Camas, WA —  Members of 100 Women Who Care Clark County presented $3,100 to Friends of the Children – SW Washington (Friends) on Wednesday, November 16, 2022, at their fourth meeting of 2022, held at Salud! Wine Bar, Camas. Board member Todd Mitchell accepted the funds on behalf of the organization. The local giving circle selected Friends to receive their donations at the third meeting of the year, held on Wednesday, August 17, 2022 at Salud! 

100 Women member Laura Guerrieri nominated the organization at the August meeting. Camas Farmers Market and Girls on the Run were the other nonprofit nominees at that meeting. 

Todd Mitchell explained that Friends of the Children was started in Portland nearly 30 years ago and the Clark County chapter was established in 2019. 

“Our mission from the outset was to pair children who are at the intersection of poverty, family trauma and other challenges with a paid professional mentor to help them through life, from kindergarten through 12th grade. No matter what,” said Todd. 

The organization currently has 40 kindergarteners enrolled in their mentorship program in Clark County.

Founded in 2018, 100 Women Who Care Clark County is a giving circle that meets quarterly and has donated over $100,000 to local nonprofits since inception. Members who attend are eligible to nominate local nonprofits to be considered for the quarterly donation. Members commit to a $100 donation to the charity voted upon by the members at each meeting.

The next meeting will be held at Salud! Wine Bar, 224 NE 3rd Ave. Camas, on February 8, starting at 6 pm. There is an optional social hour before the meeting from 5 pm. All are welcome to attend these meetings, especially those looking to connect with other philanthropic women in our community. Future meetings will be held on May 10, August 9 and November 8, 2023.

Camas, WA —Following an extended nationwide search, the City of Camas announced that Doug Quinn will be Camas’ next City Administrator.

Quinn will assume the position effective Jan. 4, 2023.  However, Council will have a vote to confirm the appointment at the upcoming Dec. 5, City Council meeting.

Quinn was a member of the Administrator candidate pool from the second recruitment process. Following the most recent search, Camas Mayor Steve Hogan went back through the candidates and determined Quinn was the best fit for the City at this time.

“Doug is extremely well-known and respected in this community, but it’s his dedication to this City that really made him the clear choice,” said Hogan. “I think his familiarity with the City of Camas and his knowledge of the area will be extremely beneficial. And I’m excited to see what he can do for Camas!”

Quinn is a Camas resident and a former City of Camas employee.  He served as Public Works Director and City Engineer from 1990 to 2003, Planning Director and Assistant City Engineer from 1988 to 1990 and served as Interim City Administrator from 1998 to 1999. Most recently, Quinn has served as the Director of Water Services for Clark Public Utilities, working in this role since 2003.

In addition to numerous community service positions, Quinn has also served on the Camas School Board since 2005, and as Board President from 2009-2011 and 2017-2019. He has been a Board Member with the Downtown Camas Association since 2005. Quinn is a licensed professional engineer in Washington and Oregon.

Vancouver, WA — Approximately 4,000 mailed ballots countywide were rejected from last week’s election, the vast majority of which are due to signature matching issues, said the Clark County Elections Office Tuesday. Affected voters were mailed a letter explaining the resolution process.

Greg Kimsey, Clark County Auditor, issued this statement on Monday, which explains how to resolve these signature match problems:

“Voters who have had their ballot rejected due to their signature on their envelope not matching the signatures contained in their voter registration record or because the signature is missing from their ballot return envelope may resolve those issues up until 5 pm on Monday, November 28.

“Signature update forms are sent to all voters with rejected ballots with a letter explaining how they may resolve their signature issue so their ballot can be counted. The letter explains that voters have until 5 pm Monday, Nov. 28 to return the completed form, so their ballot may be counted.

“Elections’ staff understands candidate campaigns are contacting voters regarding rejected ballots. The Elections Office strongly encourages voters to only return their signature update forms directly to the Elections Office, by USPS, or via someone they know and trust. The forms must be received by 5 p.m. Monday, Nov. 28.

“Elections Office staff are not visiting voters at their residences or texting them. If a voter has provided the Elections Office their phone number on their ballot return envelope and have not returned their signature update form, they will be called within three business days before the Nov. 29 certification date to remind them to return their signature update or missing signature form. Phone numbers provided to the Elections Office are exempt from public disclosure and are not provided as part of any public records request.

“Voters may check their ballot status online at 

“After entering first and last name and date of birth they may select BALLOT STATUS to learn if their ballot has been accepted or rejected.”

His message concluded, stating that voters may contact the Elections Office at 564.397.2345 or [email protected] with questions regarding the status of their ballot or how to resolve signature issues.

