Camas, WA — When Jacquie Hill, owner of Body Bliss Yoga, decided to organization a donation center for regional wildfire evacuees, she had no idea the incredible response she’d get.

The announcement that she’d partner with neighboring business, Lily Atelier, isn’t even a week old, and the donations pile in daily.

“I’m super happy that so many people were generous both with their time and with the supplies they donated,” said Hill. “We have received games, school supplies, nice clothes for all ages and genders, pet supplies, diapers, backpacks, all kinds of great things. The studio is filled with such great energy, and now all these supplies are heading our to Oregon communities devastated by the wildfires.”

Hill partnered up with Blake Brinker, a local Camas resident, who is working with the Global Empowerment Mission to ensure these supplies get to people who need them the most.

Since last Wednesday, Body Bliss Yoga Studio and Lily Atelier have been serving as drop off centers that pile up daily, which are then sorted by type, gender and age in boxes, bins and bags. It’s all quite organized.

“Jacquie has done an incredible job making this happen,” said Marilyn Reed, owner of Lily Atelier, a women’s boutique in downtown Camas. “We were happy to partner with her and we received so much support from our customers. Thank you so much!”

Hill said the donations received these past several days will support hundreds of families.

Donations at Body Bliss Yoga.
Loading up wildfire donations.

The Clark County chapter of Turning Point USA, a grassroots organization with tabling events, meetings, rallies, debates and other community events, with a focus on helping high school and college level students, is setting up a food and supplies drive for wildfire evacuees from Wednesday to Saturday. All donations collected from this week will go directly to Clackamas County evacuees this Sunday at 9 am.

TPUSA Humanitarian Aid Mission 2020 is asking for the following items:

Gift Cards (Home Depot, Walmart, Lowes etc.), toiletries (mouth wash, tooth paste/brushes etc), hand warmers, clothes, non-perishable foods (canned goods, rice, beans, nuts, dry milk powder) water, blankets, pet food, etc…

Drop-off Points 

From Wednesday to Friday 4-6 PM (Saturday 1-2 PM) anyone can donate and drop off food/supplies at any of these places at any of these times. 

Costco Parking Lot: (4-6 PM Mon-Fri, Sat 1-2 PM

6720 NE 84TH ST, VANCOUVER 98665

Skyview High School Parking lot: (4-6 PM Mon-Fri, Sat 1-2 PM

1300 NW 139th St, Vancouver, WA 98685

Vancouver Mall Macy’s parking lot: (4-6 PM Mon-Fri, Sat 1-2 PM

8700 NE Vancouver Mall Dr, Vancouver, WA 98662

Sunday the 20th Meet at the Macy’s Parking lot at Vancouver Mall

 9:00 leave 9:30 AM

TPUSA Members and any others that want to join will be going down to Clackamas town center and other evacuee camps in the area. 


Feature photo courtesy of KATU.


Beginning Tuesday, September 15, Body Bliss Yoga Studio and Lily Atelier are starting to collect supplies for those who have been affected by the Oregon and Washington wildfires. They will be accepting drop offs Tuesday through Friday from 10 am-6 pm, and Saturday 10 am-5 pm, and Sunday 12 pm-4 pm. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out:

  • Body Bliss Yoga: 360.844.5715, which is located at 417 NE Birch Street Camas, WA 98607
  • Lily Atelier: 360.834.9215, which is located at 237 NE 4th Avenue Camas, WA 98607

Body Bliss Yoga Studio is directly connected with organizations in the immediate area and have heard of many needs stemming from the wildfire emergencies. Both businesses will be collecting donations for some of these most requested items. And they are asking for your help as they try to help with wildfire relief.

Items needed include:⁣

  • Diapers (all sizes)⁣
  • Wipes⁣
  • Travel size shampoos and soaps⁣
  • Various other toiletries including: tampons and pads, new hairbrushes, hair ties, toothbrushes, tooth paste⁣
  • Small toys and games for kids of all ages⁣
  • School supplies + books⁣
  • Mens and Women’s outdoor clothing and shoes⁣
  • Kids clothing of all sizes (coats too)⁣
  • Blankets⁣
  • Hand sanitizer⁣
  • Face masks⁣
  • New warm hats⁣
  • Rubbermaid/plastic totes⁣
  • Laundry supplies⁣
  • Pet food

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) continues to monitor the Big Hollow Fire, which is located approximately 15 miles northwest of Carson and 7 miles southeast of Cougar, Washington. Temperatures will cool by a few degrees from yesterday, with light winds out of the southwest.

