Intense Game: Camas Lacrosse Falls to Union

Camas Lacrosse (1-1) opened its second game of the season on a cold, windy Wednesday night at Doc Harris Stadium aggressively with four shots early in the first quarter.

The shots weren’t going in and Camas quickly looked frustrated – until Midfielder Bradley Stanchfield (#21) made the first goal of the game, with an assist by fellow Midfielder Mason McCracken (#20).

An aggressive drive by Camas Midfielder Bryce Tabbut (#12) resulted in the second goal of the night, putting Camas ahead 2-0. Union’s Gunnar Drell responded with a goal at the end of the first quarter. It was 2-1 Camas with 12 minutes into the game.

Union’s #34 tied it up 2-2 with a goal in the middle of the second quarter, and Camas looked surprised.

Tabbut was on fire again and made a coast-to-coast drive up the field, sending the ball to Camas Attackman Chris Awwad (#6), who immediately scored, taking Union by surprise. That put Camas up 3-2.

Union quickly responded with a goal of their own, tripping up the Camas defense, tying up the game once again. It seemed Camas lost some of their momentum as Union kept the pressure up.

Union’s #2 scored their fourth goal of the night, putting them ahead of Camas by 1. Union continued to pressure the Camas boys and made another goal by half time. The score was 5-3 Union at the half.

Camas was frustrated.

During the halftime, two of the Southwest Lacrosse U13 teams participated in a scrimmage while Camas plotted its way back. Coach Jim Avino spent time with the offense to ensure plays were understood.

Camas Attackman Austin Garwood (#1) quickly turned his team’s frustrations into jubilation as he moved the ball quickly down the field and scored his team’s fourth goal of the night, bringing the score to 5-4 Union. Even though Garwood’s play was executed well, Camas still struggled somewhat as Union scored another goal, putting them two ahead. It was 6-4 Union.


Union vs. Camas Lacrosse at Doc Harris Stadium Wednesday night.


Camas LAX Midfielder Bryce Tabbut (#12) looks for an open player.
Tabbut scored two goals, and had one assist by making a long drive
up the field and surprising Union.
Austin Garwood
Attackman Austin Garwood’s goal in the third quarter was a jubilant
moment for Camas LAX.

Camas regained its momentum by the fourth quarter when things got really interesting. Stanchfield scored his second goal of the night, putting Camas within one of tying the game.

An aggressive Tabbut quickly put another one on the board, tying the game at 6-6. The crowd was jubilant and the Camas boys wanted more.

As the clock ticked away, the intensity and tension on the sidelines was palatable. Camas goalie Ollie Stanchfield (#17), while still recovering from a concussion sustained during Friday’s season opener, was nonetheless leading his team, and was encouraging them to let go of mistakes. He wanted them to keep looking forward.

Camas wanted another goal, and made some amazing attempts, but with just three minutes left on the clock, Union got the game’s seventh goal.

Tabbut, Garwood and others made some really close shots trying to even the score – and then with just 60 seconds left, the skies sent hail down on Doc Harris, frustrating the cold players even more. They didn’t give up, but by game’s end it wasn’t enough to overcome archrival Union.

There will be another day.

Camas LAX plays again this Saturday, March 23 at Doc Harris. Game time is 2:30. Come support the boys and learn more about the game that’s taking Camas by storm.

Kai Nuce
Camas Midfielder Kai Nuce prepares to pass the ball.

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