A functional garage workshop makes a difference in how well you finish projects. When your space is unorganized, cramped, or dark, it’s hard to stay focused and get motivated. 

But you don’t need a big budget or an interior designer’s mind to make your space work for you. Follow these top three tips for a functional garage workshop.

1. Select or Build Your Workbench 

Your workbench needs to be sturdy so that you can safely complete projects. And it needs to be the right size for your available square footage. Choose between wood, plastic, or steel workbenches.

Or, if you’re handy and have the tools for it, consider building your own custom workbench. Keep in mind that even when you have enough floor space, a larger workbench won’t always improve your space. Also, think about whether you want to put the workbench against the wall or away from it.

2. Light Up the Room 

In most standard garages, lighting is limited or ugly. Therefore, the next tip for a functional garage workshopis to upgrade the lighting. The better the lighting, the easier it is for you to see what you’re doing, and the less likely you are to strain your eyes. You can hang an LED shop light directly over your workbench to keep it illuminated. 

You don’t have to add lights everywhere to lighten the room either. Adding a diamond plate backsplash behind your against-the-wall workbench is a great trick for reflecting the light. And since one of the benefits of cosmetic diamond plates is durability, you’ll protect the wall from debris as you work.

3. Store Tools and Supplies Neatly

Use vertical storage space as much as possible. This will conserve your available floor area and can make it easier for you to find your tools and supplies. People commonly use pegboard to hold lightweight tools. And you can use a slatwall fitted with hooks, shelves, baskets, and bins to store larger and heavier items.

Place small items in drawers and use dividers to keep things organized. For miscellaneous small objects, consider using small storage bins. Label the bins, then keep the items you need the most often closest to you.  

The state of Washington is fortunate enough to have some of the most beautiful waterfront properties in North America. If you live on the water and want to build a dock for your boat, you must familiarize yourself with marine piling. 

In this guide, you will learn what marine piling is, why it matters, and what the process entails. Here is what you should know about marine piling. 

It Creates Support for Marine Structures

Unless you want your marine structures to sink underwater, they will need adequate support to withstand the oceanic conditions. Many industries use piling to create ample support before constructing large structures. Marine piling is perfect for building bridges, piers, docks, and floating pontoons. Marine piling requires workers to drill underwater to create a strong foundation in the seabed for piles. 

Marine Piling Uses Numerous Materials

There are a few different materials you can use for marine piling. Some examples include wood, concrete, steel, and composite materials. 

No matter which type of material you decide to use, you must make sure it is treated for aquatic conditions. You don’t want it to rust or corrode over time. High-density polyethylene is a durable plastic material and is one of the best options for piling, which explains why the future needs HDPE plastic marine piles. However, each type of material has different strengths, weaknesses, and treatment processes.


It Keeps You Safe

Preserving the integrity of any oceanfront structure comes with its risks. As the tide rolls in and smashes waves against your marine structure, its materials will start to wear down over time. 

Whether it’s a pier or a dock, someone could get hurt if they were standing on it while it sinks underwater. Marine piling ensures that you won’t have to worry about this outcome because it is the strongest foundation available for any aquatic structure. 

Overall, marine piling can turn your waterfront property into a dream home, whether you have a boat or not. After learning what you should know about marine piling, you should consider using it for your next home renovation project. 

Did your energy bill recently skyrocket? Take a good look at these everyday benefits of smart home technology and see how they can help you take control.

The use of smart home technology is on the rise in homes across the globe. Understandably, there are various reasons for people to invest in these gadgets, from things like increased safety to energy management. If you’re looking to upgrade your existing devices or step into home automation, here are just a few of the everyday benefits of smart home technology to consider:


All devices you choose can link together and improve your home’s efficiency and productivity. Connectivity with devices enables users to gain more control over their home’s security, energy, and finances. It’s essential to have a smart home hub installed to create uniformity in communication. 

Remote Monitoring 

While interconnectivity provides synchronicity, remote monitoring enables users to access their systems and home status from any device. Using a tablet, mobile device, or computer gives real-time tracking and peace of mind. Additionally, remote monitoring creates a safety net for fire, vandalism, or burglars. 

These remote benefits are a top reason to invest in a smart home system, especially for those who travel, have pets, or leave their children home for a few hours. 

Enhanced Safety 

Many homeowners turn to security systems before exploring the other areas of smart home technology. The real-time surveillance features allow homeowners to know exactly what is happening from any location. 

Therefore, interconnectivity is critical across devices because your location will not affect your ability to check in on your home. You can go to bed or on vacation and feel safe about the contents of your home. 

Energy Management 

With the rising cost of living, finding a way to decrease your expenses is challenging. Through a hub and remote monitoring investment, users gain real-time control to manage things such as thermostats, lighting, and appliance usage. 

Additionally, investing in smart plugs can help you turn things off or on remotely to ensure you are optimizing your experience and reducing use when necessary. 

The everyday benefits of smart home technology create a more dynamic experience within the home, giving homeowners more control over the things that matter most. Whether you need to upgrade or add on to your existing system, it’s never too late to consider how technological advancements can serve you. 