Yesterday’s Operations:

The layer of smoke continued to reduce at higher elevations. This resulted in higher temperatures and drier weather at high elevations of the fire. Crews continued firing operations in the southwest area of the fire, moving east along the 57 and 58 roads to secure the fire edge. Containment lines along the 1000 road in the Siouxon block were near completion. Road systems along the eastern edge of the fire were scouted for potential containment opportunities. Crews continued installing sprinklers around the cabins at Government Mineral Springs and conducted some fuel reduction around the structures. The team held a virtual community meeting, which is available for viewing at

Today’s Operations: 

In the west, crews will continue firing operations along the 57 and 58 roads. Road prep will occur ahead of the firing operations in order to implement a direct control line along the southern edge of the fire. Crews will continue to construct indirect containment lines and clear fuels north along the 1000 and 6000 roads in the Siouxon block. In the east, crews will monitor fire progress on the ridge west of Wind River Hwy, hold fire on the 201 road, and scout for possible containment opportunities in the northeast. Structure protection work will continue at Government Mineral Springs. Crews will begin to prep the Trapper Creek Trail as a possible containment line should the fire progress southeast. No work will be conducted in the Trapper Creek Wilderness.


Closures & Evacuations: 

The cabins at Government Mineral Springs are under a Level 3 evacuation order. Carson Fish Hatchery is not under an evacuation order. Areas north and west of the fire are under a Level 1 evacuation order, including Yale, Cougar, Northwoods and portions of the towns of Amboy and Yacolt. The Forest Service has issued area closures in the SW portion of the Gifford Pinchot National Forest that include most developed campgrounds, dispersed camping, and most forest roads and trails. The Department of Natural Resources has issued closures for the Siouxon Block and Merrill Lake Natural Conservation Area. The Pacific Crest Trail is open

This article provided by the Department of Natural Resources. Written by Eric Frank.

The Department of Ecology issued a statewide air quality alert Thursday, which continues through the weekend, as smoke from many fires across the region continues to impact the state. 

Calmer winds and hazy skies helped to keep large fire growth moderated yesterday and allowed for firefighters to progress in Washington‘s fire danger zones.  The Big Hollow fire, however, in Southwest Washington still has active fire behavior with no containment.  

The Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES) image (featured image) shows the extent of smoke that currently covers most of Western Washington and parts of Central Washington.  Smoke is expected to continue its path across the state, impacting Eastern Washington.  Overall, air quality is expected to slowly start getting better, from West to East, on Sunday. 

With such a large area experiencing poor air quality, the Department of Health recommends people to stay indoors. 



Big Hollow Fire Update

The Northwest Incident Management Team 12 took command Friday at 6 am on the Big Hollow Fire 15 miles northwest of Carson and seven miles southeast of Cougar, Washington. Weather is expected to be partly cloudy and very smokey, with temperatures in the low to mid-70s. Light westerly winds of 7 to 12 mph are forecasted, shifting to southwesterly in the evening.

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) that indirect control lines are being constructed with heavy equipment and roads to protect the communities of Cougar, Chelatchie and Yale to the west. Structure protection is being implemented to protect cabins at Government Mineral Springs and the Carson National Fish Hatchery. Firefighters are also assessing the risk to structures to the north and east in the fire area. 

Closures: The Forest Service has issued area closures in the southwest portion of the Gifford Pinchot National Forest that include most developed campgrounds, dispersed camping, day-use and wilderness areas, and most forest roads and trails within the closure area. DNR has issued closures for the Siouxon Block and recreation sites within the Merill Lake Conservation Area.

Evacuation levels 1 (ready), 2 (set), and 3 (go) are currently in use. Level 2 evacuation orders are in place for the areas around Yale Lake. Level 1 closures have been issued for the areas around Swift Reservoir and south of Lake Merwin. There is an air quality alert in place for southwest Washington and northwest Oregon for unhealthy and hazardous conditions.

Washington Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has issued Level 1 (Get Ready) and Level 2 (Get Set) evacuation notices from the Big Hollow fire near Yale Reservoir. The DNR’s Level 1 “Get Ready” evacuation notice applies to the north Yacolt and Amboy areas, and the Level 2 “Get Set” notice is for Chelatchie residents.

