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Bellevue, WA — The Camas Girls Gymnastics team won their second consecutive State Championship Friday night at Sammamish High School, with a team score of 184.825, which is the third highest score in state history.

Camas sophomore Shea McGee finished first in the all-around with a score of 38.175 across four events.

Two other Papermakers medaled in the all-around — sophomore Alyssa Shibata (36.925, sixth) and freshman Peyton Cody (36.850, tied-eighth). A total of five Camas gymnasts advanced to individual finals (top-16 ) on Saturday morning.

McGee finished first in the vault with a 9.750 in the team’s last event of the day. With their rotation completed, and knowing their overall score, they felt strongly they would earn their second consecutive title. Archrival Woodinville still had to finish, and would place second, five points behind Camas.

Camas also performed well during Saturday’s individual finals. McGee, Shibata, Cody, Olivia Bane, and Lili Ford arrived early ready to compete. Bane, who was to compete in Bars, injured her knee during a fall during warmups, which eliminated her from competition.

“As a team, everyone was just so amazing and so helpful,” said Ford. “I’ve never been in this experience before. It just felt so good!”

On floor, McGee placed third.

On bars, McGee placed second, and Cody fourth.

On vault, Ford placed third, while McGee placed eigth.

On beams, Shibata, McGee, and Ford placed second, third, and fourth, respectively.

Shea McGee on floor routine.

Coach Perspective

“Camas did so well because we were well prepared,” said Camas Head Coach, Carol Willson. “We peaked at the precise time. We are blessed to have athletes that are club gymnasts or in some gymnastics training year round and are still able to manage the grades, and juggle the schedule of late night practices to follow High School rules. We have incredible depth.

“Almost every one one of the gymnasts on the State roster are in multiple sports or activities ranging from Gymnastics, Crew, Cheer, Dance, Worship Ministry, Young Life, etc. They sacrifice a lot to make a State title happen and let WIAA gymnastics know now that Camas exists. Last year I had a lot of people asking ‘Where is Camas?’ and this year they knew we were the team to beat. We went in as not only defending champions but also with the highest team score at Districts. We also went in with the highest individual AA score in the State from Shea.”

From left: Camas coaches Tricia Hoppa and Carol Willson.

“Out of four AA competitors 3 were in the top 8 in the State. Camas has an amazing AD that expects accountability from his Coaches and athletes. I expect my gymnasts to be kind, gracious, and to serve their teammates. They have jobs to do and they do them.”

“This has become a well working machine. Joy and Madison will be missed not just for their gymnastics but for their ability to lead. Annika and Lizzy will continue in that role and are already tremendous leaders. Forty kids came together as one. Not by coincidence but by the leadership that I was able to put in place and empowered these Captains to thrive under and grow as young women. Grace and Morgan bring the quiet lead-from-behind spirit. All of the kids go the second mile.”

“There is a deep heart connection with these kids. They bring out the best in myself and Tricia and the best in their teammates. 24 routines competed, 24 routines with not one fall. 20 10.0 start values…just amazing. Hours spent on team building and cohesive development added to their super hero ability and each of them owning their job! In watching these kids mature they will be bright stars among their generation. I am a better person having the amazing opportunity to Coach them.”

Artful Attic


TEAM SCORES — 1, Camas 184.825; 2, Woodinville 179.850; 3, Newport 176.200; 4, Mead 172.450.
ALL-AROUND (final)—1, Shea McGee (Camas) 38.175; 2, Rylye Anderson (Puyallup) 37.700; 3, Ellie Mann (Woodinville) 37.450; 4, Ashley Yang (Kentwood) 37.250; 5, Hailey Kunimura (Auburn Riverside) 37.025; 6, Alyssa Shibata (Camas) 36.925; 7, Cecelia Loudermilk (Kentlake) 36.900; T8 Maddie LoMauro (Newport) 36.850; T8, Peyton Cody (Camas) 36.850.

