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Kelso, WA — The back-to-back State Champion Camas High School Boys swim team handily won Saturday’s Kelso Invite — without 10 key swimmers — which is a testament to their depth, talent, and endurance.

The Papermakers earned 440 points, outscoring second place Union by 82 in the 15-team annual invitational where many Camas swimmers still hold years-old records in multiple events. It wasn’t looking good for the Papermakers, as they didn’t win an event until the 200 Free Relay, which is the ninth of 11 events. But, even without 10 swimmers, Camas held an edge with their numbers and earned enough points in all the heats to come out on top.

Even so, Union and Mountain View came on strong, topping multiple events, and setting state cuts throughout the meet.

In the 200 Free Medley Relay, Mountain View’s Timothy Huang, Justin Xue, Christian Madden and Fred Grimshaw won the event with a state cut (1:42.90). Union placed second; Skyview third.

Evergreen’s Ilya Zablotoviskii’s strength in the water was on display as he narrowly defeated Washougal’s Isaiah Ross in the 200 Free with a final time of 1:47.66; Ross clocked in at 1:48.21, and Skyview’s Jace Creech placed third. Papermaker Jack Harris, fourth.

Union swimmers Tony Kajino (2:08.41) and Jack Gallo (2:09.31) took the top two spots in the 200 IM, with Columbia River’s Sam Walker placing third (2:10.74) and Kelso’s Grant Eastham, fourth.

In the last of 18 50 Free heats, Mountain View’s Grimshaw (22.52) barely defeated Liam Johnson (22.58) and Mountain View’s Justin Xue (22.60). Papermaker Ben Taylor placed fourth.


Off the starting blocks.

Grimshaw would do it again in the 100 Free (50.14) barely beating Battle Ground’s Alex Curran (50.54) and Papermaker Taylor (50.87). Washougal’s Daniel Brown placed fourth.

Ross topped the 100 Fly (52.46), one of his specialties, barely beating Zablotoviskii (52.60). Union’s Val Tikhomirov placed third, and Liam Johnson placed fourth.

Grimshaw delivered a win again in the 100 Free (50.14) outpacing Curran (50.54) and Taylor (50.87). Brown placed fourth.

Madden was victorious in the 500 Free (5:05.24), followed by Columbia River’s Liam Noftsker (5:12.76) and Prairie’s Jonah Colagross (5:33.57). Mark Morris’s Andrew MacDonnell placed fourth.

Camas won the 200 Free Relay (1:32.86) on the strength of Taylor, Luke Bales, Austin Fogel and Emanuel Crisan-Duma. Skyview placed second (1:33.90), Union third (1:34.46) and Kelso, fourth.



Camas Freshman, Josh Swenson.

Curran would win the 100 Back (52.76) outpacing Skyview’s Jace Creech (55.69) and Union’s Tony Kajino (56.77). Columbia River’s Daniel Ishchuck placed fourth.

Tikhomirov won the 100 Breast (1:00.52), with Union’s Nick Wahlman (1:01.94), Xue (1:02.08) and Fogel (1:03.75) rounding out the top four.

Mountain View came out on top in the 400 Free Relay (3:27.62) — with Madden, Xue, Huang, and Grimshaw. The Camas A Relay team of Taylor, Crisan-Duma, Bales and Harris placed second, with Mark Morris placing fourth.

”I’m shocked we won,” said Harris. “We’re down so many swimmers due to the Science Olympiad.”


Skyview’s Liam Johnson.


Austin Fogel dives in.





Team Scores:

1. Camas — 440

2. Union — 358

3. Mountain View — 335

4. Columbia River — 330

5. Kelso — 285

6. Mark Morris — 247

7. Skyview — 200

7. Battle Ground — 200

9. Prairie — 183

10. Hockinson — 86

11. Washougal — 82

12. Evergreen — 64

13. RA Long — 41

14. Hudson’s Bay — 36

15. Heritage — 16


Vancouver, WA — The 2x State Champion Camas High School Boys swim team hosted Friday’s meet at the Cascade Athletic Club’s “bubble” and narrowly edged out Evergreen Schools — Evergreen, Union, Mountain View, and Heritage — by just a few points.

Camas was down a few athletes (Zach Macia, Chris Xia, and Jack Harris), but the Evergreen swim competition is simply getting better.

”Since we practice with them,” said Camas Assistant Coach, Leslie Levesque, “we can see how much they’re improving. They swim well.”

