bathing & lounging, hot tub and bbqing. Opens up to beautiful large lawn area with oak trees, purple tulip magnolia tree, lilac and garden beds loaded with shrubs and bulbs for color throughout all seasons. Complete with kids play structure.

Food garden: Enclosed 2,500 square feet raised bed garden. Designed with four zoned computerized watering system. Pea gravel paths make a perfect environment to spend an evening nurturing plants and flowers that will fulfill your family. 

Orchard and berry crops: Orchard trees include: red apple, yellow apple, 2 Asian pear, Bartlet pear and two varieties of plums. Berries include: two large blue berries, full stand of thornless marrian berries,  raspberries and goose  berries. Mature grapes include seedless Champaign and Concord grapes.

A mini-farm: This property has the infrastructure to run your own farm: barn, chicken coop, pig pen, pasture, and three acres of native land.

To schedule a tour and learn more visit:  https://fitzgerald.cascadesothebysrealty.com/ListingDetails/6301-NE-232ND-AVE-Vancouver-WA-98682/22129442

Living room

Camas, WA —In response to the July 26 resignation of Camas City Council Member Shannon Roberts, the City of Camas will begin accepting applications to fill the vacant Ward 1 seat.

Interested applicants can apply for the remainder of Roberts’ term beginning upon swearing in and ending Nov. 28, 2023.  Applicants must be a resident of the City of Camas, Ward I, and must be a registered voter. The deadline to apply is Friday, Sept. 2, 2022.

At the Aug. 15, 2022, Camas City Council meeting, Mayor Steve Hogan will appoint Council Members to work with the City Administrator as the ad-hoc committee to oversee the appointment process, with the goal of having the position filled by the Oct. 3, Council meeting, well in advance of the Oct. 24, 2022, deadline, which per statute would require the appointment to be then made by the Clark County Council.

More information, including application instructions at https://www.cityofcamas.us/city-clerk/page/ward-1-council-vacancy

Applications are also available for pickup from City Hall, 616 NE 4th Ave.

The reason for Roberts’ abrupt resignation is unknown.

VANCOUVER, WA – Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler (R-3rd District) issued the following statement today after finishing outside of the top two in Washington’s primary election:

“Thank you, Southwest Washington, for entrusting me six times with the privilege of representing you in Congress. Ever since I was first elected to this seat I have done my very best to serve my home region and our country. Though my campaign came up short this time, I’m proud of all we’ve accomplished together for the place where I was raised and still call home.

“Many are things I set out to do: help folks who want to earn a living find good jobs right here, keep our rivers healthy and fishable for years to come, make our health system work better for those who really need care, allow the people here to manage and enjoy their land, and be a voice for those who have slipped between the cracks of government bureaucracy. When I took office, I said we could improve how health care works for Southwest Washington residents. I’m incredibly proud of getting the ACE Kids Act signed into law that helps more low-income kids get life-saving specialty medical care in this country, as well as legislation to tackle the maternal mortality crisis plaguing moms in America. And I’ll always enjoy my conversations in the grocery store with folks who want to chat about the landmark salmon preservation law I fought so hard for.

“Some were pleasant surprises, like growing my family by three wonderful children and in doing so, providing an example for other women that you can serve your country in elected office while raising a young family.

“And some were unexpected and difficult. But I’m proud that I always told the truth, stuck to my principles, and did what I knew to be best for our country.

“I’m incredibly grateful to you for this opportunity, and to my husband Dan for being a rock to me and our family through it all. Serving you in the United States Congress these past twelve years has been the honor of my lifetime.”

Herrera Beutler will complete her term in Congress, which will end on January 3, 2023.

Her concession now opens the door for a two-way race between two political newcomers: Joe Kent, a Republican, and Marie Perez, a Democrat.

Anytime you can get outside and enjoy Mother Nature, you must take advantage of it, especially if you can do it on the back of a beautiful horse. For that and the following reasons, horseback riding proves to be the perfect hobby. 

