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They provide leadership, mentoring, coaching, and life skills to their players. The Camas Varsity football coaches continue to amaze and impress. Thank you to Coaches Jon Eagle, Dan Kielty, Justin Wochnick, Les Albert, Craig Hardin, Rick Copsey, Darren Alcorn, Jack Hathaway, Rick Harrington, Will Ephraim, Matt Loop, Dale Rule, Dave Morris, Tom Schroeder, Manny Melo, Kendall Thieman, Allen Jones, Rick Devereaux, and Matt Codino!



Can you imagine a game at Doc Harris without the Marching Band? We give many thanks to this amazing group of talented musicians and leaders who give these games style and pride. And they even play the opposing team’s song during pre-game. Class!


From Red-outs to Black-outs, White-outs and everything in between it’s refreshing to see so many students support the Papermakers. They’re great, even when they drop baby powder all over your camera equipment! Love them!