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The Rangers continued their winning streak, beating the Mariners, 8-5, in a good game that saw some odd plays and fun times for the Little Leaguers.

The Rangers started with Kandai Shimada on the mound. Shimada, whose steadfast and focused pitching helped secure his team’s top placement weeks ago, struggled a bit and gave up a couple runs early on. The Mariners, for their part, hit well, and made some good defensive plays.

Miller was relieved by Tyler Renteria.

The Rangers’ Shimada was relieved by Kyle Hunt, who did a solid job. Offensively, the Rangers found their bats late in the game and secured their victory, winning 8-5.

The Rangers, coached by John Blair, Kris Jamison and Brad Pershing, struggled in the semi-finals on Thursday against the Cardinals and fell behind 13-8 in the fifth inning — only to rally 13 runs in a single inning.

The “littles” as Blair calls his youngest players (Zach Blair, Luke Jamison and Aaron Geigenmiller) carried that game as Jamison played behind the plate, and Blair and Geigenmiller pitched. Geigenmiller closed the game, and “I think he’s the only 8-year-old to have a win in a semi-final game,” said Coach Blair.

The Rangers won that game, 21-16, which brought them to Saturday’s finals.


Rangers Win
The AAA Rangers won the league and tournament championship.

The Mariners, coached by Jerry Burnett, Curt Renteria and Jay McGuire, placed second in league and in the tournament.

The AAA Mariners placed second in league and in the tournament
championship. The team was managed by Jerry Burnett.


Camas Barbers
Camas Barbers traveling team placed third at Bend Elks
Memorial Day Tournament. Photo by Becca Blair.

Bend, Ore. — It was a big baseball weekend for Camas baseball fans with multiple tournaments happening in several towns in two states, and the Camas Barbers took part in the fun.

The team, coached by John Blair, Barry Smith, and Brian Sanville, entered the Bend Elks Memorial Day Tournament for the second year in a row. Last year, they won their division championship and came home with first place trophies. There were familiar faces this year, but most of the team has changed.

Luke Jamison
Luke Jamison slides safely into home.

The boys started off the tourney Saturday morning against Idaho, and lost a close game, 6-5, as we previously reported. They continued playing on Sunday — against Corvallis and Bend, and won both games handily.

Sunday’s wins lead the boys to play in the quarter-finals on Memorial Day against the Eugene Dirt Bags, in which they won 10-0. In the semi-finals, the Camas Barbers played a hard-fought game with Gig Harbor, and lost 6-4.Blair was hoping for a re-match with Idaho in the Championship game.

“Their coach told me they haven’t lost a game in two years, and we were their best competition to-date,” said Blair. “I wanted another crack at that. It was a great weekend and our 10U boys are coming back with a third place trophy.  Twenty-two teams from Oregon, Idaho and Washington were present.

The Camas Barbers roster consists of: Zach Blair, Caleb Shira, Braden Sanville, Cameron Miller, Caden Werlich, Cameron Smith, Luke Jamison, Zachariah Shaw, Jake Blair, and Hayden Peterson.

All the boys play for separate Camas Little League teams. Traveling to tournaments is a great way for the boys to experience more baseball, said Coach Blair.

Caden Verlieh
Caden Werlich competes at Bend.


Camas Fuel

West Linn, Ore. — The Camas Fuel traveling baseball team won the West Linn Memorial Day Tournament Monday night at Fields Bridge Park.

The newly-formed Camas team (5-0 at the tournament), coached by Brendan Ford, Doug Williams, and Jeff Mansur, played West Linn in the championship game, and won 7-3.

With one out at the top of the sixth inning, Fuel’s third baseman Jack Latimer made a double play, tagging the runner out at third and then decisively threw the ball to second baseman, Camden Ford who got the final out.

Carson Williams pitched five successful innings and Josh Mansur closed for the Fuel. The team consists of local baseball players, several of whom have played together since T-ball and Pee Wee days.

“The boys all played well together,” said Brendan Ford. “They all know how to play their positions, and we moved the kids around during the tournament. We had a great weekend. It was fun and we’re real proud of the kids.”

Doug Williams concurred.

“These kids know the sport, and they’ve been coached well over the years,” said Williams. “It’s a great group of kids.”




The Camas Fuel roster this weekend included:

  • Camden Ford
  • Grant Heiser
  • Jacob Trupp
  • Rylan Marshall
  • Billy Schuldt
  • Zach Convey
  • Josh Mansur
  • Jack Latimer
  • Christian Geigenmiller
  • Dante Humble
  • Carson Williams


Camden Ford
Camden Ford’s last at-bat of the tournament weekend.
Camas Fuel
Moments after winning the Championship.


BEND, Ore. — The Camas Barbers U10 baseball team fell 6-5 to Idaho in the first round of the Bend Elks Memorial Day Tournament in a hard-fought battle.

The traveling Idaho team hasn’t lost a game in two years and said the Camas team, which is comprised of Camas Little League players, had given them the best competition to date.

