The Columbia Cannons will bear the marks and logos of the Boston Cannons, playing under the umbrella of Camas Lacrosse

Camas, WA – The Boston Cannons of Major League Lacrosse (MLL) announced today that the organization has agreed to a five-year partnership with Camas Lacrosse. This agreement will allow Camas Lacrosse to field a club lacrosse team called the Columbia Cannons, which will be based in Clark County, Washington. Additionally, the Columbia Cannons will be granted access to all Cannons marks (name, logos, symbols, emblems, designs, and identifications) for team purposes and apparel.

Camas Lacrosse was established in 2012 as part of the Washington Boys High School Lacrosse Association. One year later, they added a youth program with teams from grades one through eight under the Oregon Youth Lacrosse Organization, while the high school program continues to compete under the Washington Boys High School Lacrosse Association.

Under this collaboration, the Boston Cannons and Camas Lacrosse will host two special events for the Columbia Cannons in either Washington or Oregon. The players and coaches will travel to the west coast for these events to promote the new club and to allow the club to learn from professional coaches and athletes.

“We are excited to bring this partnership to our youth and HS players. We have grown to a total membership of over 200 players in a very short time, and our retention rates are exceptionally high. Camas has a rich athletic tradition, and through this partnership with the Boston Cannons, we hope to have Camas Lacrosse add significantly to that and continue to grow this great game in our area,” said Karen Gibson, President of Camas Lacrosse.

The Cannons and Camas Lacrosse will kick off this partnership with a dedicated “Training Camp Weekend” for the Columbia Cannons, held from June 15 to 17, 2018, during their bye week. Over 600 youth lacrosse players will be in attendance for multiple lacrosse clinics and a tournament to cap off the weekend.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Camas Lacrosse and the Columbia Cannons to continue to grow the sport of lacrosse throughout the country”, said Cannons President Ian Frenette. “Most athletes participating in the Columbia Cannons have had limited exposure to our sport at the professional level. Currently, there are no Major League Lacrosse or National League lacrosse teams in the Northwest US. By entering into an agreement with this club early in its rise, we are helping them shorten the timeframe for their developmental and growth goals.”

About the Boston Cannons
The Boston Cannons are a Founding Member of Major League Lacrosse (MLL) and one of the most recognizable global lacrosse brands. Led by Rob Hale and his ownership team, the they won the 2011 MLL Championship, have eleven playoff appearances and hold a league record with five MLL MVP’s over fifteen seasons. Off the field, the team provide a game day experience second to none and annually top the MLL in attendance and partnership engagement. For more information, call the front office at 617-746-9933 or visit

Camas, WA — The Camas Lacrosse Club is making the sport available for girls to play competitively this season — with registration currently under way.

“In the past, the girls have had to play for Evergreen, but that’s changing now,” said Gibson. “Girls can now play competitively in Camas. We have one entire 3rd/4th grade team already set.”

The sport made its official Camas debut five years ago and continues to thrive and grow in popularity, said club president, Karen Gibson. It started with 30 players and has grown to 250 this year.

Registration is open at

You may also email the team at: [email protected]

For grades 9-12, practices start on February 25, and the season runs through the beginning of May. For grades 1-8, practices start on March 5, with the season running through the beginning of May.

The club is working to make girls lacrosse an official high school sport. And, they are actively recruiting coaches. They also received a $3,000 equipment grant from US Lacrosse earmarked for the girls teams.

In addition, Camas LAX is hosting a college game between Portland State University and Central Washington this Saturday at Cardon Field at 3 pm.

”We’re trying to bring a high level of lacrosse to the area,” said Gibson. “We’re grateful for all the support we’ve received.”


The Camas Varsity Lacrosse team kicked off their second season Friday night with a shut out against Forest Grove, 14-0 at Cardon Field.

The Camas boys looked good and plowed right through Forest Grove’s defenses all night. Bryce Tabbut (#12) made the first goal of the night within the first two minutes of play, setting the tone for the rest of the game. Moments later, Gage Garrett (#52) scored the second goal with an assist by Austin Garwood (#1). Garrett would make the third goal, followed by Tabbutt with goal four, and the fifth again by Garrett.

Coach Jim Avino discusses strategy with the Camas LAX team.

The Camas Varsity Lacrosse team kicked off their second season Friday night with a shut out against Forest Grove, 14-0 at Cardon Field.

