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Vancouver, WA — The Camas Little League 11/12 All-Star Baseball team handily won the District 4 Championship Monday night against Fort Vancouver with a final score of 12-2. The win propels the 14-member team onto the Washington State Little League tournament, which begins Saturday, July 15.

The undefeated (4-0) Camas team “10-runned” the competition in every tournament game.

During the Championship game, Cannon Bauman pitched the entire game — 79 pitches — and didn’t allow any runs until the fourth inning.

Offensively, Zach Blair got things going in the first inning with a base hit. A double from Justin Taylor brought Zach “Z-Train” in to score the first run of the night. Taylor stole third. Holt Williams got a base hit, bringing in Taylor to score.

At the top of the second inning, Bauman struck out three Fort batters in a row.

Tyler Stewart hit a double, and Caisen Burr followed with a double RBI, bringing Camas ahead 3-0.

Fort found their bats during the third inning, and got on base once, but the Camas defense held them.

At the bottom of the third inning, Jackson Knuth hit the only home run of the night, bringing the score to 4-0, but Camas wasn’t done yet. Hits by Bauman, Stewart, Burr, Cade Gehlen, Blair, and Carson Gilligan added another 5 runs to the scoreboard. It was Camas 9-0 by the top of four.


The District 4 Little League All-Star Champions.

A little breeze was blowing for Fort during the fourth inning. They got one base hit, and a couple walks. Defensively, Bauman was showing signs of fatigue, throwing a few more balls than he had previously. Fort scored two.

Fort walked a couple Camas players, and eventually bases were loaded. The game came to a quiet stop with  two walks that gave Camas the 10-run advantage.

The team will take Tuesday off, and then continue practicing on Wednesday night as they prepare for State.

“We stayed even keeled and didn’t allow failure to determine what we did next,” said Coach Casey Taylor. “To prepare for State, we won’t let the moment overcome us. We’ll just play baseball.”

Jackson Knuth was really pleased what his team accomplished during the All-Star tournament.

“Well, we went out right from the get-go, and we just hit really well,” Knuth said. “We were focused. Fort had a great tournament. We came out and had fun.”

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Cannon Bauman pitched the entire game — 79 pitches.

All-Star Championship Game Photos

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Camas Little League’s All-Star post-season is in full swing as they compete with other District 4 Little League teams. The 9/10 baseball team won their first game, 12-2, earlier this week. The 10/11 team won their first game against Cascade, 6-3, on Wednesday night, at Evergreen LL. Aaron Geigenmiller started for the 10/11 team, and threw under 50 pitches in four innings.

10/11 All-Star Baseball | Thursday, June 29 @ 5:30 pm

Competition begins at 5:30 at Evergreen Little League against Evergreen. This will be Game #2 for the boys. The address is 10910 NE 172nd Ave, Brush Prairie, WA 98606. If the boys win tonight they will compete on Saturday.


10-11 All-Star pitcher Aaron Geigenmiller started in Game 1 vs. Cascade on June 28, 2017. He threw under 50 pitches in four innings.

11/12 All-Star Softball | Thursday, June 29 @ 6:00 pm

Competition begins at 6 pm tonight at Columbia Little League. The girls are 1-1 in post-season so this is a must-win. The address is 900 N Garrison Rd, Vancouver, WA 98664.

9/10 All-Star Baseball | Friday, June 30 @ 5:30 pm

The 9/10 team competes in Game #2 at Evergreen Little League. They are 1-0 in this All-Star tournament. The team is coached by Josh Pike. The address is 10910 NE 172nd Ave, Brush Prairie, WA 98606.

11/12 All-Star Baseball | Thursday, July 6 @ 5:30 pm

The 11/12 team will begin their post-season competition next week at Columbia Little League. The team is coached by Casey Taylor. This team has the potential to compete in the famous Little League World Series in Williamsport, PA. They need to win Districts, State, and Regional competitions to get there.

The address is 900 N Garrison Rd, Vancouver, WA 98664.

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KJ Thiemann safely slides into home.

GIG HARBOR, Wash. – The Camas Little League 10/11 All-Star team (2-1 at State) won their second game against Federal Way, the defending State champions, Monday night, 7-6, in an intense battle.

Team Manager Andy Ott said Camas pitcher Tyler Forner started on the mound and went 2/3 of an inning and was relieved by Kolby Broadbent, who went the distance and closed the game.

Federal Way led 5-0 after the first half inning, hoping to defend their State title. Camas ended up scoring two runs at the bottom of the first with hits from Drew Ott, Broadbent, and Forner.  At the top of two, it was 5-2 Federal Way.