Approximately 3,300 ballots have left to be counted from last week’s election.

Fern Prairie, WA — Residents in the Nakia Creek Fire evacuation zones are free to go back to their homes today, according to Incident Commander, Matt Howard.

He said the fire is 23 percent contained and that weather conditions are favorable. 

Key takeaways:

• No houses were destroyed 

• No injuries or deaths

• Nearly 1,900 acres have burned 

• 500+ firefighters are battling the wildfire 

A firefighter tent city in Fern Prairie is housing 500+ firefighters who are served three meals a day and have all the basic essentials of life.

Although the Nakia Creek fire grew to 1,869 acres overnight, authorities are optimistic that containment efforts will continue to progress over the next few days as more firefighters arrive and aircraft return to combat this blaze that has affected 40,000 people over the last few days.

Dave Larson, Deputy Incident Commander, Assistant Fire Marshall Curtis Evenson, Sgt. Chris Skidmore, of the Clark County Sheriff’s Office, and Natalie Weber, Oregon Forestry Department spokesperson, all addressed media at Grove Field Wednesday.

Larson said “this fire is the number one priority in the nation” given the number of people it is affecting. He said more than 500 firefighters are now at the scene working to contain this fire that ignited on October 9.

Key takeaways:

  • 550+ firefighters are on the scene
  • Sheriff’s deputies made an arrest Tuesday night for trespassing in the fire zone
  • Evacuation zones are shrinking
  • Containment is 12 percent
  • This is the highest priority fire in the nation
  • Aircraft are back on the scene
  • Weather forecast over the next few days is favorable
  • Focus is on level 2 and 3 evacuation zones
  • There’s been a good response to the fire investigation

“Aircraft are back on the scene,” said Weber, “and this is a game changer.”

She reported the fire is 12 percent contained and it burning 1,869 acres at this time.

Evenson, who is leading the investigation into the cause of the fire, said their agency has been flooded with calls and tips about the four persons of interest (two women, two men) who were driving a white Subaru at the scene of the initial spark.

“We encourage you to call us, to talk about this, to sort it out,” he said.

Skidmore said the evacuation zones are shrinking and that they are only focusing on level 2 and 3 zones, and are working to get Livingston Mountain residents back to their homes. He added that a man was arrested Tuesday night for trespassing into the fire zone. It was quickly learned there was a warrant out for his arrest on a prior charge.

Nakia Creek
Aircraft have returned to fight the Nakia Creek fire.

Following the air quality concerns raised by faculty and students at Camas High School and Liberty Middle School Tuesday, as well as others, Camas School District (CSD) Superintendent, Dr. John Anzalone, along with facilities staff, inspected multiple buildings Wednesday morning.

CSD issued this statement Wednesday morning:

“Early this morning, Dr. Anzalone and facilities staff members visited multiple buildings to assets today’s status. It was determined that schools would remain open because indoor air quality had improved compared to yesterday afternoon. Since outdoor air quality continues to be poor, recess, P.E., and athletics will remain indoors today. Today is a planned early release day; however, all professional development will be postponed so staff members may go home after students are released.

“Again, parents are always encouraged to consider the conditions of their neighborhood school and any particular circumstances or needs of their students to determine whether to keep their children home from school during adverse conditions. Students are excused from school when they have the parent or guardian’s permission.

“We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you informed of any changes. Thank you for your support as we navigate the impacts of the Nakia Creek fire.”


Fern Prairie, WA — At a Tuesday press briefing local and regional authorities said 140 new firefighters are en route to help extinguish the Nakia Creek Fire, which has been burning since October 9. Officials also provided an update on the evacuation zone, the person of interest investigation, acreage burned, and weather conditions, among other news.

Natalie Weber, Public Information Officer for the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF), Sgt. Chris Skidmore, of the Clark County Sheriff’s Office, and Matt Howard, Incident Commander, briefed the media.

Weber said 600 homes in the evacuation zone had direct contact with Clark County Sheriff’s deputies informing them of the need to evacuate, and said 140 firefighters from the region are en route to assist with the blaze, which has consumed about 1,800 acres. 

“There has been slight acreage growth on the Nakia Creek Fire,” said Weber. “This is natural growth that is expected. New aircraft and equipment is coming today. Weather conditions are foggy in the morning, with higher humidity, which helps. The fog limits visibility and creates challenges. The area has steep ridges that hinder access.”