Mountain View came out strong winning the 200 Medley Relay (Tim Huang, Justin Xue, Christian Madden, and Fred Grimshaw) with a time of 1:43.30. Union placed second; and Camas, third.

Mountain View’s Madden also won the 200 Free (1:53.39). Union’s Jack Gallo placed second; and Papermaker Austin Fogel placed third. Mountain View also won the 200 IM with Xue wining the contest, with Washougal’s Isaiah Ross placing second, and Union’s Nick Wahlman placing third.

Camas won their first event of the night as Jaden Kim won (23.06) with Papermaker Ben Taylor (23.11) placing a close second, and Union’s Val Tikhomirov placing third. Kim handily won the 100 Fly (53.73) with Washougal’s Daniel Brown placing second, and Union’s Ethan Chuang placing third.


Camas swimmer, Jaden Kim, center.

Evergreen’s star swimmer, Ilya Zablotoviskii, won the 100 Free, barely edging out Taylor (49.89) and Union’s Grimshaw (53.03).

Washougal’s Ross handily won the 500 Free (4:56.74), followed by Madden (5:03.06). Gallow placed third (5:06.86).

Mountain View also won the 200 Free Relay (1:33.88) narrowly edging out Camas (1:34.58) and Union (1:38.88).

Ilya would also win the 100 Back (58.65) followed by Union’s Tony Kajino (1:00.16) and Mountain View’s Timothy Huang (1:02.31).

In the 100 Breastroke, Union’s Tikhomirov placed first (1:04.02) followed by Wahlman (1:06.36) and Xue (1:09.36).

Camas made up their point deficit in the night’s final event — the 400 Free Relay — by handily winning (3:37.09). Union placed second (3:56.64) and the Camas B Relay placed third (4:06.48).

Despite the win, it wasn’t the best Papermaker performance in the pool.

“The swimmers are doing their best to adjust to the new pool, but since we can’t all practice at the same time it’s created some challenges with team cohesion,” said Levesque. “Our foundation was taken away, and we’re still adjusting. The boys work really hard to accomplish what they have always done in the past.”

They are preparing for two more meets next week: one at the YMCA in Vancouver, and one at Kelso.



Camas, WA — The Camas Boys swim team (2-2) handily defeated Vancouver Schools (Skyview, Hudson’s Bay, Fort Vancouver and Columbia River) at Wednesday’s meet at Lacamas Athletic Club.

”It was strange to be visitors at a pool that’s always been our home,” said Camas senior, Jake Duerfeldt. “It’s all been strange this year, but we’re overcoming it, and we have a lot of new talent.”

Two swimmers also made State cuts Wednesday: Washougal’s Isaiah Ross in the 200 Free and 100 Fly; and Papermaker Jaden Kim in the 100 Fly.

Camas got off to a great start winning the 200m medley relay. Washougal’s Ross won the 200 Free, followed by Papermaker Dave Peddie, a sophomore.

Kim won the 50 Free, followed by sprinter Ben Taylor, who keeps gaining momentum.

”We’re really pleased with the speed of Ben and Luke (Bales),” said team co-captain, Austin Fogel, who has two State champion rings. “We’re overcoming a lot this swim season, and it’s great to see team members stepping up. The pool change has really created some challenges as some have trouble getting to Cascade to even practice.”

Peddie said the team got off to a bumpy start by facing Curtis (near Seattle) at the season opener.

”They had like three times our numbers, so it made it really challenging,” said Peddie. “Then when we went to Pasco, we only had like 11 swimmers. We made it up at Kelso, and we’re getting better every practice.”


Final team scores:

Camas 211, Skyview 66

Camas 171, Columbia River 113

Camas 225, Hudson’s Bay 33

Camas 272, Fort Vancouver 11

Official and final individual scores haven’t been reported as yet, as they weren’t yet provided by the host. As soon as those numbers come in, we’ll update this article.


Camas, WA — The two-time, back-to-back State Champion Camas High School (CHS) Boys Swim team lost their home pool several weeks ago as negotiations between Lacamas Athletic Club and the CHS Athletics Department failed to reach an agreement.

Fortunately, Cascade Athletic Club stepped up and took in the displaced team, but it hasn’t been without challenges. The venue change has forced the Varsity swimmers to begin practices at 5:30 am, which gives the boys ample lane space to maximize workouts. Junior Varsity practices in the evenings, beginning at 7:15, which alleviates lane congestion.

It also forces the champion athletes to get up before 5 am, travel to Vancouver, practice, then rush to shower, change, and drive or bus to CHS. It’s not ideal, but the team is adjusting.