Event scores (top-16 advance)
VAULT—1, Shea McGee (Camas) 9.750; 2, Ashley Yang (Kentwood) 9.525; 3, Maddie LoMauro (Newport) 9.500; T4, Rylye Anderson (Puyallup) 9.475; T4, Ellie Mann (Woodinville) 9.475; T4, Lili Ford (Camas) 9.475; 7, Emma Rochleau (Tahoma) 9.450; 8, Emily Yang (Kentwood) 9.400. Other locals: T15, Kayja Jacques (Union) 9.200; 21, Peyton Cody (Camas) 9.125; 26, Anna Sugarman (Skyview) 9.050; T27, Alyssa Shibata (Camas) 9.000; 30, Olivia Chou (Skyview) 8.925; 31, Joy Marsh (Camas) 8.900; T33, Neely Simone (Union) 8.800; 44, Madison Martin (Camas) 8.725; 91, Mackenzie Ridgway (Union) 7.800; 94, Alyssa Powell (Union) 7.550.

BEAM—1, Alyssa Shibata (Camas) 9.500; T2, Ellie Mann (Woodinville) 9.475; T2, Allina Hebling (University) 9.475; 4, Shea McGee (Camas) 9.450; 5, Hailey Kunimura (Auburn Riverside) 9.400; 6, Alyssa Hatch (Auburn Riverside) 9.250; 7, Rylye Anderson (Puyallup) 9.300; 8, Emma O’Toole (Rogers) 9.275. Other locals: 9, Mackenzie Ridgway (Union) 9.225; T12, Lili Ford (Camas) 9.175; T19, Peyton Cody (Camas) 9.050; T19, Morgan MacIntyre (Camas) 9.050; T22, Madison Martin (Camas) 9.000; T24, Kayja Jacques (Union)8.975; T51, Madison Schalk (Union) 8.525; T88, Riley LeCocq (Skyview)7.500; 93, Madison Summers (Skyview) 7.150.

FLOOR—1, Alyssa Hatch (Auburn Riv.) 9.650; 2, Samena Tate (Auburn Riv.) 9.625; 3, Ashley Yang (Kentwood) 9.600; T4, Shea McGee (Camas) 9.575; T4, Rylye Anderson (Puyallup) 9.575; T4, Ariana Martinez (Auburn Mountainview) 9.575; T4, Salina Mayanja (Bothell) 9.575; T4, Sophia Shawen (Mead) 9.575. Other locals: T16, Lili Ford (Camas) 9.425; T19, Mackenzie Ridgway (Union) 9.400; T24, Alyssa Shibata (Camas) 9.375; T28, Peyton Cody (Camas) 9.350; T28, Anna Sugarman (Skyview) 9.350; T35, Lizzy Wing (Camas) 9.300; T60, Kayja Jacques (Union) 9.075; T65, Joy Marsh (Camas) 9.000; 73, Madison Schalk (Union) 8.925; T86, Olivia Chou (Skyview) 8.350; 89, Riley LeCocq (Skyview) 8.300.

BARS—1, Cora Taylor (Bothell) 9.500; 2, Shea McGee (Camas) 9.400; 3, Anna Sugarman (Skyview) 9.375; 4, Rylye Anderson (Puyallup) 9.350; 5, Peyton Cody (Camas) 9.325; 6, Cecelia Loudermilk (Kentlake) 9.250; T7, Hailey Kunimura (Auburn Riverside) 9.225; 7T, Alexandria Thomas (Ferris) 9.225. Other locals: T11, Olivia Bane (Camas) 9.075; 14, Alyssa Shibata (Camas) 9.050; 28, Lili Ford (Camas) 8.475; 32, Mackenzie Ridgway (Union) 8.325; T33, Grace Alonzo (Camas) 8.275; 51, Madison Schalk (Union) 7.700; 79, Riley LeCocq (Skyview) 6.650; T80, Kayja Jacques (Union) 6.600.

Vancouver, WA — The Camas Gymnastics team won the Winterfest meet Saturday with a final score of 181.8, which is their highest score in team history.

The reigning State champions were functioning on all cylinders with a full and healthy roster as they battled several other local teams at the annual meet, which was held at Naydenov Gymnastics.

