Sacramento, CA — The Camas Science Olympiad team sent 100 students, chaperones, and coaches to Mira Loma High School this past weekend to compete at an annual regional Science Olympiad competition.

The two Camas High School (CHS) teams (Red and Black) brought with them three middle school teams: Skyridge, Liberty, and Odyssey, earning a record number of medals along the way.

“This time we flew instead of taking the train, which was very nice,” said CHS Senior, Abigail Jiang. “The tournament featured 30 high school teams, as well as 30 middle school teams, and we earned a record number of medals this year! I’m so proud of our Camas teams!”

The CHS Black Team placed 8th overall, while Red Team placed 17th. Skyridge placed 10th, Liberty placed 19th, and Odyssey placed 27th (pretty decent for their 2nd tournament ever as a new team).

In the general competition, CHS Black earned first in Geologic Mapping, fifth in Fermi Questions (CHS Black), fourth and fifth in Sounds of Music (CHS Black and Red), first in Forensics (CHS Red), third in Circuit Lab (CHS Black). Skyridge won fifth in Game On.

CHS Black also won first in Astronomy, while CHS Red placed 3rd in Mission Possible. Skyridge placed first in Mystery Architecture, while, Liberty placed fourth in Potions and Poisons, and third in Write It Do It.

Teams spent weeks and months working on their specific projects and trying to work together. It requires a lot of planning, studying, reading, and strategizing.

The Camas Science Olympiad team continues to grow and prosper, and they use these competitions to prepare themselves for State.

”We have such good coaches, and advisors,” said Jiang. “And, we’ve had great support from our parents. Everyone works really hard.”


Camas High science students won the State Science Olympiad competition this week at Clark College, while Liberty team members placed second in their division.

Team member Sophie Shoemaker said their team now moves onto National competition. Final results have not yet been released but will be published as soon as possible.
Science Olympiad
Back Row (left to right): (two tall guys behind the fish)-
Evan Roche, Eliot Shoemaker. 
Front Row: Jon Bartlett, Reesab Pathak, Yun Teng. Middle Row: Sophie Shoemaker (secretary), Tim Grote (Vice President), Marcus Bintz (Team Captain), Noah Wachlin (President), Rachel Fadlovich (Treasurer), Ryan Lim, Kevin Hsu, Mr. Ron Wright, Jonathan Ho. Photo by Yvonne Bintz.

Brain Power.

These kids represent several champion Science Olympiad teams from Camas High School, Liberty Middle School and Skyridge Middle School who recently took home honors from a regional competition.

Specifically, Camas High School won first and fourth place with two separate teams.

The Skyridge team won second place, while Liberty won third place.

They are now preparing to compete at the State level in April at Clark College. We’re covering their specific projects and ambitions in an upcoming article but wanted you to know today the success these youth are having in the world of science.

Back row, left to right: Conley Konsin, Sophie Shoemaker, Marcus Bintz, Erik Johnson, and Nkem Aduka. From row, left to right: Jeffrey Liao, Tybalt Thornberry, Zack Shafer, Ben Hutton, and Melody Hollar.

Science Olympiad