All residents in the northeastern part of Clark County were notified Wednesday night to be ready for evacuation if the wildfire burning east of the reservoir moves in their direction.

Level 1: READY – Level 1 evacuations are an Alert. Residents should be aware of a danger that exists. Now is the time to “Get Ready”. Residents with special needs, or those with pets or livestock, should take note and prepare for relocating family members, pets and livestock. Refine your evacuation plans and gather the things you will need if you must evacuate.

Level 2: SET – Level 2 evacuations indicate there is a significant risk to your area. Now is the time to be set for immediate evacuation. Residents should either voluntarily relocate to a shelter or designated area or with family/friends outside the area or be ready to leave at a moment’s notice.

Level 3: GO! – Level 3 means there is immediate danger. GO NOW! You are advised to evacuate immediately.
Es posible que escuche en las noticias sobre diferentes Niveles de avisos de evacuación … Aquí hay explicaciones de esos

Residents in the area received this message:

This is an emergency message from CRESA nine one one and Department of Natural Resources. Please do not hang up. This message contains urgent safety information. We are responding to the Big Hollow Wildfire in the area of Yale Reservoir. At this time, there is no immediate threat to the area but fire department officials want to make you aware of the situation in case conditions change. Because the situation is not stable and may worsen, you may need to evacuate the area. You are receiving this message because you are in an area that may be impacted. Monitor radio or TV news visit or the CRESA Facebook page for further information. No evacuation or other measures are necessary at this point however, you should prepare now to evacuate immediately upon request. Again, please monitor the news for further information about this incident. Avoid using your telephone and do not call 911 except for a life-threatening emergency. Thank you.
Este es un mensaje de emergencia de CRESA Nueve Uno Uno y el Departamento de Recursos Naturales. Por favor, no cuelgue. Este mensaje contiene información de seguridad urgente. Estamos respondiendo al Incendio Forestal de Big Hollow en el área del embalse de Yale. En este momento, no existe una amenaza inmediata para el área, pero los oficiales del departamento de bomberos quieren informarle de la situación en caso de que las condiciones cambien. Debido a que la situación no es estable y puede empeorar, es posible que deba evacuar el área. Recibe este mensaje porque se encuentra en un área que puede verse afectada. Supervise las noticias de radio o televisión, visite o la página de Facebook de CRESA para obtener más información. No es necesario realizar ninguna evacuación u otras medidas en este momento; sin embargo, debe prepararse ahora para evacuar inmediatamente si lo solicita. Una vez más, siga las noticias para obtener más información sobre este incidente. Evite usar su teléfono y no llame al 911 excepto en una emergencia que ponga en peligro su vida. Gracias.

Additional Resources can be found at:

There are currently no mandatory evacuation orders in place, according to Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency (CRESA).

The notices also affected Battle Ground Public Schools, who announced Wednesday night that Yacolt Primary School and Amboy Middle School will be closed Thursday.


An overwhelming series of fierce, wind-driven wildfires in Oregon have all but destroyed five small towns, leaving a potentially high death toll in their wake, Governor Kate Brown said on Wednesday, as initial casualty reports come in.

Winds of up to 50 miles per hour sent blazes moving tens of miles within hours, engulfing hundreds of homes as firefighters fought at least 35 large blazes across Oregon.

The town of Detroit in the Santiam Valley, as well as Blue River and Vida, and Phoenix and Talent in southern Oregon, were substantially destroyed, Governor Kate Brown said during a press conference.

“This could be the greatest loss in human lives and property due to wildfire in our state’s history,” Brown said.

Wildfires in Clackamas County have destroyed 22 houses and structures since Sunday night and are threatening more than 600 other houses and structures as thousands have been forced to evacuate their homes. The entire county is under some level of evacuation warning, with about half the county, including Estacada and parts of Molalla, under a Level 3 evacuation order, meaning residents are asked to leave immediately.

“Everyone must be on high alert,” Brown said. 

The blazes are extremely destructive around Medford, in southern Oregon, and near the state capital of Salem.

At least three people were killed in Oregon fires and a small child died in blazes in Washington state. Brown said some communities were substantially damaged, with “hundreds of homes lost.”