“We are right where we need to be a month away from State scoring higher than our State Championship score by .6 with eight falls,” said Camas Head Gymnastics Coach, Carol Willson. “They are getting stronger each weekend, and are right in schedule to peak at State. Collectively joining together to make the team score which is indicated by seeing the .15 -.2 difference between our top six to seven kids makes the district line up difficult to choose. Consistency is better and start values are getting to the full value needed by all the girls.”

Here are the results, by event:

All Around
1 Shea McGee — 37.5
2 Alyssa Shibata — 35.95
3 Peyton Cody — 35.8
5 Joy Marsh — 35.7

2 Shea McGee — 9.3
3 Madison Martin —  9.1
4 Joy Marsh — 9.0
5 Peyton Cody — 8.9


Camas had their best team score in their history! 181.8.

4 Shea McGee — 9.2
8 Alyssa Shibata 9.5
9 Tie Joy & Lizzy Wing —  9.1
10 Peyton Cody — 9.05
11 Annika Affleck and Lili Ford —  9.0


1 Shea McGee — 9.6
2 Lili Ford — 9.4
4 Joy Marsh — 9.0
5 Alyssa Shibata —  8.9
7 Siena — 8.7

1 Shea McGee —  9.4
2 Peyton Cody — 9.3
3 Alyssa Shibata — 9.1
4 Lili Ford — 8.9
8 Grace Alonzo — 8.8
9 Olivia Beane — 8.7


Lili Ford


Vancouver, WA — The Camas Gymnastics team continues to gain strength, winning Saturday’s meet against Skyview and Ridgefield with a final score of 179.85. Skyview placed second (164.9) and Ridgefield placed third (137.25).

“This team has shown me the meaning again of E Pluribus Unum — out of many came one,” said Camas Gymnastics Head Coach, Carol Willson. “They are right where they need to be. Depth is key. I rotate out top girls and they still surpass my goals. We are on our way to a great place to be at Districts and State. With Peyton Cody coming back after a concussion and Lili Ford understanding what needs to be done for the transition to high school it’s looking good. We’re also adding to a solid group of All-Arounders with Joy, Morgan, Olivia and Annika.”

Anna Sugarman — SV 36.7
Lili Ford CHS — 35.150
Joy Marsh CHS — 34.450
Madison Martin CHS — 34.250
Morgan MacIntyre CHS — 33.650
Olivia Bane CHS — 33.6

Lili Ford CHS — 9.050
Anna Sugarman SV — 9.0
Joy Marsh CHS — 9.0

Shea McGee CHS — 9.5
Lili Ford CHS — 9.4
Peyton Cody — 9.2

Shea McGee CHS — 9.3
Anna Sugarman SV — 9.1
Joy Marsh CHS — 9.0

Anna Sugarman SV — 9.6
Joy Marsh CHS — 9.55
Olivia Chou SV/Lizzy Wing — 9.2

Next week, the team travels to the WOWI meet which does not do team scores, and Willson expects the girls will be in a very strong position with their team score on January 19 when they compete Varsity at Naydenov at 9 am.

Vancouver, WA — Despite injuries and absences on Saturday, the Camas Gymnastics team (3-0 this season) managed to win Saturday’s Naydenov meet with a final overall team score of 171.85.

Union placed second (162.7); Columbia River, third (155.3); Ridgefield, fourth (136.5), and Heritage placed fifth (111.95).

It was a rocky gymnastics meet, said Head Coach Carol Willson, who feared the Papermakers would lose, given several absences and Corissa Cassidy’s injury during the Floor routine. Cassidy rolled her ankle on her first landing, and was carried out by her mother. X-rays show she didn’t break any bones, but there will be several weeks of recovery.

“It was a painful landing,” said Willson. “We’re grateful she didn’t break any bones.”

Papermaker Shea McGee’s star continues to rise, with victories in the All-Around (36.7) and Beam (9.55). Joy Marsh placed third in All-Around (34.8).

Papermaker Lili Ford won the Vault (9.4), with McGee placing a close second (9.2).

