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Following the Camas High School Football 35-14 victory over Mount Si in Saturday’s 4A Semi-finals, I made the interview rounds making sure to spotlight the O-line for their efforts then — and all season. During that interview a few comments struck me, especially about the Revenge Tour.

The first was from Offensive Linesman, Tai Tumanuvao, who has been an incredible Papermaker leader all season.

“It’s one game, you play where you are,” said Tumanuvao. “Focus on where your feet are, that’s what coach says.”

Tumanuvao has not just physical athletic talent, he’s been blessed with many other gifts including leadership and a commanding, yet humble voice that demands respect and attention. He leads the post-game team rallies, and it’s been reported he motivates during half-time locker room talks.

The other comment that stood out came from Tight End, Kenny Wright, who said:

“And guess what? Bothell is the last check on the Revenge Tour.”

Yes, the Revenge Tour.

I’ve had dozens of people ask me what that’s all about. We’ve addressed it with the Papermaker Talk interviews that Camas City Council member Deanna Rusch conducted, but it’s worth explaining again.

“We didn’t really do good last season, not as good as we wanted, and we were coming back this year saying we want to bring it, we want to show people what we the Class of 2020 is, so our theme was the Revenge Tour,” said Camas Linebacker, Jack Gibson. “We were in the weight room talking about different things, and we decided that we should make a T-shirt like a concert T-shirt …”

Revenge Tour

So, it’s not about revenge against another team, it’s about revenge against a less-than-stellar 2018 season. It’s revenge against past CHS Football performance. It’s been argued that perhaps a better name would be the Redemption Tour, but it wouldn’t have the same ring.

So, T-shirts were designed by Papermaker Pride, and produced through a generous donation by Stainless Cable and Railing (SC&R). And, after each game players and coaches simply say: “CHECK!”

Revenge Tour represents the determined mental and physical fortitude of a team of young men, trained by committed and focused coaches who are determined to win — on AND off the field. Character matters.

“These players have heart,” said Camas Head Coach, Jon Eagle. “We can coach you if you have heart.”

They travel in packs, as brothers, looking out for each other. On game days, they fuel up at Natalia’s Cafe. After games they head to Don Pedro’s, or as they call it “Donny P’s.” When one brother goes down, they take care of him. They high five Freshmen in the hallways, and most help out in the community at various service projects. There’s an Eagle Scout, and a few more getting ready to make that mark. And, they get good grades.

This Class of 2020, and their underclassmen, are laser focused and have been treating every game like a state championship.

“That’s how we have to do it — treat every game like a state championship,” said Dante Humble, WR/C. “We’re focused.”

They’ve been hit with a string of injuries that cast doubt on future performance from fans and outside observers, but each time a teammate rises to the occasion and fills the deficit. The Papermakers are 13-0 heading into next week’s State Championship against Bothell.

“Our quarterback, Blake Asciutto doesn’t get shaken up,” said Jordan Geigenmiller, WR. “He’s very calm under pressure, and when mistakes are made he rolls them off his back. Plus, we have a chemistry because we’ve all been playing sports together since we were five years old — in Little League, football, rugby, soccer — we connect.”

Geigenmiller realized this was his final week practicing with his brothers as an official team, and the reality started to sink in.

One more check on the Revenge Tour. One more stop.

The best O-Line in the State, from left: Kenny Wright, Rush Reiter, Josue Espinoza, Tai Tumanuvao, Tyler Criddle, and Tristan Souza.
During the National Anthem.

Some numbers from the Semi-finals: CAMAS 35, MOUNT SI 14

Mount Si 7 7 0 0 — 14

Camas 14 7 7 7 — 35

First quarter

Mount Si — Cole Norah TD run (Colby Ramsey XP)

Camas — Jackson Clemmer runs 80 yards on pass from Blake Asciutto (Bryce Leighton XP)

Camas — Jacques Badolato-Birdsell TD run (Leighton XP)

Second quarter

Camas — Badolato-Birdsell TD run (Leighton XP)

Mount Si — Brayden Holt 25 yard pass from Clay Millen (Ramsey XP)

Third quarter

C — Badolato-Birdsell 5-yard TD run (Leighton XP)

Fourth quarter

C — Badolato-Birdsell 2-yard run (Leighton XP)

Op-Ed’s  are a rare thing at our publication, but after witnessing hundreds, if not thousands of youth athletic and scholastic events over the last several years, I feel the need to speak out about our youth.