The Camas boys looked good and plowed right through Forest Grove’s defenses all night. Bryce Tabbut (#12) made the first goal of the night within the first two minutes of play, setting the tone for the rest of the game. Moments later, Gage Garrett (#52) scored the second goal with an assist by Austin Garwood (#1). Garrett would make the third goal, followed by Tabbutt with goal four, and the fifth again by Garrett.
Camas made its statement quickly and was ahead by 5 by the end of the first quarter.
“The boys have been working really hard,” said Head Coach, Jim Avino. “They’ve gotten more aggressive and it showed tonight.”
Garwood got the sixth goal of the night, half way into the second quarter, as Forest Grove had its best defensive showing of the night. Garrett’s aggressive play earned him a foul and he was sidelined moments after Garwood’s goal. Garwood made goal seven for his team a few minutes later, and was followed by Matt Welinski (#9) who made goal eight for Camas.
Grayson Windle (#22) celebrates after making his first goal of the season.
By halftime, Camas was ahead 8-0.
Tabbut scored the fist goal of the second half (goal nine), and then Zach Quist (#11) made a statement with his first goal of the night half way into the third quarter. Goal 11 was made shortly after by Grayson Windle (#22).  Quist wasn’t done yet and scored goal 12.
Freshman Keaton Sturbelle (#44) made his first goal of the season (goal 13) with an assist by Nick Elliott (#5). The final goal of the night was made by Garwood, at the end of the third quarter.
The boys face Hood River on Monday at 5 pm. Junior Varsity plays at 4 pm.

The Camas Lacrosse boys are back and begin season 2 at Cardon Field at Camas High School against Forest Grove. The game is set to begin at 8 pm.

To learn more, visit




The Camas Lacrosse Team played their final home game Wednesday night against Forest Grove, winning 4-2. There was a herculean effort to get this club organized, off the ground and running as it is today.

The boys and their families, friends and fans made this all possible, bringing an intriguing game to a town that’s learning how it works.

The Camas LAX team showed their hometown what a great sport this is, and what it takes to compete.

Photo by Chandler Revard.

Austin Harwood
Camas LAX Attackman Austin Garwood tries to overcome
an aggressive Skyline defense.


The Camas Lacrosse boys struggled to overcome Division 1 Skyline Monday night at Doc Harris Stadium, losing 7-13 in a game that saw an aggressive fourth quarter offense by Camas.

The Camas boys started off slowly and weren’t able to catch up – despite some valiant efforts. Skyline was fast, agile and scored quickly.

Zach Quist (#11) scored Camas’ first goal, with an assist from Austin Garwood.

In the second quarter, Bradley Stanchfield (#21) scored the team’s second goal, unassisted.

Skyline said at halftime that Camas was the best challenge they’ve seen in a while.

Camas LAX player Bryce Tabbut (#12) scored goals in the second quarter.

At the end of the third quarter, Camas was behind 9-4, but Tabbut scored Camas’ fifth goal four minutes into the fourth. It was an aggressive, clean shot.

Skyline quickly responded with a goal of their own, making it 10-5 – and so it continued. Tabbut scored another, making it 10-6, and soon after Skyline would put three more on the board, making it 6-13.

Grayson Windle (#22) scored Camas’ last goal of the night, making the final score 13-7.

Camas LAX President, Pam George, said, “It was a tough team to play. They’re a Division 1 team and said our team was a good challenge for them.”


Camas Lacrosse (1-1) opened its second game of the season on a cold, windy Wednesday night at Doc Harris Stadium aggressively with four shots early in the first quarter.

The shots weren’t going in and Camas quickly looked frustrated – until Midfielder Bradley Stanchfield (#21) made the first goal of the game, with an assist by fellow Midfielder Mason McCracken (#20).

An aggressive drive by Camas Midfielder Bryce Tabbut (#12) resulted in the second goal of the night, putting Camas ahead 2-0. Union’s Gunnar Drell responded with a goal at the end of the first quarter. It was 2-1 Camas with 12 minutes into the game.

Union’s #34 tied it up 2-2 with a goal in the middle of the second quarter, and Camas looked surprised.

Tabbut was on fire again and made a coast-to-coast drive up the field, sending the ball to Camas Attackman Chris Awwad (#6), who immediately scored, taking Union by surprise. That put Camas up 3-2.