“It takes an extra 10 minutes to get here,” said CHS sophomore, Jack Harris. “We have to get here pretty early. It’s not too bad, at least we have afternoons to get homework done, but it’s still a big change from last year. We’ll do our best given the situation.”

On day one, Head Coach Mike Bemis gave the entire team a tour of the facility, and thanked Cascade for their generosity. The team practices alongside competitors at Union, Mountain View, Evergreen, and Heritage.

“We’re treating this season like a new season,” said co-captain, Chris Xia. “We’re not really gonna focus on our past titles, we’re just going into this year trying our best and yeah we have some swimmers who have left, but we’re just gonna try to make up for them, and do the best we can.”


Camas Swim team captains, from left: Chris Xia and Austin Fogel.

The team won State titles in 2017 and 2018, thanks to amazing talent, and coaching strategies. But, they also lost three star athletes — Finn McClone and Mark Kim — to graduation, as well as Eric Wu, who dropped the team this year because of losing Lacamas Athletic Club as their home pool.

“The Camas High School Boys swim team is about to start training for our third state title,” said Wu. “I find it near impossible if we can’t do that without our pool. The past few seasons we were able to train in the afternoon at Lacamas. Not only does swimming in the morning affect our training, but it affects our whole day during school. Without proper sleep and a home pool, how will we put together another strong state team?”

Losing Wu was a blow, but the team is soul-searching, and working hard to fill in the gaps.

”We’re still gonna try hard to defend our State title,” said co-captain, Austin Fogel. “Hopefully some of the underclass men will step up and fill those shoes. We have some really fast swimmers.”

Their first meet of the season is today at Curtis High School.




So, how did a two-time State Championship team lose their home pool?

Several months ago, Denise Croucher, owner and operator of Lacamas Athletic Club, expressed her desire to have a member of her club staff serve as assistant coach to both the boys and girls Camas High School (CHS) swim teams. Athletes from several private clubs swim for CHS, including Lacamas Headhunters, Columbia River Swim Team (CRST), Portland Athletic Club, and Mt. Hood.

CHS and Bemis say Croucher wanted to be head coach, which Croucher denies.

Croucher’s demand to coach was met with resistance from CHS, whose loyalty remains to Bemis, who has brought home two back-to-back state champions. Negotiations between the two entities ended with the girl’s team being forced out and finding a new, temporary home at Cascade Athletic Club.

“Yes, we will continue to swim at Cascade Athletic Club for the boys season,” said Rory Oster, CHS Athletic Director. “We are grateful for the great management and leadership at Cascade who is willing to do whatever they can to help our program, and we will make it work. Again, our preference would be to swim at the local Lacamas Athletic Club and are disappointed an agreement could not be made.”


Front, left to right: Jack Duerfeldt and Luke Bales. Back, left to right: Zach Macia and Ben Taylor.

Croucher said she thought they were still in negotations, and was shocked when the girl’s team switched over to Cascade. At the time, CHS had hoped they could salvage the relationship and keep the Lacamas pool for the boy’s season.

There’s been bad blood between Croucher and CRST for more than 15 years, but Darlene Hill, owner and operator of CRST, says “There’s nothing there that can’t be fixed — the focus should be on the kids who all get along very well. The swimming community generally gets along well. This is very obtuse.”

Bemis said over the years Lacamas Athletic Club has manufactured tensions, but “we always found a way to work it out.”

Parents have complained that Lacamas Athetic Club management was seldom prepared for home meets, and that facilities haven’t been properly maintained. Croucher said their facilities were vandalized during home meets, and that the costs of opening the pool for the CHS team were too high. CHS pays $20,000 each season to Lacamas Athletic Club to lease lanes at their facility, said Croucher.

“They pulled all shower plumbing off the locker rooms, they played with heaters and they ruined a locker room heater,” said Croucher. “Other teams would leave a mess in the locker room after each swim meet. We had a huge mess every single day after practice. Garbage strewed across the locker room. The attitude was very negative from outside swimmers. They don’t respect it like its theirs.  Honestly, sometimes I don’t think we want them back here. It has been so nice to have our team, staff and employees without the high school teams.”

But, she also feels bad a deal couldn’t be worked out.

“It’s not something we really want,” said Croucher. “We want the kids to be able to swim, so I’m a supporter of that. But, we have to find a way that it doesn’t impact the business so much. I also want a member of my staff coaching the team, that way our interests are represented at every practice, and at every meet. I’m open to suggestions.”


