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Did your energy bill recently skyrocket? Take a good look at these everyday benefits of smart home technology and see how they can help you take control.

The use of smart home technology is on the rise in homes across the globe. Understandably, there are various reasons for people to invest in these gadgets, from things like increased safety to energy management. If you’re looking to upgrade your existing devices or step into home automation, here are just a few of the everyday benefits of smart home technology to consider:


All devices you choose can link together and improve your home’s efficiency and productivity. Connectivity with devices enables users to gain more control over their home’s security, energy, and finances. It’s essential to have a smart home hub installed to create uniformity in communication. 

Remote Monitoring 

While interconnectivity provides synchronicity, remote monitoring enables users to access their systems and home status from any device. Using a tablet, mobile device, or computer gives real-time tracking and peace of mind. Additionally, remote monitoring creates a safety net for fire, vandalism, or burglars. 

These remote benefits are a top reason to invest in a smart home system, especially for those who travel, have pets, or leave their children home for a few hours. 

Enhanced Safety 

Many homeowners turn to security systems before exploring the other areas of smart home technology. The real-time surveillance features allow homeowners to know exactly what is happening from any location. 

Therefore, interconnectivity is critical across devices because your location will not affect your ability to check in on your home. You can go to bed or on vacation and feel safe about the contents of your home. 

Energy Management 

With the rising cost of living, finding a way to decrease your expenses is challenging. Through a hub and remote monitoring investment, users gain real-time control to manage things such as thermostats, lighting, and appliance usage. 

Additionally, investing in smart plugs can help you turn things off or on remotely to ensure you are optimizing your experience and reducing use when necessary. 

The everyday benefits of smart home technology create a more dynamic experience within the home, giving homeowners more control over the things that matter most. Whether you need to upgrade or add on to your existing system, it’s never too late to consider how technological advancements can serve you. 

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Construction projects are always costly endeavors. Read on to learn what hidden costs you can avoid to help you stick to your construction budget.

Spring and summer are the seasons for construction, whether that’s for roads and highways or home additions. And with that said, any construction project worth doing is worth doing efficiently and as cost-effectively as possible.

However, keeping to a project budget can be difficult, especially when there are unexpected costs. Knowing what hidden costs to avoid during a construction projectcan help you stick to your budget this construction season.


Whether the project is residential, commercial, or municipal, you will need to have your paperwork in order to complete it. And many of these documents come with fees that need to be paid. 

Documents such as building permits, contracts with outside professionals, and even liability insurance can cost hundreds of dollars, depending on the scope of your projects.

Improper Machine Usage 

Heavy equipment and machinery are one of your biggest investments. You will want to be aware of how to use each piece of equipment or hire a professional to use it for you to avoid common machine mistakes, such as:

  • Pushing equipment beyond its performance specifications 
  • Not storing equipment properly 
  • Changing fluids infrequently 
  • Failing to secure equipment when away 
  • Idling your machine for extended periods

All these choices can lead to hidden costs during your construction project.For instance, idling a machine can impact your project by driving up fuel costs and prematurely wearing down the equipment. 


There are a variety of reasons your construction project may experience downtimes, such as broken equipment, inclement weather, or changed building plans. This downtime can drive up a project’s cost by increasing the cost of paying workers and renting equipment. 

While some factors that cause downtime can’t be controlled, like the weather, there are certain measures you can take to prevent downtime in your project. Be sure to perform regular equipment maintenance on machinery and hire a professional to do your building plans. 

Construction projects can be a costly endeavor. But with intentional choices and proper planning, you can help reduce costs for your project. 

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Discover the simplest and most effective ways to go green with your home building process by exploring these tips for building an eco-friendly house.

Before diving into the top tips for building an eco-friendly house, you must understand how green house building helps the well-being of homeowners and the planet. Sustainable features in an eco-friendly home offer an economic advantage because they pay themselves off and can even lower utility expenses. Building an eco-friendly home can improve the air quality of your home, which contributes to good health. Other green features like air sealing and insulation can improve the temperature and comfort of your home. Discover the simplest and most effective ways to go green with your home building process by exploring these top tips for building an eco-friendly house.