McGee also placed second in the Bars (9.2) with Annika Affleck placing fifth (8.1).

Saturday’s meet was the third consecutive victory for the girls, who continue to press forward with 42 team members.

”I’m still worried,” said Willson. “We’ve had several injuries and we’re down a few kids.”

The defending State Gymnastics champions feel confident about their depth and strength, and hope their injured athletes can heal over the holiday break.


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Vancouver, WA — The Camas High School (CHS) Girls Gymnastics team continued their winning streak over the weekend dominating the competition with a final score of 180.05 over second place Mountain View (136.450), and third place Prairie (125.10).

The state champion gymnastics team has an even more talented team this season, and it’s showing in all performances.

“We are in a great position to defend our title with Saturday’s scores,” said Camas Head Coach, Carol Willson. “We have a lot of errors (easy ones to fix) and freshman Peyton Cody is still out with a concussion and if she can get back healed she’ll be up there with Shea, Alyssa and Lili. Madison Martin has really upped her skill level and Joy and Morgan are adding strength and depth. Lizzy is up there on floor. Freshman Olivia Bane is a strong All-Around.”

She said that Freshman Julia Marsh and Lauren Meyer are strong on Beam and Floor and Freshman Delaney Anderson is strong on Beam.

“We are in a much better place early in the season and all 40 know that it’s hard to make our top 6 for each event. I asked them for a 178 yesterday, they delivered a 180. They really know how to come together for a team goal. They want to defend their place in the State and they are building strong friendships, and a stronger work ethic because of it. The four captains Joy, Madison, Annika and Lizzy are strong leaders. My parents are amazing. Camas leadership is incredible and helping us navigate so many athletes!”

Here’s how the girls did in the various events:
Shea McGee CHS 37.5
Alyssa Shibata CHS 36.9
Lili Ford CHS 35.750
Shea McGee CHS 9.5
Lili Ford CHS 9.4
Katie Stevens WHS 9.2
Alyssa Shibata CHS CHS 9.3
Shea McGee CHS 9.0
Madison Martin CHS 8.4
Alyssa Shibata CHS 9.5
Shea McGee CHS 9.45
Lili Ford CHS 9.250
Shea McGee CHS 9.55
Alyssa Shibata CHS 9.2
Joy Marsh CHS 9.25

Camas, WA — As their new season begins this Saturday at 2 pm at VEGA, the reigning State Champion Girls Gymnastics team is putting in the hours, the sweat, and strategy to defend their State title.

Since winning State last February, the team has only lost one athlete, Jax Purwins, and they’re pretty excited about new star power — Peyton Cody and Lili Ford — along with several athletes that are new to the sport. While focused and grateful, they also begin this season with a lot of confidence.

“Our team has almost doubled in size,” said Head Coach, Carol Willson. “I think winning State helped draw a lot of new kids, but it’s also a new adjustment. We enter this season with strength, and just hope that everyone can stay healthy.”

Given the team’s size, practices are spread all across the week, and into the weekends, and seldom are the JV and Varsity squads practicing together, but we caught up with the girls during a rare session when the team was all together, in one place, at the same time.

“We won state so that shows them we’re the real deal, and that we’re serious,” said co-captain, Madison Martin. “We have a lot of new freshmen that are really good. Winning Sate was a good moment, it was a real bonding experience for everyone. It makes us more motivated to hold onto it — to keep the title.”

Co-captain, Annika Affleck, agrees.

“Having so many more athletes on the team really helps out,” said Affleck. “We have a lot of experience.”

Co-captain Joy Marsh, who did All-Around last season, said the size of the team is challenging, which is why they split practices into two groups.

“We have to make each practice count, and stay focused on our goals,” said Marsh. “We have a good team, and good coaches with Carol and Trisha. We also have strength in the All-Around.”

The new team size is also a blessing because it gives them more depth.

“We’re up to 40+ kids, and they have to work harder to make a spot,” said Willson. “We are coaching seven days a week, and Sunday afternoons are the only time we get the whole team together, which is essential for team bonding. The girls put in the time, and we’re excited to officially get the season started on December 8!”