Federal Way added a run and so did Camas making it 6-3 at the bottom of the third inning. In the next inning, Broadbent hit a big two-run home run over left field, tightening the game, 6-5.

In the bottom of the fourth with two outs Camas hitter Tayler Shega had a seven-pitch walk to get on base, while Michael Quintana subbing in for AJ Ueber, had two strikes and two outs and hit a two-run home run to left center for the 7-6 lead.

Broadbent closed out the deal in the top of the fifth and sixth with some good defense behind him. Christian Knuth caught the final out on a fly ball to left with a runner on first.

Camas had hits from Ott, Broadbent, Quintana, Forner, Ueber, and Jackson Gibbs.  Broadbent struck out 3.

Camas will play their fourth game this Thursday at 7 pm against Bainbridge.

After Monday’s win. Photo by Leslie Quintana.


GIG HARBOR, Wash. — The Camas Little League 10/11 All-Star team won their first game at State competition Saturday night against Kirkland, 6-3.

 “It was a great game,” said Candi Humble, parent of one of the players.
Humble said Camas was down 0-3 going into the bottom of the fourth, and then Michael Quintana walked.
Christian Knuth, Dante Humble, and Caden Wengler all had great hits that brought all runs in.
The team plays again Sunday at 7 pm.

The team is coached by Andy Ott, Bob Gibbs and Brad Day.

Stay tuned for updates.

Camas Little League player Michael Quintana.


The stars came out in their favor.
After their win on Sunday, the Camas LL 10/11 All-Stars are now preparing for State competition, which begins on Saturday at Gig Harbor, WA. The boys swept the District 4 Tournament, held at Cascade Little League, winning six consecutive games. The final score on Sunday was 16-4.
The team is coached by Andy Ott, Joel Shega, and Ken Broadbent.
“We’re very pleased with how the boys played,” said Ott. “And, we’re excited they get a chance to play at the State level next week. We’re looking forward to it.”
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Now, 3 CLL Teams Go to State

VANCOUVER, WA — The Camas Little League (CLL) 10/11 All-Stars won their division’s District title Sunday night against Cascade, 16-4. This is the third divisional championship in six days for Camas Little League Baseball. Last Monday, the 9/10 team won their finals, and the following day the 11/12 won their championship game. Both of those teams are competing at State.

The 10/11 boys head to State Tournament later this week in Gig Harbor, WA. The team is coached by Andy Ott, Brad Day, and Bob Gibbs. Photo provided by Kathy Birchem.

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VANCOUVER — After sweeping Districts (5-0) the Camas  Little League (CLL) 11/12 All-Stars begin facing the best teams from 14 other districts from all over Washington state as Salmon Creek Little League host this year’s State Tournament.

The Opening Ceremonies began Saturday at 9 am, and the Camas boys begin their first game at 4:30 at Luke Jensen Sports Park.

Luke Jensen Sports Park
4000 NE 78th St.
Vancouver, WA 98665

The team is coached by Doug Williams, Brendan Ford, and Jeff Mansur.

The team is comprised of:

  • Ryan Behnke
  • Shane Jamison
  • Zach Convey
  • Joey Schnell
  • Camden Ford
  • Grant Heiser
  • Carson Williams
  • Jacob Trupp
  • Christian Geigenmiller
  • Josh Mansur
  • Billy Schdult

The teams are selected using an end-of-season voting process that includes players, coaches and board members.

To learn more, visit www.camaslittleleague.org


Second Championship Win for League This Week

BRUSH Prairie, Wash. – For 75 minutes, hearts were pounding as Camas Little League fans sat in the heat of the Pacific Northwest summer watching their 11/12 All-Star team compete with and ultimately defeat Evergreen 2-0 in the District 4 Championship game Tuesday night.

Both teams entered tonight’s game undefeated, and players, coaches, and fans alike expected a close, low-scoring game. And that’s just what they got.

The Camas boys have been used to racking up runs during this weeklong tournament, but knew more adversity would come their way. Evergreen played well and had a strong defense, and likewise for Camas.

But, the Camas bats were a bit stronger Tuesday night – and that’s what made the difference. It was also Camas Little League’s second District title in as many days (the 9/10 All-Star’s won their championship Monday night).

The game was scoreless until the fourth inning when Carson Williams hit a single and started working his way home. He would score their first run, and would quickly be followed by pitcher Shane Jamison.

Ryan Behnke pitched the entire game (under 65 pitches) for Camas and only allowed a few hits. His solid pitching gave Evergreen fits throughout the entire game.

With two outs at the bottom of the sixth, Evergreen hit one deep into left field foul territory, and Joey Schnell made an amazing catch as he hit the fence and ended the game, sealing the Camas victory. It was the first time in years that an 11/12 team from Camas has won the District title.