Eco Friendly

Discover the simplest and most effective ways to go green with your home building process by exploring these tips for building an eco-friendly house.

Before diving into the top tips for building an eco-friendly house, you must understand how green house building helps the well-being of homeowners and the planet. Sustainable features in an eco-friendly home offer an economic advantage because they pay themselves off and can even lower utility expenses. Building an eco-friendly home can improve the air quality of your home, which contributes to good health. Other green features like air sealing and insulation can improve the temperature and comfort of your home. Discover the simplest and most effective ways to go green with your home building process by exploring these top tips for building an eco-friendly house.

Eco-Friendly Materials

The process of building your home is an opportunity to integrate eco-friendly elements like bamboo, cork, or adobe brick. Use recycled, renewable, or locally sourced building materials. If you’re concerned about cost, explore what makes stone veneer siding a good investment and how cost-effective and eco-friendly faux stone is. 

Alternative Water Sources 

Alternative water sources are an effective resource for building an eco-friendly home and preserving natural resources. A key element of green building is water renewal and efficiency, meaning there’s a variety of alternative water sources to explore for your home. Consider a greywater filtration system to recycle water used by toilets or the kitchen sink for outdoor irrigation or other purposes. 

Energy-Efficient Appliances 

If you’re looking to upgrade an existing home for sustainable living, focus on integrating energy-efficient appliances. Consider switching or installing renewable lighting systems or getting solar panels for electricity. The appliances inside a home are the source of daily resource use and waste production, which makes water- and energy-efficient appliances ideal for operating an eco-friendly system inside your home. 

There are many ways to build or upgrade to a sustainable home through alternative energy sources and home appliances. Green home building is becoming more common with the help of energy-efficient technologies. Moreover, the goal of building or remodeling an eco-friendly home is more obtainable than ever. 

Eco Friendly

Twice each month, we are featuring a local shopper’s guide of fun things to purchase locally.

The feature this time is Lily Atelier, with their elegant model, Tayva Russ, wearing the following clothes:

Rosemunde Tank Top, size small: $68

Suzy D Striped Tee, size small: $118

Pure Amici Long Zip Cashmere Hoody, size small: $398

Anorak Gold Vest, size small: $138


Yedomi Bangles: $88

Michelle Pressler Necklace: $178

Summitt Shoes, size 39: $159


Located at 237 NE 4th Avenue, Downtown Camas



An elegant ensemble at Lily Atelier.


Arktana is a shoe boutique in Downtown Camas, WA for women and men. We specialize in comfortable shoes that you can wear all day and still be on trend. Along with beautiful shoes we have leather handbags, beautiful custom handmade and designer jewelry and many beautiful gift items.

You will find quality shoes that are comfortable and stylish at Arktana.  We are a small shoe boutique. Arktana provides an alternative shoe-shopping experience from what you will get at a department or chain store. At Arktana, we value each of our customers as an individual and take the time to get to know you. We hope you will enjoy our welcoming shop where you can find all styles of shoes, boots and sandals from everyday casual to formal footwear both for men and women. Allow our friendly staff to show you around and assist you as you browse, helping you find the perfect shoe.


415 NE 4th Avenue, Downtown Camas




Find great quality shoes at Arktana.








This newly-opened artist boutique features 24 local artists. They have everything from wall art, pottery, and do customized laser engravings! They will be hosting a special ribbon cutting on January 4. It’s not too late to find that perfect, unique gift at a store that personalizes so much!

Custom Engraved Cutting Board 6X9 bamboo: $14.00

Custom Engraved Wine Glasses (2): $28.00 for first set, additional sets $18.00 each – PLEASE SPECIFY WHITE WINE GLASS, RED WINE GLASS, STEMLESS GLASS

Engraved Pint Glasses (2): $26.00 for first set, additional sets $16.00 each

Custom Engraved Acrylic 4 glass/wine bottle holder: $24.00

Custom Engraved Acrylic 2 glass/wine bottle holder: $18.00

Customized 16 inch round fir serving tray, engraved with resin coating: $50

Customized cork coasters – 4 inch round or square: $12 per set of 4


217 NE 3rd Avenue, Downtown Camas




Custom engravings at The Artful Attic.








They have a great line of Jane Iredale products available!





Available at Vancouver Laser Skin Care Clinic.











The Specialized ANGi helmet is $130-$200 depending on model. You can also purchase the unit for $50.00 that can be put on any helmet and comes with a year of activation ($30 a year after).


403 NE 5th Avenue, Downtown Camas




The Specialized ANGi helmet is $130-$200 depending on model. You can also purchase the unit for $50.00 that can be put on any helmet and comes with a year of activation ($30 a year after).


There’s always some great art to find at Camas Gallery. Take a look at the penny fish!


408 NE 4th Avenue, Downtown Camas



Check out the Penny Fish at Camas Gallery.














This is a fantastic gallery with a long history of providing local communities with great connections to local artists.