I hear far too often the negatives: Too much XBOX, too much iPhone screen time, texting, sexting, SnapChat, Twitter, Instagram. Yes, it’s true, those are problems. I’m the father of four boys, three of which are currently teenagers. I get it. Limitations on those activities need to be curbed, and that needs to start in the homes so that schools and teachers can be free to do their jobs. That’s for another article.

I hear far too often that Millenials are difficult to work with. Yes, there’s probably a lot of truth to that, as well. But, they’re young, in their 20s, which I commonly refer to as adult puberty. They’ll feel their way through it, and it’ll be fine. Every generation or group has its weaknesses, but they also have their strengths.

I caution against painting entire generations with a negative broad brush. I cringe when I hear “our future is bleak.”

It’s not. And, I’ll tell you why.

The rising generation is smart, physically fit, and kind.

Let’s start with smart.

They embrace and understand technology. I frequently cover academic events, such as Science Olympiad, DECA, or Robotics competitions. I see the hours of planning, thinking, organizing, and strategizing that goes into winning those events. I admire the courage of Monica Chang, Wilson Ho, or Ashley Teng. I could go on with hundreds of names. I love seeing Tyler Samson and Reed Huckvale solve problems with their robots.

I see the hours of memorization, studying and planning that goes into Camas Theatre productions. I love seeing Clayton Lukens perform on stage, most recently in “Macbeth.” It’s not easy to do. I love seeing the instruction that comes from their teachers, and the extra hours they put in to teach our youth. Let’s celebrate that!


Camas DECA students got to meet Amanda Brinkman, host of Small Business Revolution’s “Main Street” on Wednesday night.

They’re physically fit.

Currently, we cover winter sports — basketball, gymnastics, swimming, and wrestling. A lot of mental preparation goes into each sport, but you also have to be physically fit to excel. A lot of time is spent in the workout room, pumping iron, or hitting the trails to run short and long distances. I see the grace and strength in gymnasts like Lili Ford, Annika Affleck, Lizzy Wing, and Shea McGee.

I see the early morning swimming workouts that Austin Fogel, Chris Xia, Dave Peddie, Jake Deurfeldt, and dozens of others endure at 5:30 am in a chilly pool. They spend a lot of time doing “dry land” workouts in the weight room, gaining muscle and strength.  And, I see football players like Jake Blair doing daily workouts to stay on top of his game. State Champion swimmer, Max Dolbinin, is very conscious of what he eats, so he can stay in shape.


CRST swimmers at a 2018 meet.

And, they’re also kind.

As many know, my heart broke when Alaina Petty, a daughter of a friend, was murdered at her high school in Parkland, FL nearly  a year ago. There’s not a day goes by that I don’t think of that.  There’s not a day goes by that I fear that could happen to any of our beloved children.

My personal reaction to that was to start the #MarchKindness campaign last year, which set a ripple effect across this area that spread into other states. I witnessed children in Washougal organize kindness campaigns, encouraging us to be kinder to each other. I see daily today’s youth coordinating service projects, and leading by being kind. I see Boy Scouts leading by example. I see ASB leaders helping others feel included so that no child sits alone at lunch time.

And, just last night I spent considerable time with Camas High School teacher, Suzie Downs, who advises the CHS DECA Club. Several of her students turned out to meet the Small Business Revolution leaders Julie Gordon, Kelly Cerney, and Amanda Brinkman. They work for Deluxe, and produce the hit web series, “Main Street.”

Those business leaders separated themselves from the crowd and spoke with the DECA kids, who shared their ideas and visions for the future.