Mental Boost

Few things are as relaxing as strolling on a trail atop a horse. Not only is it a serene setting to forget about the stresses of everyday life, but it’s nice to have a confidant along for the journey. Having a horse as a companion has a soothing effect on your mind when feeling overwhelmed. 

From staying active and spending time with a furry friend, the serotonin boost you get helps push you through any psychological obstacles in your way. Additionally, riding a horse requires a strong mental acumen, considering you must keep an attentive eye, balance and focus while on the saddle. 

Strengthens the Body

As wonderful as horseback riding is for your mental well-being, it’s just as beneficial physically—for you and the horse. Although horseback riding is a leisurely activity, it requires a lot of physical prowess to control a horse, particularly if you enjoy kicking it up a notch and cantering. 

If it’s your first ride, you’ll likely feel sore around your abdominals and lower back the following day. As you ride more regularly, those aches and pains will fade away.

Riding a horse requires excellent posture; therefore, your hamstrings and quads will feel the brunt of the pain as they keep you upright. But your posture from your strengthened core and upper leg muscles will make any schoolteacher proud. 

Teaches Responsibility 

Being responsible is an essential component of owning and riding a horse. If you are negligent in your care, the horse’s health suffers, making it impossible to ride them. For parents, this is an excellent opportunity to teach their children accountability.

Simple things like brushing their coat, feeding them and changing their water give kids a chance to prove they can put more on their plate. You can also do these tasks together as a family, giving you an opportunity for quality time. 

Fun With or Without Company 

When something is equally enjoyable on your lonesome as it is with a group of friends, it’s an activity worth exploring. Horseback riding falls into that category because hopping on the horse and wandering through the wilderness is as fun by yourself as it is with a company. However, if you are a novice, you should go with a guide or someone else capable of assisting you if an issue develops. 

These reasons prove horseback riding is the perfect hobby for anyone needing a mental and physical boost. There should be an opportunity to hop on a horse regardless of where you live, so take advantage of it. 

Vancouver, WA — Beginning as soon as August 3, contractor crews working for the Washington State Department of Transportation will work to construct a roundabout in east Vancouver, between the intersection of Fourth Plain Boulevard, also known as SR 500, and Northeast 182nd Avenue. Crash data collected over a five-year timeframe between 2013 to 2017 showed that this intersection had a significant amount of crashes, most of which were rear-end or T-bone crashes. Installing a compact roundabout at this intersection will improve safety by reducing the potential for these severe types of collisions, while keeping traffic flowing through the intersection. 

What to expect

Once construction begins, travelers can expect construction noise and nighttime single lane closures throughout the duration of the project. Beginning as soon as Wednesday, Aug. 3, the intersection of Fourth Plain and NE 182nd Avenue will be fully closed for 10 days, for the installation of the roundabout. 

During the full closure, a temporary traffic signal will be used at NE 88th Street and Ward Road to help keep the traffic moving safely throughout the area. Travelers will need to use an alternate route and should plan ahead for delays. 

Why roundabouts?

A roundabout at this location offers the greatest safety benefit by reducing the potential for severe collisions, while keeping connectivity and improving travel efficiency through the intersection. 

Studies have shown that roundabouts are safer than traditional stop sign or signal-controlled intersections. The Federal Highway Administration determined that roundabouts can increase traffic capacity by 30 percent to 50 percent compared to traditional intersections. 

For more information about this project visit: 

https://wsdot.wa.gov/construction-planning/search-projects/sr- 500-ne-182nd-ave-intersection-improvements 

Don’t let a little bit of distance prevent you from celebrating your loved one’s birthday. Sure, you can’t be there in person, but this doesn’t mean your presence needs to be absent completely. There are plenty of ways to celebrate a long-distance birthday so that they still feel cherished and appreciated.

Send All Their Favorites

Spoil them rotten and send a huge gift basket with all their favorite items. These are the perfect gifts for when you can’t be there because it shows that you are always thinking about them. You also get to test your knowledge of how well you know them depending on what you put inside the gift.