Visiting Camas was behind 6-1 at the top of the sixth inning and rallied with four additional runs, thanks to a couple walks and base hits by Jake Blair and Luke Jamison.

Jamison fired off a hit with two outs and tried to get a double, but it wasn’t meant to be, as he was tagged out by Idaho’s second baseman.

The Camas boys continue play throughout the weekend, and are one of several teams competing in Bend and West Linn. The Camas Barbers team is coached by John Blair.

Andy Ott is coaching the U11 Camas Reds traveling team, who begin their first game Saturday at 3 pm in Bend.

Brendan Ford is coaching a U12 Camas Fuel traveling team, and they are currently playing in West Linn. Meanwhile, the Camas U13 Babe Ruth team, coached by Joe Gaudio, won their first tournament game in the Bend Elks Tournament.

More details to come.


Bend Elks Tournament
Jake Blair scores his team’s fifth run Saturday morning.


Camas, WA — Little League baseball fans got more than they bargained for Tuesday night at Forest Home Park in Camas. What started off as two ordinary, but very separate Majors division games between the Yankees and A’s, and the Mariners and Reds turned into surprise and excitement – and some interesting parallels.

Both games started at the exact time on separate fields at the same park, and both games stayed close – for a while.

Let’s start with the A’s/Yankees game. The game stayed close with the Yankees giving the A’s (6-1) a good run, and then the third inning came. This is where Ryan Behnke made his mark. He had one homerun that widened his team’s lead, but he wasn’t done. Not by a long shot. As the inning continued, Behnke would have another at-bat, but this time bases were loaded.

Left to right: A’s pitcher Ryan Behnke and Mariners player Joey Schnell
each had two home runs apiece Tuesday night as they played other teams
on opposite fields. Behnke’s second home run was a grand slam. Schnell’s
first was three-run homer.


Dante Humble
A’s catcher Dante Humble looks for the umpire’s call.


The Yankees had a late-game rally against the A’s.

The score was 8-3 A’s and by the sound of Behnke’s bat, you knew it was going over the fence. And that’s just what it did – with the ball hitting the street. A GRANDSLAM! The fans were euphoric as Behnke sent his teammates home and had his modest run between the bases. The look on his was face was priceless. Behnke’s hitting prowess gave the A’s a 12-3 lead.”This feels really good,” said Behnke, modest about his success. “It’s all fun.”

Just earlier, on the other field, the Reds and Mariners were battling it out when Mariners hitter Joey Schnell sent one over the fence with two runners on base – in the first inning. He opened up a 3-0 lead over the Reds. As that game continued, Schnell would do it again and hit another over-the-fence home run. By the fourth inning, the Mariners would have a 13-4 lead. Victory was in sight. Or was it?

Joey Schnell
Joey Schnell picks up his bat after rounding the bases following his first
three-run home run.
 And the parallels continued.

The A’s had it in the bag. Or did they? Their fifth inning wasn’t looking so great. The Yankees found some momentum, found their bats and capitalized on A’s errors, running up a six-run rally and closing the gap to 12-9 A’s. Parents and supporters on both sides were anxious and excited. You have to be a baseball fan to understand this.

A’s pitcher Carson Williams closed while two Yankees runners were on base, with two outs on the board. A Yankees tie was in sight, but not likely. Williams finished the game holding onto their 12-9 advantage.

Meanwhile, on the east field, the Mariners saw their lead evaporate in the fifth inning. Their 13-4 lead evaporated into a three-run differential as the Reds found their bats and capitalized on Mariners errors. Sound familiar?

Half of the fans from the Yankees/A’s game walked over to see what was happening with the Mariners/Reds game.

The Mariners (5-1) found themselves in a parallel predicament as pitcher Josh Mansur took the mound to stop the bleeding and shut the Reds down. The Mariners, still on a high from their weekend string of victories, got it together and closed the deal, winning 13-4.

To summarize, both the A’s and Mariners each had one player hit two home runs (one grandslam) in the same game. Both saw their leads evaporate late in the game. Both teams have only lost one game. And both ended winning by three runs.


Jordan Geigenmiller
Jordan Geigenmiller steals 2B early in the game.

Ryan Behnke

The Majors A’s competed with the Majors Yankees at Forest Home Park Tuesday night and in the bottom of the third inning, A’s pitcher Ryan Behnke hit the ball out of the park and into 6th Avenue with bases loaded.

The A’s were ahead 8-3 and Behnke’s impressive hit opened up their lead to 12-3. Impressive. What’s more impressive is that it was his second home run of the night — and fans reported it all happened in the same inning!

Folks, anything can happen in baseball.

Congratulations, Ryan.

KEIZER, OR — A local Little League traveling team called Camas Red swept a Junior Baseball of Oregon (JBO) tournament on Saturday winning all four games and leaving the competition stunned.

The Camas Little League traveling team, with one additional player from a separate league, is coached by Jeff Mansur, John Blair and Dave Ferres, and operated independently of Little League this weekend.