Photo Gallery



Camas, WA — High School sweethearts Jacqueline Purwins, a gymnast, and Mark Kim, a swimmer, did a rare thing last weekend: They helped lead their respective Camas High School athletic teams win back-to-back State Championships. Winning a State title is no small feat, let alone having it happen to two teams from the same school on the same weekend. Add to that, the sweetheart factor.

It was, for them, the perfect weekend.

The victories started Friday night, at the Tacoma Dome, as Carol Willson led her Gymnastics team to a historic victory over perennial champions from Woodinville. The girls finished strong in the bars event, which was enough to propel them over the top.

The winning announcement was euphoric, with the girls hugging and crying tears of joy.

”I’m still processing it,” said Jax, sitting down with a smile on her face at Caffe Piccolo in Downtown Camas. “Given our schedule this week with the holiday, and the snow days, I’ve had a lot of time to reflect.”

Moments later, her sweetheart, Mark, enters the cafe, proudly wearing his Papermaker sweatshirt.

Ever the reluctant interviewee, the talented and focused Mark, said the same thing.

”I’m still processing it,” said Mark, whose swim team has now won State for two consecutive years.

Jax has been in gymnastics since she was three, and worked her whole life for that moment last week.


The 2018 4A State Gymnastics Champions — from Camas High School!

“What I love about the sport is that you can never reach the top,” she said. “They’re always creating new skills, so if you add a new twist, you can get a new skill named after you.”

The sport has taken her to several other states, including Utah and Idaho, and she’s spent a lot of time in Seattle. She credits constant support from her family, which, she said is how she got this far.

At State finals, Jax said she knew what she had to do. The whole team did.

”Alissa’s routines were amazing,” she said. “I did my best, and so did everyone else. I didn’t know we’d win until bars.”

During competition, Jax said she ignores the scores. “I generally don’t look at the scores, and try to block everything out,” she said. “We’ve had a lot more fun this year with Shea, Alissa, and Lynn.”

Mark has been swimming for six years, and started making a name for himself by winning individual State titles, culminating in last year’s first-ever State team Championship for Camas. He’s fast, really fast, and so is his brother, Jaden.

The boys went into Saturday’s finals behind Kamiak, and knew they had to focus to bridge the gap and win the title again.

“We knew the situation we were in,” said Mark. “We didn’t really have to tell each other — we just knew what had to be done. Everyone did a great job!”

The boys climbed back, and before their last swim, they led by 50 points. Yes, they are that fast.

But, it’s also about focus.

Before every event, Mark puts on his headphones and gets in that “zone.” His mind is totally focused on the event in front of him.

“Without music, I don’t swim well,” he said. “At that moment, nothing else matters.”

So what does he listen to?

”Just two songs,” he said. “I play ‘Till I Collapse’ and ‘Lose Yourself’ by Eminem.”


The 2018 4A State Champions, from left: Luke Bales, Chris Xia, Austin Fogel, Mark Kim, Finn McClone, Eric Wu, Jaden Kim, Dave Peddie, and Brian Andrade.

He’s grown up in very focused Korean family — “no excuses, don’t ask why, and ‘no’ isn’t an answer is what my parents taught me,” he said.

”My parents pushed me beyond what we wanted to do,” said Mark. “It’s a non-stop grind. They taught me to never give up.”

The Jax/Mark relationship isn’t your typical one.  They’ve only “dated” four times, like going out to dinner or seeing a movie.

“Mostly, we just hang out and do homework together,” said Jax. “Or we walk the dog.”

They’ve known each since 5th grade, and there were some attractions in middle school, but they didn’t “date” until high school. They had lockers close to each other.

Jax stays busy with diving practices multiple times a week in Beaverton, while Mark also plays alto saxophone for the Camas Marching Band.

”He doesn’t sleep,” said Jax.

They are both very driven, and want to excel at everything they try.

Mark will attend Westpoint, starting in July. He wants to be a Mechanical Engineer, and will also swim for Westpoint. Jax hasn’t decided on a school just yet, but she wants to be an orthopedic surgeon.