Add their favorite snacks and beverages, but take it a step further and include some old photos inside the care package. Little mementos of your greatest moments together drive the point home that you love and care about them.

Video Birthday Cards

Instead of sending a classic birthday card from the store, add a personal touch to it. Create a video birthday card and pour your heart out. You can film yourself sitting down and talking to them, or you can combine several videos in one.

Ask a few others to join the video and have everyone share one of their favorite memories with the birthday boy or girl.

Virtual Parties for the Win

Don’t assume that you don’t have to do much planning because the party is virtual. Treat this virtual birthday party as you would an in-person one. You need to ensure everyone’s schedules match up, and if you plan on making it a surprise, you need to keep the guest of honor in the dark.

Start planning a least a month in advance, getting in touch with everyone you know who needs to be there. Start a chat with them all to see their availability. Ask the honoree what plans they have for their birthday and adjust your plans to fit their schedule.

Send out a link for everyone to join and then, at the last minute, contact the birthday boy or girl so that they can participate. Make sure everyone joins before you invite them into the call. Prepare some games for everyone to play and stories to share because you don’t want to just stare at each other all night.

Dinner Movie Date

Dinner and a movie is always a special gift. You can’t be there in person, but with this option, you can spend that quality one-on-one time that you guys miss. Make the day completely about them and have dinner ordered and sent over to their house so that they don’t need to lift a finger.

Get a meal from their favorite restaurant, and don’t forget to include dessert. You’ll need to blow out the candles with them virtually for it to be equally special. Plus, since you don’t have to worry about paying for multiple movie tickets, choose a couple of different films.

Go with some of their classic favorites, and then add a film neither of you has seen. That way, you get to share a new experience together.

Long distance doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate their birthday, and it definitely doesn’t mean you can’t make it special.

Gresham, OR – Nearly 600 athletes from all over western part of the United States returned to Mt. Hood Community College this past weekend to compete at the Speedo Sectionals swim meet.

It’s the first time in three years that Mt. Hood CC hosted the event due to COVID-19 shutdowns and massive facility renovations. And, the meet didn’t disappoint: FOUR athletes made Olympic Trials times, with many other making Nationals and Future cuts.

“We were closed for more than two years,” said Andrew Jackman, Aquatics Manager for the Mt. Hood CC Long Course pool. “And, we just re-opened in May.”

Jackman said the pool renovations were extensive, which included new pumps.

“We were ready for Sectionals,” he added. “The total count according to my records was 59 total teams, representing 594 student-athletes, from seven states. The meet went great! We were so excited here at MHCC to be able to host a large national-level swim meet after the long closure from March 2020-May 2022. It was very successful and everyone seemed very pleased with the results. We are also looking forward to hosting OSI Championships this coming week from 7/21-7/24 as well with over 700 swimmers expected to be in attendance.”

Four swimmers made Olympic Trials qualifying times: 

  • Michael Hochwalt, SWAT (Spokane), 400 IM (4:23.8)
  • Diego Nosack, Tualatin Hills Swim Club (Beaverton), 400 IM (4:22.00)
  • Katherine Adams, Tualatin Hills Swim Club (2:29.41)
  • Helen Noble, Phoenix Swim Club, 100 Back (1:01.24)

“I’ve been swimming for 10 years,” said Hochwalt. “I’ve been working three years to get that cut. Driving to practice every day, working hard. Putting all that effort in, and it feels nice that it pays off. I’m happy but not satisfied with it.”

He explained that he needs to qualify for the Olympic trials beginning in November (when the 2024 qualifying period begins), so this time doesn’t guarantee a spot.

Video Report

Click here to watch the video report: https://youtu.be/Q6miUkI2WG0

“I have to get the cut again, but considering I got it now, and I have two more years to get it again, and I’m dropping pretty rapidly right now I should continue to get even more than that cut,” he said.

Diego Nosack completes an event. He made an Olympic Trials cut in the 400 IM.