4 Home Runs in 1 Game! Mariners Defeat Reds

Thursday night’s Camas Little League’s game between the Majors Reds (3-1) and Majors Mariners (4-0) was a sight to behold for baseball fans, as four players hit over-the-fence home runs, creating a sense of emotion and drama.

Reds slugger Zach Convey, who hit the season’s first home run (a grand slam) on his team’s opening day, got it started in the first inning as the ball sailed right over the fence. Mariners hitter Joey Schnell answered back with a home run of his own as the game remained tight until the fourth inning.

Reds pitcher Rylan Marshall crushed the third home run of the night, and he was followed by Reds slugger Kolby Broadbent, who hit his second home run of the week, this time bringing in two of his teammates. Broadbent’s muscle gave the Reds a 8-5 lead, with the Mariners looking flat.

“It was a great night,” said Broadbent. “We’re having fun!”

But the Mariners weren’t done. Not by a long shot.

They came back to rally at the bottom of fourth, and managed to score six runs with two outs on the board. Jordan Geigenmiller kicked off the two-out rally with a base hit and it didn’t stop until the Mariners had gone through their entire lineup. The boys just kept hitting their way through. Geigenmiller and Joey Przedwojewski actually batted twice in the fourth inning.

Josh Mansur closed and struck out the remaining Reds players. The Mariners won 11-8.

“The blood pressure went up while the Reds kept hitting it over the fence,” said Mariners Manager, Jeff Mansur. “Then our boys fought back. It was nice to see.”

Home Runs


Rylan Marshall
Reds pitcher Rylan Marshall hit one of four home runs Thursday.


Jake Blair
Jake Blair pitched during the middle of the game.


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