Union quickly responded with a goal of their own, tripping up the Camas defense, tying up the game once again. It seemed Camas lost some of their momentum as Union kept the pressure up.

Union’s #2 scored their fourth goal of the night, putting them ahead of Camas by 1. Union continued to pressure the Camas boys and made another goal by half time. The score was 5-3 Union at the half.

Camas was frustrated.

During the halftime, two of the Southwest Lacrosse U13 teams participated in a scrimmage while Camas plotted its way back. Coach Jim Avino spent time with the offense to ensure plays were understood.

Camas Attackman Austin Garwood (#1) quickly turned his team’s frustrations into jubilation as he moved the ball quickly down the field and scored his team’s fourth goal of the night, bringing the score to 5-4 Union. Even though Garwood’s play was executed well, Camas still struggled somewhat as Union scored another goal, putting them two ahead. It was 6-4 Union.


Union vs. Camas Lacrosse at Doc Harris Stadium Wednesday night.


Camas LAX Midfielder Bryce Tabbut (#12) looks for an open player.
Tabbut scored two goals, and had one assist by making a long drive
up the field and surprising Union.
Austin Garwood
Attackman Austin Garwood’s goal in the third quarter was a jubilant
moment for Camas LAX.

Camas regained its momentum by the fourth quarter when things got really interesting. Stanchfield scored his second goal of the night, putting Camas within one of tying the game.

An aggressive Tabbut quickly put another one on the board, tying the game at 6-6. The crowd was jubilant and the Camas boys wanted more.

As the clock ticked away, the intensity and tension on the sidelines was palatable. Camas goalie Ollie Stanchfield (#17), while still recovering from a concussion sustained during Friday’s season opener, was nonetheless leading his team, and was encouraging them to let go of mistakes. He wanted them to keep looking forward.

Camas wanted another goal, and made some amazing attempts, but with just three minutes left on the clock, Union got the game’s seventh goal.

Tabbut, Garwood and others made some really close shots trying to even the score – and then with just 60 seconds left, the skies sent hail down on Doc Harris, frustrating the cold players even more. They didn’t give up, but by game’s end it wasn’t enough to overcome archrival Union.

There will be another day.

Camas LAX plays again this Saturday, March 23 at Doc Harris. Game time is 2:30. Come support the boys and learn more about the game that’s taking Camas by storm.

Kai Nuce
Camas Midfielder Kai Nuce prepares to pass the ball.

CAMAS, WA – History was made Friday night at Doc Harris Stadium as the newly-formed Camas Lacrosse (LAX) team debuted to excited fans on a warm March night.

It was the first time the sport was officially played in Camas, and it was the perfect setting as the anxious, young team gathered to play in front of hundreds of well-wishers, which included family, friends and many high school students.

The LAX team faced the Selah Vikings in their first regular season game of the new 2013 season, and one could sense the nerves and anxiety. Camas LAX goalie Ollie Stanchfield spent several minutes before game time pumping up his team, while at the same time expressing gratitude.

“We’re here representing Camas,” he said. “Let’s remember that.”

As game time approaches ten players assume their position on the field: a goalie, three defensemen, three midfielders and three attackmen. The object of the game is to shoot the ball into the opponent’s goal and to keep the other team from scoring. The team scoring the most goals wins.

Each team must keep at least four players, including the goalie, in its defensive half of the field and three in its offensive half. Three players (midfielders) may roam the entire field.

The 25-member team rotates throughout the game’s four 12-minute quarters. Players are penalized for slashing their sticks against opponents and are penalized by remaining on the sidelines for one or two-minute increments. They are not subbed in during those penalty periods.

Defensive players carry longer sticks, so from a spectator’s viewpoint it helps with identification.

Camas LAX quickly gained momentum in the first quarter and never let it go.

Once the 8 pm game started, you could see the Camas nerves on the field as Selah quickly made the first goal of the night with only two minutes into the game. Camas responded very quickly with a goal of their own, made by Attackman Austin Garwood (#1), without any assists.

Camas was still anxious on the sidelines as Coaches Jim Avino and Nick Ortiz reminded players of their field positions. Official scorekeepers managed to stay on top of statistics and double-checked their work in real time.