From left: Chris Xia, Dave Peddie, and Austin Fogel.

Bemis said the politics of the situation have been a challenge for more than a decade, and that they’ve always found a way to work it out. But, not this year.

“Leslie (the assistant coach) and I aren’t even allowed on the Lacamas Athletic Club premises anymore,” said Bemis. “It’s gotten that bad. Denise wants to coach both Camas High School teams, and if she doesn’t get that, then the Camas teams aren’t allowed to practice or compete there. It’s not a good decision.”

Bailey Segall, of the CHS Girls swim team, said that Lacamas Headhunter swimmers even petitioned Croucher to change their minds.

”They went in there and begged Denise to change her mind, but she wouldn’t listen,” said Segall. “Nobody is really happy about this.”

Gresham, OR — The Columbia River Swim Team (CRST) had their best showing ever at the annual Speedo Sectionals meet at Mt. Hood Community College this past weekend, with Camas High School’s two-time State champion, Eric Wu, leading the way.

The team itself earned more than 300 points, and Wu’s performance in the 100 Fly Finals earned him a berth on the awards podium. He also earned a personal best time, and set a team record in the 200 IM (2.11.13).

Top college and high school athletes from 11 states convened at Mt. Hood CC in a meet that lasted four days — Thursday through Sunday — to test how far these swimmers can go.

Wu’s big success of the meet was the 100 Fly, in which he earned eighth place while competing against college athletes several years older.

“Every moment leading up to the 100 Fly was nerve-racking,” said Wu. “I just barely made the big A final. I would be swimming with all the big college kids in the heat. After I swam, it was a sense of relief mixed with frustration since I missed the Summer national cut by .2 seconds.”

“I did something different training for the 100 Fly this year,” he added. “In addition to swimming fly every available moment in practice, I also did the 200 Fly in every meet this season. The 200 Fly being double the 100 allowed me to build the base and endurance I needed to finish the 100 Fly strongly. I believe that just swimming so much fly throughout the season gave me the back half I needed to drop so much time in such a short period of time.”


Eric Wu competes in the 200 IM at Speedo Sectionals.

His coach, Darlene Lumbard, was pleased with his performance this weekend, and with the team’s efforts overall.

“Eric did a fantastic job, and we are so proud of him! He comes from a very academic family and they put academics first,” said Lumbard. “We make exceptions for the specialized classes and work with his schedule. Swimming is important to him but we’ve always given that time he needs for academics. He’s a well-balanced athlete.”

“Swimming and academics go well together,” added Lumbard. “The swimming culture is really academic. It’s a lifetime sport and they know it. It’s a great stress relief. It’s like yoga.”

Lumbard said the team overall exceeded her expectations.

“They bonded so well,” she said. “They get up and they raced together. They all worked hard and swam well.”


The 400 Free Relay. From left, Wu, Ilya, Tom, and Max.


On the 200 IM

“On the last day of a four day prelim final meet, multiple swims wear you out both physically and mentally,” said Wu. “Your body is sore and your mind is weak. Having experiencing this, swimming the 200 IM for the second time on Sunday in itself is an accomplishment. However, dropping time and swimming your best is even better. As I was swimming warm up before my event, I kept thinking to myself I was way too sore and too tired to finish the event, let alone drop time. However, on the outside, Darlene said I looked fine. Physically I was fatigued, but what made me even more tired was thinking that way. Honestly, that’s what makes swimming such a hard sport, it’s not the different strokes you have to swim, or even how much you have to swim, the hardest part about swimming is overcoming your brain telling you you can’t do it.”

Photo Gallery

Camas, WA — The Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA) is honoring Camas High School with the prestigious Scholastic Cup (4A Division) this Thursday, June 7, at 2:30 pm at the CHS main gym.

The students are receiving this award for their athletic, academics and sportsmanship achievements during the 2017-2018 season. Camas took home the 4A Scholastic Cup with WIAA State Championships in Swimming, Gymnastics, and Boys Track and Field. Camas completed the season with nine top-5 finishes in various sports, as well as having nine teams ranked in the top-5 of their respective categories academically.

The honor is the first for the Papermakers, who finished second in the 2016-2017 season. The other Divsion Champions are: Almira Coulee Hartline (1B), Saint George’s (2B), Lynden Christian (1A), Sehome (2A), and Interlake (3A).

The WIAA Cup recognizes performance in the classroom, as well as on the playing field. Schools that finish at the top of their respective classifications in state athletic competition receive points, as do schools that finish at the tops in team academic performance.