Key takeaways:

  • The weather outlook is mostly favorable, with some winds forecast.
  • Evacuation zones are unchanged from Monday.
  • 222 homes are still in the evacuation zone, affecting 2,500 people.
  • Containment is 5 percent.
  • Oregon firefighter crews will remain through the weekend.
  • Crew moral is high.
  • It took time to get enough firefighters to battle this fire.
  • No structure has been lost.
  • A new camp in Fern Prairie has been set up to house all the firefighters. It has tents, showers and a kitchen to help them function.
  • Firefighters have all they need for supplies.

Skidmore said the Sheriff’s Office determines the evacuation zones, based on intelligence from Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and ODF. He also addressed the fire investigation, which is focusing on four persons of interest who were recorded at the scene when the fire first erupted.

“The persons of interest include four adults, two females and two males,” said Skidmore. “It also includes a white Subaru Forrester. They were encountered by two people down the trail who provided more descriptions about the number of people. Many people have called in.”

Skidmore said deputies are patrolling the area to protect people’s property, and he urged people to steer clear of the area for recreation purposes. 

Howard said it’s been 20 years since Oregon firefighters have worked on the ground in Washington. 

“Morale with the crew is high,” Skidmore said. “They recognize the need for them to be here. Crews are are and well trained.”

The Clark County Fire Marshal’s Office is asking for the public’s help in identifying persons and a vehicle of interest in an ongoing Nakia Creek fire investigation.

The Fire Marshal’s office is asking the public to review the video and photo below to see if they recognize the people or vehicle. The video was taken Sunday, Oct. 9 at approximately 3:30 pm on a ridge near where the Nakia Creek fire is burning on Larch Mountain. The fire was first reported to CRESA about an hour later.

“We are looking for what we believe is a white or light-colored Subaru vehicle,” said Assistant Fire Marshal Curtis Eavenson. “Based on witness statements, we also believe there were two men and two women connected with this vehicle.”

If anyone recognizes the vehicle or people depicted in the video or has any information regarding the ongoing wildfire investigation, they are urged to contact the county’s Fire Marshal Office at (564) 397-3320.

The Nakia Creek fire is located nine miles northeast of Camas in the Yacolt Burn State Forest. 

More information on the fire including evacuation updates can be found online at


Close up video:

From CRESA: Officials estimate the Nakia Creek Fire today grew from 156 acres to about 2000 acres.   The easterly winds were so strong today that air assets were grounded at times for safety.  New containment is listed at 5 percent.

Please note this is a very rough estimate as there is so much smoke in the air, it is difficult to get a good visual on the fire.  CRESA believes we will have better numbers by morning.

CRESA sent out multiple notification alerts today including a Wireless Emergency Alert.  Please be sure you are looking at the most current map and updates for the most accurate notification areas. The most current information can be found at:  

At this time we have:

• 28,765 homes under “Level 1 Be Ready” Notice  (Nakia Creek Fire)

• 5017 homes under “Level 2 Be Set” Notice 

• 2903 homes under “Level 3 Go Now” Notice

Grove Field is a gathering location for Livingston Mountain evacuees who have been meeting with each other and first responders.

At this time Clark County has also signed an Emergency Declaration due to the fires. 

Additionally American Red Cross has opened a shelter in Camas at:

Camas Church of Nazarene 

2204 NE Birch St,

Camas, WA 98607

The Cowlitz Tribe and Ilani has also made parking lots available for vehicles as well:

Parking Lots 10 and 11

Please put a sign in window “Fire Evacuee”

Parking Only, Gray water will need to be dumped at Gee Creek Rest Area

CRESA EOC Volunteers have also staffed a call center to assist anyone seeking assistance. The number is staffed 7 am to 10 pm. Please call 360-992-9229.

We will continue to update as we get information.

Aerial surveys show the Nakia Creek Fire near Larch Mountain, which started Sunday afternoon, is burning approximately 156 acres, and is smaller than fire fighters previously thought, according to Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency (CRESA). Officials also confirmed the fire was human caused, and the investigation continues.

CRESA said firefighter teams are making good progress on control lines around the fire. Firefighters strengthened control lines south of the fire, which CRESA spokesman Eric Frank said is good news for people in evacuation zones.

Approximately 220 homes in the area (near the Skamania County line) were issued evacuation notices Tuesday. Most notices were Level 1 — Be Ready. About 14 addresses fell under a Level 2 notice — Be Set. No residents were under a Level 3 notice — Go Now, according to Frank. CRESA said evacuation notices didn’t change Wednesday.

As of today, the fire was 10 percent contained. Anyone with information about the cause should contact the Clark County Fire Marshal’s Office at 564-397-3320.

Photos courtesy of DNR.

Nakia Creek