Eco-Friendly Materials

The process of building your home is an opportunity to integrate eco-friendly elements like bamboo, cork, or adobe brick. Use recycled, renewable, or locally sourced building materials. If you’re concerned about cost, explore what makes stone veneer siding a good investment and how cost-effective and eco-friendly faux stone is. 

Alternative Water Sources 

Alternative water sources are an effective resource for building an eco-friendly home and preserving natural resources. A key element of green building is water renewal and efficiency, meaning there’s a variety of alternative water sources to explore for your home. Consider a greywater filtration system to recycle water used by toilets or the kitchen sink for outdoor irrigation or other purposes. 

Energy-Efficient Appliances 

If you’re looking to upgrade an existing home for sustainable living, focus on integrating energy-efficient appliances. Consider switching or installing renewable lighting systems or getting solar panels for electricity. The appliances inside a home are the source of daily resource use and waste production, which makes water- and energy-efficient appliances ideal for operating an eco-friendly system inside your home. 

There are many ways to build or upgrade to a sustainable home through alternative energy sources and home appliances. Green home building is becoming more common with the help of energy-efficient technologies. Moreover, the goal of building or remodeling an eco-friendly home is more obtainable than ever. 

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Camas, WA — A spectacular display of 10 luxury homes will be the focus at this year’s NW Natural Clark County Parade of Homes — each worth at least $1 million. The event begins September 7 and continues through September 23.

The Parade of Homes is located in The Parklands at Camas Meadows, and is an annual event hosted by the Building Industry Association (BIA) of Clark County. Visitors will get to see the latest in architecture, design, home decor, remodeling, landscaping, and more.

Several builders have spent considerable time and effort planning the event, which features homes by Axiom Luxury Homes, Cascade West Development, Soaring Eagle Homes, Vilhauer Construction, Gecho Homes, and Generation Homes NW.

The homes range in size from 3,000 to 5,000 square feet, and are located east of Camas Meadows Golf Club, which is located at 4105 NW Camas Meadows Drive, Camas. The home in the featured image is called “The Maldivian,” which was constructed by Gecho Homes, known for their modern, contemporary designs. It’s a 4,200 square foot, four-bedroom residence. “The Maldivian” is available for purchase, but it isn’t yet listed.

The Parklands development is still very much under construction, and when completed will feature 42 single-family homes on lots ranging from 15,000 to 18,000, along with several commercial buildings.

HomeStreet Bank and DeWils are co-sponsors of the event, which is expected to attract many visitors over the next few weeks.

Featured image provided by Taylour White Images.

An elegant Camas country home.

As construction continues to boom in Camas, and East Clark County, sometimes older homes get overlooked. This home, located north of Lacamas Lake, at 2808 NE 232nd Ave, in Camas, is located on one acre, has a great backyard view, and has been totally remodeled.

The four bedroom, three bath residence has 3,308 square feet. It’s listed at $599,900.

This wonderful home has been remodeled and looks like new. It has new carpet, paint, light fixtures, granite counters, etc. The hardwood floors were just refinished. The fourth bedroom or office on the main floor has a built-in desk and cabinetry. The master closet is lined with cedar walls. There are skylights and lots of windows throughout the entire home. The large, upstairs bonus room comes equipped with a Projector and screen. B/I Vacuum.

You can view the video link here: https://youtu.be/eV9mq9PCr74

Outside entertaining in this house is easy, as it has a huge composite deck. The backyard has a very large storage shed/barn, and a side yard with enough room for RV or boat parking. This elegant estate home is very close to golfing, Lacamas Lake, and nearby shopping. It’s also in the  Camas School District.

This country estate is offered by RE/MAX agent, Patricia Judd.

To learn more about this home, visit www.patriciajudd.remaxagent.com or call her at 360.909.1962