by Rick Francisco

Parenting during the holidays can be tough no matter the situation. From planning dinner to arranging the perfect family picture, meeting your obligations may require a little help. The holidays are also uniquely difficult for families going through divorce, undertaking new child custody matters, and those struggling with past or ongoing domestic violence.

The first step in providing a healthy home for your child is to relieve your own stress. If you are going through a divorce or simply unhappy with your current shared parenting time, speaking with an attorney experienced in managing these types of issues will provide a calm to the holidays when you need it most.

Second, planning ahead will reduce issues that can arise this year and the next. What happens if your tradition is to celebrate the holidays in Miami, but the child’s other parent wants to travel to Boston for New Years? We have helped countless clients determine the solution best suited to meet their family’s needs and the children’s school schedules.

Attorney Rick Francisco

Finally, holiday events can bring people together for better and for worse. If you believe an individual intends to harm you or your child, there are steps we can take to help you avoid situations which may be dangerous. When you feel secure in your home, you can truly enjoy the company of your loved ones.

Instead of worrying about meeting deadlines and filing paperwork, we want to get you back to the best parts of the holidays. Minus the fruitcake.

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