Lacamas Red All-Stars Team Wins Game 2 at Little League State Competition

AUBURN, WA– Lacamas Red beat Walla Walla 10-9 in game two at the Washington state Little League Tournament of Champions Monday night.
Home team Lacamas started Drew Ott, who pitched well, and the Lacamas defense kept Walla Walla from scoring during the first inning. At the bottom of the first, Dante Humble hit a nice one out to third base, but was fielded out. Caden Wengler lobbed one out to right for a double, while Josh Mansur ripped a single , advancing Wengler to third. Christian Knuth got an RBI, but was fielded out, while Mansur was tagged out at home. Lacamas was up 1-0.At the top of 2, Walla Walla hit a single, but Wengler made an excellent attempt at catching the ball. Ott struck out the next batter, and another was fielded out, but their lead runner tied the game, 1-1. Ott struck out the next batter.

At the bottom of 2, the Lacamas bats really came alive. Jackson Day ripped it to center for a bas e hit, and he was followed by Jake Blair who hit one out to center for a single. Ott had a great hit out to center and advanced the lead runner. Kolby Broadbent bunted, got a base hit and advanced another runner home.  Jackson Gibbs bunted to get bases loaded. Humble hit a single, and Wengler bunted and made it to first. Mansur hit a double with bases loaded, and advanced two more runners, bringing the score to 6-1, Lacamas.

And they kept going.

While Knuth was at bat, Wengler stole home. Knuth made good contact, but was fielded out, and Mansur stole home, giving Lacamas an 8-1 advantage.

At the top of three, Tyler Forner took the mound, and he struggled, walking several batters. One runner was tagged out at home, and another was struck out. The score was 8-3 Lacamas. Blair took the mound, allowed one run and struck out the last batter of the inning.

Lacamas got one more run in the third inning, putting the score at 9-4 Lacamas.

It was the fourth inning that scared Lacamas. Blair hit one batter, and another was walked. Gibbs took the mound, but the defense made too many errors that Walla Walla capitalized on. Their five-run lead quickly evaporated, and the game was tied 9-9. Some great plays by Day and Ott stopped the bleeding.

Jordan Geigenmiller was walked in the bottom of the fourth, and Lacamas had some great hits by Day and Ott, but it wasn’t enough to score.

Mansur closed for Lacamas at the top of the sixth with bases loaded, but was able to hold Walla Walla. He struck out their last batter.

It was Mansur’s turn at bat with a fan base chanting “one!” He got a single, and was advanced by Knuth. Day’s hit advanced Mansur, who got the winning run, much to the relief of coaches and fans. Lacamas Red won 10-9, and advances to the next game, which is Tuesday at 3 against Pacific.


Forner on the mound
Tyler Forner pitches for Lacamas Red.


National Anthem
Respecting the National Anthem.


Drew Ott at bat.

Josh Mansur Steals Home
Josh Mansur scores the winning run by sliding home.

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