421 NE Cedar St. Downtown Camas




Local artist, Tommer Gonser will be featured at the Attic Gallery tomorrow! Tommer Gonser’s oil paintings with their bold palettes and dynamic patterns are reminiscent of the early modernist abstractionists.


This is a great destination store with a plethora of treasures! Check out the Girl in Pink!


305 NE 4th Avenue Downtown Camas

3 60.834.4062


The Girl in Pink at Camas Antiques.




During a quiet stroll on 4th Avenue in Downtown Camas, you can’t miss Lisa Lê Properties and her 24/7 Window Vision Display. It looks really fun during the day, but it’s even more entertaining at night with its lights, touch pad, and numerous real estate listings. She’s also using the space to promote preferred local businesses and services.

Lê, who opened up this office in January, is a veteran real estate broker and longtime Camas resident, and may be the town’s biggest promoter and cheerleader.

“I’m all about Camas and promoting what we’re all about,” said Lê, who refers to Lisa Lê Properties as a Boutique Experience. “We know that buying or selling a home can be stressful, so our talented team members take care of all the details. We work hard to make your experience quick, painless, and even joyful.”

Lê’s experience has taught her that no two clients are alike, so her team spends time with each client to listen and tend to their needs — and that’s where the boutique experience comes into play.

“We custom tailor our boutique services to fit your needs,” said Lê. “So we do things differently here.”

The boutique experience includes the following:

  • Free Home Staging — The Lisa Lê Properties staging experts come into a client’s home to make it look its best, and sell faster at a higher price.
  • Curb Appeal — Does your home’s exterior need a little touch-up? Lê’s team will help.
  • Guest Services — If you’re moving to Camas, Lê’s team will provide up to a two night’s stay at the historic modern Camas Hotel.
  • Celebration — Once the deal is done, Lisa Lê Properties will treat you to a finely catered party for 25 of your closest family and friends.


Lisa Lê Properties has a 24/7 Window Vision Display at their office in Downtown Camas.

“I’ve spent many years selling homes in the area,” said Lê. “I build long-term relationships with my clients. I take the time to know you, learn your needs and understand your goals. Your satisfaction is my priority.”

As part of her commitment to all things local, Lê also organized a group called Collaborative Camas, which helps local businesses meet, cross-promote, and explain what they do. They meet every two weeks. She’s also heavily involved in the local Soroptomist group, which raises funds to help families, with a focus on educational expenses.

To learn more, call 360.213.7864 or visit www.LisaLeProperties.com



An elegant Camas country home.

As construction continues to boom in Camas, and East Clark County, sometimes older homes get overlooked. This home, located north of Lacamas Lake, at 2808 NE 232nd Ave, in Camas, is located on one acre, has a great backyard view, and has been totally remodeled.

The four bedroom, three bath residence has 3,308 square feet. It’s listed at $599,900.

This wonderful home has been remodeled and looks like new. It has new carpet, paint, light fixtures, granite counters, etc. The hardwood floors were just refinished. The fourth bedroom or office on the main floor has a built-in desk and cabinetry. The master closet is lined with cedar walls. There are skylights and lots of windows throughout the entire home. The large, upstairs bonus room comes equipped with a Projector and screen. B/I Vacuum.

You can view the video link here: https://youtu.be/eV9mq9PCr74

Outside entertaining in this house is easy, as it has a huge composite deck. The backyard has a very large storage shed/barn, and a side yard with enough room for RV or boat parking. This elegant estate home is very close to golfing, Lacamas Lake, and nearby shopping. It’s also in the  Camas School District.

This country estate is offered by RE/MAX agent, Patricia Judd.

To learn more about this home, visit www.patriciajudd.remaxagent.com or call her at 360.909.1962




Starting Saturday, May 4th from 3:30 – 5:00 pm, East Clark County’s new Genealogical Indexing Group will meet at the Camas Library once a month.

Instruction will be given each month on how to successfully participate in the FamilySearch indexing program at FamilySearch.org. Anyone interested in helping with family history is invited to be a volunteer indexer. Participants will need to bring their laptops to download the indexing software, and the library will provide wifi.

FamilySearch indexing is the process of reading digitized versions of physical records—such as passenger lists, census, vital, probate, and church records—and typing the information they contain into an online searchable database. Through this work, indexing volunteers make it possible for members and other family history researchers to easily locate their ancestors’ information on the Internet. Since the introduction of FamilySearch indexing in 2006, over 800 million records have been digitized.

The Granite Mountain Records Vault in the mountainside above Salt Lake City now contains nearly two and a half million microfilms from 110 countries and principalities. Very little of the information contained in these films is available online. FamilySearch indexing creates indexes to this information and makes it available to everyone on the Internet in nine different languages.

The FamilySearch indexing software was designed for busy people who have only short blocks of time to devote to family history work. Monthly get-togethers will focus on questions and participants will learn tips through work sessions.

Beginning in June, meetings will be held the second Saturday of each month, 3:30 – 5:00 pm at the Camas Library.

For questions, please contact Jennifer Johnson at 360-607-5061 or email her at [email protected]