Midfielder Kai Nuce (#3) scored the second goal with an assist by Midfielder Mason McCracken (#20). Midfielder Bryce Tabbut (#12) scored the third goal (his first of many) with an assist by Attackman Chris Awwad (#6).

Selah got its first penalty of the night with a slash call against their #6 player. He had to stay on the sidelines for one minute.

Tabbut scored the fourth goal of the night unassisted, as well as the fifth goal with an assist from Garwood. They made some great maneuvers.

Selah scored its second goal in the second quarter.

Awwad shot and made the sixth goal with an assist by Nuce. Awwad made Camas’ seventh goal as well, with an assist by Tabbut.

By halftime, the score was Camas, 7, Selah, 2. Halftime lasts 10 minutes and it was great to mingle with the fans.


Austin Garwood (#1), of Camas, gets ready to score a goal.

“Can you believe how many people showed up?” said Lynn Elliott, parent of Defender Nick Elliott (#5). “This is so amazing!”

It really was. Anytime a new sport enters a community it’s hard to tell how well it’ll be received. If Friday’s crowd was any indication it shows LAX is here to stay – and will only grow in popularity.

“This is a lot of fun!” said Ty Sturbelle, 8. His brothers play Lacrosse.

Ollie Stanchfield  (#17) delivered as goalie, and made some very impressive maneuvers.

Tabbut continued his scoring streak with the eighth goal – unassisted. The next goal was a gift from Selah as a player accidently threw the little white ball into the Camas goal. D-oh!

Garwood made it 10 and 11 with unassisted attacks. Awwad made the twelfth goal with an assist from Attackman Chad Menor (#18). McCracken made the thirteenth goal.

Selah scored their third and final goal of the night with 7:22 left in the fourth quarter. The goal lifted their spirits but it wasn’t enough to beat the momentum Camas captured early in the first quarter. Camas just kept up the pressure.


Camas Midfielder Hudson Fox (#13) scoops up the ball and gets ready to pass.

Goal 14 was made by Midfielder Bradley Stanchfield (#21) with an assist by Garwood.

The last goal of the night was an impressive drive by Tabbut who ran with the ball up most of the field and just chucked it in. He was simply no match for anything Selah had.

Avino said he was proud of the kids and looks forward to a fun 14-game season.

The game’s end was reminiscent of a football game where the fans flock to the field to celebrate and chat with the team.

Camas plays its next game at Doc Harris Stadium on March 20 at 7:30 pm against Union.

The Camas LAX roster consists of the following players, divided by grade:

#19 Stephen Burns, Defense, Freshman

#2 Juliyen Davis, Midfield, Freshman
#10 Quentin Lebeau, Midfield, Freshman
#9 Matthew Welinski, Attack, Freshman
#23 Austin Benton, Defense, Sophomore
#14 Kannon Burchette, Defense, Sophomore
#15 Brian Duncan, Midfield, Sophomore
#8 Joel Fitzwater, Midfield, Sophomore
#13 Hudson Fox, Midfield, Sophomore
#1 Austin Garwood, Attack, Sophomore
#4 Konnor Lessard, Midfield, Sophomore
#3 Kai Nuce, Midfield, Sophomore
#21 Bradley Stanchfield, Midfield, Sophomore
#22 Grayson Windle, Defense, Sophomore
#24 William Young, Defense, Sophomore
#6 Chris Awwad, Attack, Junior
#5 Nick Elliott, Midfield, Junior
#7 Cassius Johnson, LSM/Defense, Junior
#20 Mason McCracken, Midfield, Junior
#18 Chad Menor, Attack, Junior
#11 Zach Quist, Attack, Junior
#25 Zane Sharif, Defense/Goalie, Junior
#17 Ollie Stanchfield, Goalie, Junior
#12 Bryce Tabbut, Midfield, Junior
#16 Matt Essman, Attack, Senior

Camas LAX kicks off season at Doc Harris.
Photo created and designed by Chandler Revard.


The Camas Lacrosse Boys play their first game of the regular season Friday, March 15 at 8 pm at Doc Harris Stadium vs. Selah. The boys have been practicing for two months, and just completed a successful tournament. The newly-formed, 28-member team is excited about the season.

Camas LAX defensive player (long-stick) Nick Elliott is “excited and nervous” about their first game. The boys will compete in 14 games this season.

The team is coached by Jim Avino and Nick Ortiz.