Sportsmanship is also a factor, with substantial points deducted for ejections from contests. At the end of the year, the school with the most points in their classification will be awarded the prestigious Scholastic Cup.

To learn more, visit www.wiaa.com


Kelso, WA — The Camas High School Boys Swim Team completely dominated two days of District swimming, breaking their own meet records, and winning the title by a wide margin.

The Papermakers racked up 323.5 points by winning seven of 12 events outright. Hanford placed second with 206.5 points; third, Union, 171; fourth Richland, 157; and Battle Ground rounded out the top five, with 154 points. A total of 10 schools competed.

”I think winning Districts this year was really important to me,” said State Champion, Mark Kim, who was honored as 4A Swimmer of the Year. “Especially since this is my senior year. I’m definitely proud of these guys. Not just the guys who are part of the state team, but a lot of these kids really stepped it up today, and yesterday, and just really impressed me — especially Luke (Bales) being willing to get up on that relay when Finn was out being injured.”

The boys shined at Friday’s Prelims, breaking the 200 Free Relay meet record, which set the momentum for rest of the meet. Junior Eric Wu felt Friday’s efforts put them into a good spot for Saturday’s Finals.

”I’m really excited about Dave Peddie swimming today,” said Wu before Finals started. “For the 200 IM he’s half a second from going to State so hopefully he makes it.”

Peddie, a Freshman, was both excited and nervous. He was seeded fourth going into Finals.

”I think it’s a good situation to be in,” said Peddie. “It will help me swim fast, and I’m super pumped up about it.”

Peddie ultimately placed third, which guaranteed him a spot to compete at State. See his exuberant response in our YouTube video report.


Mark Kim. Photo by Dan Trujillo.

The attitude Saturday morning was a far cry from a few days ago when the team was nervous about losing to Hanford. They went into Finals with confidence — and it showed in the scores.

They got off to a fast start winning the 200 Medley Relay (1:38.48) with Papermakers Finn McClone, Austin Fogel, Jaden Kim, and Eric Wu. Battle Ground and Union rounded out the top three.

Mark Kim then won the 200 Free (1:42.72) beating back a challenge from Hanford’s Skyler Younkin and John Markillie.

Eric Wu then crushed the competition in the 200 IM (1:54.33). He has grace, speed and powerful strokes that propel him through the pool. Union’s Nick Wahlman placed second (2:02.21), and Peddie, third (2:08.24), which earned him a spot on the State team.

Papermaker Chris Xia placed first in the 50 Free (21.84) nearly breaking the meet record. Battle Ground’s Marcelo Lombardi placed second (22.08) and Union’s Piece Ammentorp placed third (22.22).

Richland dominated 1 meter diving. Tyler Maki won the event (206.45). Ben Douglas, second (201.75) and Ryan McClelland, third (190.35).

Hanford’s Skyler Younkin set a new meet record in the 100 Fly (49.51). Jaden Kim placed second (50.46) and Wu placed third (50.80).


Eric Wu in the 100 Fly. Photo by Dan Trujillo.

In the 100 Free, Walla Walla’s Luke Elmenhurst placed first (48.29) while Papermaker Chris Xia placed second (48.45) and Union’s Pierce Ammentorp placed third (49.11).

Mark Kim completely dominated the 500 Free event (4:44.79). Hanford’s Markillie placed second (4:47.82) and Jack Elliott, also of Hanford, placed third (5:00.23).

Camas also dominated the 200 Free Relay breaking their own day-old meet record (1:27.02) shaving off more than a second from the previous day. Eric Wu, Jaden Kim, Chris Xia, and Mark Kim made it happen. Battle Ground and Hanford rounded out the top three.

Richland’s Addison Pollich won the 100 Back against an injured Finn McClone, who placed second (55.50). Union’s Tony Kajino placed third (55.74).

Camas struggled in the 100 Breast. That event was won by Union’s Val Tikhormirov (59.39). Union’s Nick Wahlman placed second (1:00.90) and Richland’s Connor McShane placed third (27.88).

Luke Bales was summoned at the last minute to replace an injured Finn McClone in the 400 Free. He delivered. The Camas team won (3:15.59). Union (3:26.23) and Hanford (3:27.04) rounded out the top three.


From left: Aaron Le, Jake Duerfeldt, Coach Mike Bemis, Zach Macia, and Luke Bales.