The boys managed to keep their spirits and strength up for an entire day of baseball that started at 8 am and and didn’t end until after 6 pm.

The JBO tournament, sponsored by Keizer Youth Sports Association, invited the Camas team to compete. And compete they did.

The Camas team struggled early against Hillboro’s Liberty team to adjust to the larger fields, longer baselines, and early lead-off rules. But once they got their momentum, they just kept going.

Liberty got the early lead, but Camas would have none of that, as Jake Blair lead a third inning rally that would propel them to a 12-3 win.

Next up, was a game against hometown favorite Keizer. Camas was behind by the fourth inning (7-4) and rallied at the bottom of the fourth to come ahead 10-7. The lead didn’t alleviate the pressure as tournament rules call for a game cutoff at 2 hours, 15 minutes. That time was closely approaching, and if the final inning isn’t completed the score would have reverted back to the 7-4 Keizer lead. It was a very unusual display.


Keizer Tournament
The Camas Red team swept a JBO tournament
this past weekend, winning four games in
a single day.


Keizer Tournament
Jimmy Peebles drops a bunt against Keizer on Saturday. He got 2 RBI
during this game.
Joey Schnell gets a base hit.

Camas got through the inning and shut down Keizer to win 10-7.After a lunch break and time to rejuvenate, Camas faced Corvallis at 2:30. Corvallis was competitive and Camas looked flat for a few innings, but came alive in the third inning and won 10-8. Eli Ferres hit a home run that went way over the fence.

By 5 pm, Camas looked a little tired but still in good spirits. There was still enough pitching left and Camas won 13-2, with Josh Mansur closing.

Worn out, but still smiling the team celebrated at their trophy presentation and enjoyed a Mexican dinner at Los Dos Hermanos, Keizer.

“We’re really proud of this team,” said Jeff Mansur. “In Little League, we draft players individually in competition with other managers. JBO doesn’t do that. They hand-pick their teams and they usually stay together for several years. They had the advantage. It was a good day.”

Jordan Geigenmiller
Jordan Geigenmiller is safe at home on a steal against Keizer JBO.
Warning Sign
With so many fields in one park,
foul balls flew everywhere.

Thursday night’s Camas Little League’s game between the Majors Reds (3-1) and Majors Mariners (4-0) was a sight to behold for baseball fans, as four players hit over-the-fence home runs, creating a sense of emotion and drama.

Reds slugger Zach Convey, who hit the season’s first home run (a grand slam) on his team’s opening day, got it started in the first inning as the ball sailed right over the fence. Mariners hitter Joey Schnell answered back with a home run of his own as the game remained tight until the fourth inning.

Reds pitcher Rylan Marshall crushed the third home run of the night, and he was followed by Reds slugger Kolby Broadbent, who hit his second home run of the week, this time bringing in two of his teammates. Broadbent’s muscle gave the Reds a 8-5 lead, with the Mariners looking flat.

“It was a great night,” said Broadbent. “We’re having fun!”

But the Mariners weren’t done. Not by a long shot.

They came back to rally at the bottom of fourth, and managed to score six runs with two outs on the board. Jordan Geigenmiller kicked off the two-out rally with a base hit and it didn’t stop until the Mariners had gone through their entire lineup. The boys just kept hitting their way through. Geigenmiller and Joey Przedwojewski actually batted twice in the fourth inning.

Josh Mansur closed and struck out the remaining Reds players. The Mariners won 11-8.

“The blood pressure went up while the Reds kept hitting it over the fence,” said Mariners Manager, Jeff Mansur. “Then our boys fought back. It was nice to see.”

Home Runs


Rylan Marshall
Reds pitcher Rylan Marshall hit one of four home runs Thursday.


Jake Blair
Jake Blair pitched during the middle of the game.


Camas High School baseball hosted Battle Ground Thursday afternoon in a rescheduled game (Wednesday was a rain out). 

The Varsity baseball team beat Battle Ground 2-1. Tyler Hallead pitched a complete game allowing no earned runs while striking out five. Spencer Hunt had an RBI single in the 5th to give the team a 2-0 advantage. Tyler Hows had two hits in the game to lead the offense.

The JV Papermakers won 13-4.

Both teams face Evergreen today at 4 pm in Vancouver. Thank you to Camas Athletics for providing information.

Tyler Hallead


Camas Little League/Majors Reds player Zach Convey stunned fans Tuesday at his team’s season opener against the Athletic’s by hitting a grand slam in the middle of the game.

With bases loaded, Convey crushed the ball just over the fence — to the jubilation of his team and fans. The Reds were behind 5-2 and Convey’s hit moved the score to 6-5 Reds, which would be the final score.

“I couldn’t believe it,” said Convey.

Athletics manager Doug Williams is happy for Convey, although, of course he wanted the win. “I’m just happy for Zach — these things don’t happen very often. Good for him.”

Congratulations, Zach!

Editor’s Note: This photo was taken from an All-Star game last year.

Zach Convey