They are both essential parts of two teams that made Papermaker history — which will be part of their legacy. And, they’re just getting started.

Like many alumni, we’ll follow up on their progress, they’ll still be hounded a little by the press, but for the moment, they are savoring what happened last week.

Two State Championships in one weekend. Yes, that really happened.

Photo Gallery

By Dan Trujillo

There were wide eyes, big smiles, loud screams, lots of hugs and tears of joy.

Camas High School gymnasts Jacqueline Purwins, Shea McGee and Alyssa Shibata completed an uneven bars trifecta of dreams to cap off their state championship clinching performance at the Tacoma Dome Friday.

Purwins delivered a 9.475 on the bars to get the Papermaker gymnasts pumped up after they struggled on the vault. McGee followed swiftly with a 9.6 and Shibata put the finishing touches on a Camas sweep with a 9.725.

“It was pretty gnarly,” McGee said.

“That was my highest score ever for gymnastics,” Shibata said. “It was really exciting. It was just a great way to finish our season.”

“I started crying before Shea even finished,” Purwins said. “At that point, I didn’t even care if we won or not. They just did so good. I am so proud of them.”

The Papermakers had to wait through one more rotation, but things started to materialize. McGee earned second place in the all-around competition with 37.9 points. Shibata took fifth all-around with 37.35 points.

The final team scores left the athletes, coaches and fans on pins and needles. In the end, Camas outscored Woodinville 181.2-180.125 to become the first 4A high school from Southwest Washington to win the state championship.

“It could have gone either way, so we were just sitting there holding on to each other,” Shibata said. “When they said Woodinville was second, we were so excited. It’s cool because our team is so strong and supportive. We boost each other up. It’s amazing.”


Jacqueline Purwins.

Shibata and McGee grabbed first and second on the bars, and Purwins placed sixth. McGee also earned second on the beam (9.475), fifth on the vault (9.325) and ninth on the floor (9.5). Purwins secured sixth on the floor (9.55) and eighth on the vault (9.25). Shibata took sixth on the beam (9.35).

This dream didn’t just start when these girls got to high school. Purwins, Shibata and team captains Joy Marsh and Madison Martin have trained together at the VEGA gym in Camas for years.

“VEGA is my family. It’s family for a lot of these girls, too,” Purwins said. “There’s no way I could ever be here without my coaches. They molded me from a 4-year-old to who I am now.”

Marsh, Martin, McGee and Shibata hope they can carry on this new tradition for Camas. Woodinville had won several state titles in the past, but now there are new kids on the block.

“It’s a new beginning,” Marsh said. “We’ve made history, and we can’t express how proud we are.”

“Next year, we are going to come back even stronger,” Martin said.

“I’m going to remember every single person on this team and how we did,” Shibata said. “It’s just like another family that I have.”

To see the video, visit Video: Camas Wins 4A State Title



Celebrating State victory!



Shea McGee.

By Dan Trujillo

The Camas High School gymnasts keep raising the bar.

Propelled by a school record team score of 181.7, the Papermakers won the 4A district championship by more than 20 points Saturday at Battle Ground High School.

Senior Jacqueline Purwins clinched the all-around championship with 37.825 points. She finished first on the vault (9.475), second on the floor (9.7) and the beam (9.65), and fourth on the bars (9.0).

“It’s crazy because we’re not even at our best yet. There’s still some little things that we can clean up,” Purwins said. “It just kind of all came together. When you have a good first event, the rest of it is a lot easier to follow.”

Freshmen Shea McGee and Alyssa Shabata followed Purwins’ lead.

McGee grabbed second place all-around with 37.675 points. She finished first on the floor (9.8) and the bars (9.3), and third on the beam (9.35) and the vault (9.025).

“You just have to relax and pretend like it’s any other meet,” McGee said. “That was pretty snazzy,” she added about the team score. “We pulled out our best. I had so much fun.”

Shabata took third place all-around with 36.95 points. She earned second place on the bars (9.2) and the vault (9.1), fourth on the beam (9.55) and fifth on the floor (9.3).