“We came up here knowing we would probably get our six in (Mark Kim, Finn McClone, Eric Wu, Christopher Xia, Jaden Kim and Austin Fogel),” said Head Coach, Mike Bemis. “And then, getting David Peddie in … and with Finn getting injured and having Luke Bales available … he had such an outstanding performance in that 400 Free Relay.”

Bemis said the kids performed well, even with all the things that go on during a meet that you have no control over.

“I’m real proud of these guys,” he said. “Finn McClone and Mark Kim have a good pulse on the team. They have been excellent captains. They’ve held their own meetings with the group, without the coaches, when we needed them. And, we’ve come out of it stronger each time.  We want to swim the best we can at State. Hopefully that includes best times, and that our relays and individuals place well. The one critical factor is we are going to have a tough time competing with those teams who have divers.”

“Because we don’t have divers, we’re going in behind and having to swim out of a hole. We are going to do our best to try and repeat as state champions. That’s our goal. These kids would like to win it two in a row. We just got to wait and see.”

State Prelims start this Friday, with Finals on Saturday at Federal Way.

To learn more, visit www.chs.camas.wednet.edu



The boys enjoy holding the District trophy.



Kelso, WA — Before Saturday’s Kelso Swim Invitational started, the Camas Boys Swim team weren’t as sure-footed as they usually are before a big meet. With 16 other schools competing, Hanford breathing down their necks, and 10 Camas swimmers missing (including several state champions), Co-Captain Finn McClone wasn’t exactly optimistic.

“So many swimmers are missing today, and Eric (Wu) is totally sick,” said McClone. “Plus I stayed up until 2 last night. Not good.”

They didn’t want to be the first Camas team in recent memory to lose Kelso.

“That would be really bad,” said McClone.

But when the first call to go on deck came, the light turned on. The Camas magic appeared.

During the first event, the 200 Free Relay, the Camas team (McClone, Wu, Chris Xia, and Luke Bales) delivered not only a first place victory, but also a State cut time. This is the first time Bales qualified for a State event.

“I think we have our State team decided now,” said Head Coach, Mike Bemis. “The boys really delivered today. I knew they had it in them. I never doubted it.”

They were just getting warmed up. And, they’d make some Kelso Invitational history before the day was over.

Bemis said the presence of Hanford is part of what keeps Camas on its toes. “Hanford is really good, and they have a lot of talent,” he added.


From left: Junha Lee, Jake Duerfeldt, Zach Macia, and Luke Bales.

Evergreen’s Illia Zablotoviskii won the 200 Free (1:46.39) which is a State cut. He swims for CRST.

Hanford’s John Markillie won the 200 IM (2:00.09) which broke the previous meet record.

“It’s so great to do that after traveling so far today,” said Markillie. “We also love competing with Camas.”

Columbia River’s Josh Bottelberghe won the 50 Free event (21.47) setting a new meet record. Jaron Hamlik held that honor for four years (22.10).

And, bronchitis didn’t stop Eric Wu from breaking a meet record in the 100 Fly (51.19).

”I wasn’t feeling my best today since I’m sick (bronchitis),” said Wu. “But we all have adversities to overcome, and my  team just helped me through that! The energy the team provides can truly do wonders.”

Hanford’s Markillie (48.29) just barely beat McClone in the 100 Free, setting his second meet record of the day.

Camas didn’t compete in the 500 Free, which was won by Zablotoviskii (4:57.81), and Battle Ground won the 200 Free Relay. Camas placed sixth. Addison Pollick, of Richland, won the 100 Back (54.51) with McClone closely behind him.

Wu won the 100 Breast (1:00.41) coming extremely close to beating the meet record (1:00.19). Union’s Nick Wahlman placed second (1:04.28).


Eric Wu won the 100 Breast. He came very close to beating the meet record.

And, in the meet’s final event, the 400 Free Relay, the Papermakers delivered the final blow. Hanford thought they could beat Camas, but the Chris Xia-Junha Lee-Finn McClone-Eric Wu machine was too much for them. The Papermakers won the event (3:19.20) setting a new meet record and beating Hanford by 8 seconds.

”Everyone dropped time and we broke two meet records,” said Wu. “Everyone swam so fast, and it’s just a great environment to compete in. We are back, better than ever — ready for State. Luke Bales has worked so hard. I look forward to having him compete at State. He’s a good addition to the team!”