”I love what they had to say,” said Gordon. “They have fantastic ideas, and I know we’ll have a bright future because of these kids and those like them.”

As adults, we need to challenge these youth, stretch them, let them fall, give them guidelines, and teach them correct principles and values. When we do that, they thrive.

Teach them correct principles, and then allow them to govern themselves.

From where I stand, the future is bright.

Camas, WA — Camas beat Skyview Friday night, but it didn’t come without a hefty price, given the injuries the Papermakers sustained — especially to starting QB/Safety/Kicker Andrew Boyle, who is scheduled for surgery today to treat ACL and Meniscus injuries.

During the second quarter, Boyle, who was involved in four touchdown plays already in the first half, carried the ball up the middle and was injured during a tackle by the Skyview defense. He went down in agony, laid on the field for several minutes, and was carried off to the sidelines by his teammates.

He was treated on the spot, then got up and wore crutches during the rest of the game. JV quarterback, Blake Asciutto stepped in, as backup QB, Jake Blair, was suffering from a plantar strain. He’s expected to play Friday against Union.

While in pain, Boyle was also visibly angry knowing the impact the injury would have on him, and his team.

“I felt my knee get hit, and I felt a pop,” he said. “And, it’s felt really unstable ever since.”

Kevin, his father, said Andrew spent the weekend resting, and then saw several specialists, including the Portland Blazers knee specialist, who is performing today’s surgery.

Being as versatile as Andrew is, he’s been recruited by colleges for both his football and soccer talent. His family is confident he’ll make a full recovery, but it will take time.

Asciutto said he was shocked by Friday’s events, but he delivered for the Papermakers, and said his team is rallying behind Andrew. They’re hoping and praying for a speedy recovery.

Papermaker Kenny Wright was also injured Friday with a hit to his knee. He was treated at the scene, has been resting, and his mother, Kristin, reports he’s recovering very quickly.

“He was so sad because he thought he was done for the season and maybe basketball,” said Kristin. “He felt his knee pop and was in a lot of pain. I actually can’t believe he is doing so well!”

Stay tuned for continued updates.

Camas, WA — National Letter of Intent Day is Wednesday, February 7th, 2018, we have an impressive group of athletes that will be signing at 9:00 am at the Camas High School North Commons. Family and friends are invited.

Here’s the list of 14 talented scholar/athletes and where they will be attending college:

  • Payton Bates, College of Idaho, Softball
  • Perrin Belzer, Grand Canyon U., Soccer
  • Trevor Bentley, Mt. Hood, Baseball
  • Courtney Clemmer, Oregon Tech, Basketball
  • Alexa Dietz, San Diego State, Rowing
  • Kennedy Ferguson, U of New Mexico, Softball
  • Dominic Fewel, Oregon State, Soccer
  • Maddie Freemon, Cal State Fullerton, Basketball
  • Mark Kim, West Point Military Academy, Swim
  • Hailey Oster, Montana State U., Golf
  • Madison Pfaff, Corban U., Volleyball
  • Madalyn Scherwinski, U of Mary, Swim
  • Joshua Schneider, Willamette U., Soccer
  • Abbi Wong, U of Puget Sound, Softball

Schools across the country are taking part in the letter of intent event.

To learn more, visit www.chs.camas.wednet.edu

Here’s a gallery of some of the athletes that will participate at the signing.


Trevor Bentley runs to score one of the Papermaker TD’s at the season home opener.



Madison Phaff (with the ball).



Courtney Clemmer.



Perri Belzer. Photo by Kris Cavin.



State Champion swimmer, Mark Kim.

Camas, WA — The Camas Junior Varsity Football team won their last game of the season Thursday night, beating Union 27-12 on Titan’s turf. The team has continued to learn and grow throughout the season, said coach Jack Hathaway, who teaches Physical Education and Health at Camas High.

Many of the players do double duty, playing different positions for both Junior Varsity and the Varsity teams. #4 Andrew Boyle does double Papermaker duty — playing both Quarterback for the JV team (and sometimes Varsity) and kicks for the Varsity team. #33 Zach Terry is a running back for both teams.