“It was cool standing up on the podium with my friends,” Shabata said. “We’ve been working hard for this.”


Jacqueline Purwins dazzles on the floor for the Papermakers. Photo by Dan Trujillo.

Joy Marsh claimed fourth place on the vault (8.7) and ninth place on the floor (9.2). Madison Martin notched fifth place in the beam (9.05) and seventh place on the bars (8.2). Lizzy Wing gained fifth place on the floor (9.3) and 10th place on the vault (8.15). Sienna Brophy placed eighth on the beam (8.5) and Annika Afleck took eighth place on the bars (8.15).

Head coach Carol Willson couldn’t be more excited the Papermakers. They all get the opportunity to represent Camas at the 4A state meet, Feb. 16 and 17, at the Tacoma Dome.

“We were hoping for a 180. We beat that by almost two points,” Willson said. “We are in a good position.”

Although Purwins enjoyed competing at state as a sophomore, she said there’s nothing like being there with her teammates. The girls achieved that dream together for the first time last season and finished in second place. They’re very talented gymnasts.

“The biggest goal for all of us is winning as a team,” she said.

Purwins will be the only one to graduate from this program after this season. Marsh and Martin should be back to lead the team again as captains. Gymnasts McGee and Shabata are just getting started.

 “Have fun. Don’t get caught up in the competition because it always makes it worse. That’s the biggest lesson I’ve learned,” Purwins said. “Senior year is all about having fun. If we’re winning along with that, that’s great. But as long as I’m having fun, I’m OK with it.”


Camas team captain Joy Marsh and head coach Carol Willson cheer for a Papermaker during the floor exercise. Photo by Dan Trujillo.

Stevens makes history for Washougal

Katie Stevens became the first gymnast from Washougal High School to qualify for state, and she did it in all four events.

The freshman finished third on the vault, with a 9.175, fifth on the floor, with a 9.4, and fifth in the all-around, with a 33.775. Against seniors and juniors, no less.

“I really wanted to make it to state in at least one event,” Stevens said. “To get in all four is really insane.”

Stevens started the season with a brace on her foot, after straining tendons in her tibia and fibula. She returned to competition a few weeks ago.

“She had an amazing meet,” said head coach Carol Willson. “To see her come off at injury and get to state in all four events in very exciting. She’s starting something special for Washougal High School.”

Stevens knows the Camas gymnasts and coaches well. She has trained and performed with them at VEGA since she was 5.

“I’m very grateful that the Camas girls treat me as one of their own,” Stevens said. “They embrace that I’m from Washougal, and they’re not mean about it.”

Although she has no idea what to expect at the Tacoma Dome, Stevens embraces her opportunity to perform for Washougal on the big stage at state.

“I want to show them that little schools can do big things.”

To learn more, visit www.chs.camas.wednet.edu

 Gymnasts Photo Gallery

By Dan Trujillo
Camas Post-Record

The following is an excerpt from Dan Trujillo’s Blog post, used with his permission.

A Camas freshman, sophomore, junior and a senior finished in the top six of the all-around competition to help the Papermakers clinch their third straight district gymnastics championship. Camas racked up a season high 167.925 to surpass Union by a 6.05-point margin.

Sophomore Jacqueline Purwins won the all-around crown with 35.25 points. She finished first on the beam (9.375) and bars (8.8), and third on the vault (8.425).

Junior Emily Karkanen earned third all-around with 34.425 points. She took third on the floor (9.475), as well as fourth on the vault (8.4), beam (8.35) and bars (8.3). Karkanen was also named a first-team all-around gymnast in the 4A Greater St. Helens League.

Senior Caleigh Lofstead claimed fourth all-around with 34.1 points. She won the vault (8.7), placed third on the bars (8.35) and eighth on the floor (9.15).

Freshman Madison Martin secured sixth all-around with 33 points. She rose to second place on the beam (8.8) and seventh place on the bars (7.7).

Freshman Joy Marsh snagged seventh place on the vault (8.05) and Michaela Lasher notched ninth place on the beam (7.85).