Final Results

  1. Camas — 529
  2. Hanford — 383
  3. Richland — 362
  4. Union — 244
  5. Battle Ground — 226
  6. Mark Morris — 203
  7. Skyview — 201
  8. Kelso — 179




This team broke the meet record in the 400 Free Relay (3:19.20). From left: Junha Lee, Chris Xia, Eric Wu, and Finn McClone.


Kelso Invitational Photo Gallery

Lacamas Athletic Club, Camas, WA — The Papermaker swim team hosted Battle Ground and Prairie High Schools at Wednesday’s dual meet, beating the competition but acknowledging they have more work to do, as a team, before next week’s Kelso meets.

They also made other news Wednesday: Camas has now qualified three relays for State, as well as Eric Wu in the 200m IM and 100m Back. Mark Kim also made a State cut in the 50m Free, and Jaden Kim in the 100 Fly.

“We’re adjusting after winter break,” said Camas co-captain, Finn McClone. “We didn’t look as good as we should. We’re in recovery from lack of winter training, although a few of us did double duty over the break.”

McClone, Eric Wu, and Dave Peddie put in extra swim training over the holidays to stay on track.

“As a team, we really need to fine tune our strokes,” said Wu. “And, Dave Peddie is an absolute workhorse. He’s very motivated, and he’s inspirational. We’ll be ready for the bigger meets.”

Plus, the boys tried something new Wednesday — Zach Macia sang the National Anthem as Jaden Kim and Dave Peddie held up the American flag.

“It was my own rendition,” said Macia. “I was inspired by Jake, Landon, and Luke to do it.”


Getting ready for the National Anthem. From left: Jaden Kim, Zach Macia, and Dave Peddie.

Swim Event Results

200m Medley Relay

  • 1st Place: Camas — Chris Xia, Jaden Kim, Eric Wu, Mark Kim (1:54.54)
  • 2nd Place: Battle Ground — Alex Curran, Marcelo Lombardi, Sam Anderson, Seth Colpitts (1:56.35)
  • 3rd Place: Camas — Josef Kiesenhofer, Dave Peddie, Jack Harris, Ben Taylor (2:06.17)

200m Free Relay

  • 1st Place: Finn McClone, Camas (2:02.28)
  • 2nd Place: Austin Fogel, Camas (2:09.05)
  • 3rd Place: Junha Lee (2:13.16)

200m IM

  • 1st Place: Eric Wu, Camas (2:15.12)
  • 2nd Place: Alex Curran, Battle Ground (2:25.30)
  • 3rd Place: Chris Xia, Camas (2:26.16)

50m Free

  • 1st Place: Mark Kim, Camas (25.05)
  • 2nd Place: Marcelo Lombardi, Battle Ground  (25.60)
  • 3rd Place: Ben Taylor, Camas (27.14)

50 Free Start.

100m Fly

  • 1st Place: Ben Jones, Prairie (54.94)
  • 2nd Place: Cameron Barnes, Battle Ground (56.14)
  • 3rd Place: Jaden Kim, Camas (59.06)

100m Free

  • 1st Place: Marcelo Lombardi, Battle Ground (56.94)
  • 2nd Place: Sam Anderson, Battle Ground (57.78)
  • 3rd Place: Junha Lee, Camas (58.80)

400m Free

  • 1st Place: Chris Xia, Camas (4:38.89)
  • 2nd Place: Colton Sadler, Prairie (5:01.08)
  • 3rd Place: Drew Forstrom, Battle Ground (5:25.41)

200m Free Relay

  • 1st Place: Battle Ground — Sam Anderson, Seth Colpitts, Alex Curran, Marcelo Lombardi (1:46.98)
  • 2nd Place: Camas — Austin Fogel, Ben Taylor, Luke Bales, Junha Lee (1:47.82)
  • 3rd Place: Prairie — Colton Sadler, Chase Clary, Nathan Tuck, Ben Jones (2:05.62)

Camas Co-Captain Finn McClone.

100m Back

  • 1st Place: Eric Wu, Camas (1:02.57)
  • 2nd Place: Alex Curran, Battle Ground (1:04.01)
  • 3rd Place: Isaiah Ross, Washougal (1:06.24)

100m Breast

  • 1st Place: Austin Fogel, Camas (1:12.81)
  • 2nd Place: Mark Kim, Camas (1:14.41)
  • 3rd Place: Sam Anderson, Battle Ground (1:22.80)

400m Free Relay

  • 1st Place: Camas — Mark Kim, Austin Fogel, Finn McClone, Luke Bales (4:02.28)
  • 2nd Place: Prairie — Ben Jones, Nathan Tuck, Chase Clary, Colton Sadler (4:06.20)
  • 3rd Place: Camas — Jack Harris, Junha Lee, Josef Kiesenhofer, Dave Peddie (4:23.84)


Swim Meet Gallery

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VANCOUVER, WA — The Papermaker Boys Swim Team came out ahead at Thursday’s Propstra Aquatic Center meet against Hudson’s Bay, Columbia River, and Washougal.