“This feels so great!” said Jamison, who along with Behnke, Williams and Christian Geigenmiller, have been working on winning a District title since 2010, which was their first year of All-Star eligibility.

Most of the team has played together in post-season since 2011, and have placed second two years in a row.

“It was our time,” said Camden Ford, who experienced his third season as an All-Star.

Manager Doug Williams said “the boys played with heart and they really wanted to win this.”

Williams, Brendan Ford, and Jeff Mansur have been coaching this team since June 16, and now look forward to opening day at the Washington State Tournament, which begins this Saturday.

Camas Little League: The 2013 11/12 All-Star District 4 Champions.


Ryan Behnke pitched the entire game.
Joey Schnell is congratulated by his teammates after making
an amazing catch at left field to end the game.

The Camas Little League 9/10 All-Stars clinched their divisions District Championship and are now headed to State competition.

The tournament, which was hosted by Fort Vancouver Little League, began last week, and the Camas All-Stars won four of their five games. Coached by John Blair, Barry Smith, and Brian Sanville, the boys have been practicing since June 16, a day after the regular season ended.

Zachariah Shaw started for Camas, and he pitched four innings. Jake Blair closed, and got himself out a tight bind as bases were loaded late in the game. The Camas defense looked solid, and the boys came to  hit — and hit they did.

“We’re super excited,” said Braden Sanville, one of the team’s players.

A large portion of the Camas Little League was in attendance to support their boys.

The District title earns the team the opportunity to play at the Washington State Little League tournament, which will be at Oak Harbor, in northern Washington.

John Blair was one of the coaches from last year’s winning 9/10 All-Star team.

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Camas Little 9/10 All-Star District Champions.
Jake Blair closes for Camas.


AUBURN, WA– Lacamas Red beat Walla Walla 10-9 in game two at the Washington state Little League Tournament of Champions Monday night.
Home team Lacamas started Drew Ott, who pitched well, and the Lacamas defense kept Walla Walla from scoring during the first inning. At the bottom of the first, Dante Humble hit a nice one out to third base, but was fielded out. Caden Wengler lobbed one out to right for a double, while Josh Mansur ripped a single , advancing Wengler to third. Christian Knuth got an RBI, but was fielded out, while Mansur was tagged out at home. Lacamas was up 1-0.At the top of 2, Walla Walla hit a single, but Wengler made an excellent attempt at catching the ball. Ott struck out the next batter, and another was fielded out, but their lead runner tied the game, 1-1. Ott struck out the next batter.

At the bottom of 2, the Lacamas bats really came alive. Jackson Day ripped it to center for a bas e hit, and he was followed by Jake Blair who hit one out to center for a single. Ott had a great hit out to center and advanced the lead runner. Kolby Broadbent bunted, got a base hit and advanced another runner home.  Jackson Gibbs bunted to get bases loaded. Humble hit a single, and Wengler bunted and made it to first. Mansur hit a double with bases loaded, and advanced two more runners, bringing the score to 6-1, Lacamas.

And they kept going.

While Knuth was at bat, Wengler stole home. Knuth made good contact, but was fielded out, and Mansur stole home, giving Lacamas an 8-1 advantage.

At the top of three, Tyler Forner took the mound, and he struggled, walking several batters. One runner was tagged out at home, and another was struck out. The score was 8-3 Lacamas. Blair took the mound, allowed one run and struck out the last batter of the inning.

Lacamas got one more run in the third inning, putting the score at 9-4 Lacamas.

It was the fourth inning that scared Lacamas. Blair hit one batter, and another was walked. Gibbs took the mound, but the defense made too many errors that Walla Walla capitalized on. Their five-run lead quickly evaporated, and the game was tied 9-9. Some great plays by Day and Ott stopped the bleeding.

Jordan Geigenmiller was walked in the bottom of the fourth, and Lacamas had some great hits by Day and Ott, but it wasn’t enough to score.

Mansur closed for Lacamas at the top of the sixth with bases loaded, but was able to hold Walla Walla. He struck out their last batter.

It was Mansur’s turn at bat with a fan base chanting “one!” He got a single, and was advanced by Knuth. Day’s hit advanced Mansur, who got the winning run, much to the relief of coaches and fans. Lacamas Red won 10-9, and advances to the next game, which is Tuesday at 3 against Pacific.


Forner on the mound
Tyler Forner pitches for Lacamas Red.


National Anthem
Respecting the National Anthem.


Drew Ott at bat.

Josh Mansur Steals Home
Josh Mansur scores the winning run by sliding home.