At game’s end Coach Trevor Gentry told the boys: “It begins in the weight room, on and off season. Get stronger, focus, and some of you will play Varsity next season. You’ve worked hard all season, so continue to work, and it will pay off. Thank you for a great season, and for your commitment. We will miss seeing you every day.”

Some of the players will continue postseason play with the Varsity, however, most saw their season end last Friday as the regular season came to a close.

The Varsity team lost to Union 14-13, and will play in Auburn later this week.

To learn more, visit, www.chs.camas.wednet.edu

JV Football Image Gallery

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VANCOUVER, WA — Camas Running Back, Randy Yaacoub, suffered two broken bones at Friday’s Junior Varsity game against Coeur d’Alene during the fourth quarter, and was transferred via ambulance to PeaceHealth hospital in Vancouver. The sophomore, who plays for both JV and Varsity teams, scored for Camas the previous week during the home field season opener.

Today, Randy’s mother, Viviane Yaacoub, issued the following statement:

“During the game, he fractured both his tibia and fibula and was sent to the emergency room right away. The surgery went very well, he is recovering very well. They placed a titanium rod and some screws in his leg and were allowed to take him home the next day. Unfortunately, he won’t be able to play for the rest of the season, and will be on crutches for eight weeks, and be recovering for six months, but with physical therapy and exercise he will be better than ever next year. Thanks to the support of his coaches, his team, and friends, our family is doing very well.”

The Yaacoub Family



Randy Yaacoub was transferred to a stretcher following a severe injury during Friday’s JV game at Doc Harris Stadium.

Camas, WA — Papermaker football fans welcomed their State Championship team Friday night for the season’s first home game, steamrolling AC Davis, 52-19. The first quarter set the mood for the entire game with four Papermaker TD’s.

Camas QB Kyle Allen found Ja’Michael Shelton over the middle for a 32-yard connection, taking a 7-0 lead at 7:44. Two minutes later, the drive started because of a pick by Ryan Rushall. Allen next sent it to Randy Yaacoub, who ran 24 yards to score.

The Papermakers then picked off Davis QB Peter Ramirez, which set up a 42-yard TD run by Will Shultz, which gave Camas a 21-0 lead. Semisi Shultz punched it in from 5 yards, pushing the Camas lead t0 28-0 with 2:18 left in the first quarter.

First quarter stats:

Total yards:

  • Davis 37
  • Camas 313

Passing Yards:

  • Davis -1
  • Camas 141


  • Davis 3
  • Camas 1


  • Davis 0
  • Camas 4


Trevor Bentley runs to score one of the Papermaker TD’s.

Yaacoub scored on a nine yard run, pushing the Camas lead 35-0 with 10:21 left in the second quarter. That was his second TD of the night. Minutes later, Andrew Boyle made a 17-yard field goal, putting the Camas lead to 38-0.

Davis got their first score of the night when Junior Henry Hernandez scored on a 7-yard run up the middle.

Moments later, Camas Senior, Trevor Bentley, scored on the return, pushing the score to 45-7, with just under three left in the second quarter.

Allen was 8-14 for 155 yards at halftime.

In the third quarter, Allen hit Rushall who ran in 17 yards to get the touchdown, making the score 52-7. Running the clock, Davis QB Peter Ramirez rushed in from five yards, and Camas blocked the extra point. The score was 52-13 with 5:18 left in the fourth quarter. With the clock running out, Ramirez found Teyerai Walker in the end zone to finish the game.

Final score: Camas 52, Davis 19.

“It was a great experience, it was a great atmosphere, it was so fun with all the fans,” said Allen. “It’s our home turf and we have to defend it as state champions, and I felt we did that tonight. I felt I did all right tonight, but there are a lot of things I need to improve on. But, we got the win, so I’m happy about that.”

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From Red-outs to Black-outs, White-outs and everything in between it’s refreshing to see so many students support the Papermakers. They’re great, even when they drop baby powder all over your camera equipment! Love them!