Pushing along in their quest to defend their State title, the boys made do at the swim meet without some key swimmers, who were traveling to a private swim club meet up north.

Their absence created a little shifting during key relay events giving underclassmen Dave Peddie, Luke Bales, and Ben Taylor the opportunity to swim a relay with State champion, Mark Kim.

“We just finished our 200 Free Relay,” said Peddie. “The Camas A team got first place, and our times are not bad for this point in the season, but we can definitely build on that, and keep improving.”

Bales, a sophomore, agreed.

“We were led by Mark Kim so that’s a really good thing,” said Bales. “And personally, I hit a PR in the event.”

Propstra Swim Meet Stats

Here’s how things turned out, by event.

200 Free Medley Relay:

  • 1st Place: Camas High School (1:51.31) – Junha Lee, Jakob Duerfeldt, Luke Bales, Austin Fogel.
  • 2nd Place: Columbia River High School (1:51.84) – Daniel Ishchuk, Ben Phelps, Elijah Parish, Simon Parish.
  • 3rd Place: Camas High School (1:57.62) – Sullivan Carrick, Jacob Fenley, James Hatch

200 Free

  • 1st Place:  Junha Lee (2:01.74), of Camas.
  • 2nd Place: Ben Taylor (2:08.4), of Camas.
  • 3rd Place: Colin Helt (2:27.3), of Columbia River.

Luke Bales starts his relay event.

200 Individual Medley (IM)

  • 1st Place: Austin Fogel (2:08.92), of Camas.
  • 2nd Place: Dave Peddie (2:17.15), of Camas.
  • 3rd Place: Simon Parish (2:17.45), of Columbia River.

50 Free

  • 1st Place: Mark Kim (23.46 seconds), of Camas.
  • 2nd Place: Isaiah Ross (23.85 seconds), of Washougal.
  • 3rd Place: Ben Phelps (24.30 seconds), of Columbia River.

100 Butterfly

  • 1st Place: Jaden Kim (56.33 seconds), of Camas.
  • 2nd Place: Austin Fogel (58.02 seconds), of Camas.
  • 3rd Place: Daniel Brown (58.82 seconds), of Camas.

100 Free

  • 1st Place: Isaiah Ross (51.23 seconds), of Washougal.
  • 2nd Place: Daniel Ishchuk (55.86 seconds), of Columbia River.
  • 3rd Place: Jack Harris (57.29 seconds), of Camas.

500 Free

  • 1st Place: Jaden Kim (5:23.53), of Camas.
  • 2nd Place: Simon Parish (5:23.53), of Columbia River.
  • 3rd Place: Victor Wu (6:14.81), of Camas.

200 Free Relay

  • 1st Place: Camas High School (1:36.52) – Mark Kim, Luke Bales, Dave Peddie, Ben Taylor.
  • 2nd Place: Columbia River High School (1:39.39) – Elijah Parish, Daniel Ishchuk, Ben Phelps, Simon Parish.
  • 3rd Place: Camas High School (1:44.90) – Timchenko Timofey, Victor Wu, Jakob Duerfeldt, Jack Harris.

100 Backstroke

  • 1st Place: Mark Kim (58.84), of Camas.
  • 2nd Place: Daniel Ishchuk (1:01.35), of Columbia River.
  • 3rd Place: Daniel Brown (1:02.10), of Washougal.

100 Breaststroke

  • 1st Place: Danilo Kamenko (1:12.05), of Camas.
  • 2nd Place: Jakob Duerfeldt (1:12.95), of Camas.
  • 3rd Place: Elijah Parish (1:14.20), of Columbia River.

400 Free Relay

  • 1st Place: Camas High School (3:36.25) – Jaden Kim, Austin Fogel, Mark Kim.
  • 2nd Place: Camas High School (3:54.85) – Dave Peddie, Ben Taylor, Luke Bales, Timchenko Timofey.
  • 3rd Place: Camas High School (4:03.56) – Josef Kiesenhofer, Jack Harris, Danilo Kamenko, Victor Wu.

To learn more, visit www.chs.camas.wednet.edu

Swim Meet Gallery

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