Camas, WA — Last Friday, I wrote an opinion article called “Respect the History — We’re Called ‘Papermakers’ For a Good Reason,” which addressed issues many in the community have with shortening the Camas High School mascot name from Papermaker to Maker. See the article here: Opinion

I asked for community members to respond and provide feedback, as I wanted to have an open conversation about this topic. The article reached 7,000+ and elicited hundreds of responses. It’s been a good, civil, passionate discussion.

It also brought an official statement from Camas Schools Superintendent, Jeff Snell, and an informative dialogue with Camas High School Athletic Director, Rory Oster.

Here’s Mr. Snell’s response:

Mr. Geigenmiller:

You asked for feedback on your recent article, Respect the History. I read your opinion and thought I would offer my perspective. I understand your first and second points and think that probably over time design and language have happened in various forms for various reasons similar to what you’ve articulated. I don’t believe any of that is done with the intention of trying to disrespect our history.

I wanted to comment specifically on your third point, attitude. “There is a concerted movement to erase the history,” is a strong statement. Our school district has never made an effort to erase history. In fact, we try to embrace it. Whether it’s Papermakers or any other part of our proud past we want to honor and celebrate it. Take for example the commons in CHS and all of the versions of Papermakers, or the school bell we placed at district office, or the anchor outside of Liberty Middle School. We have an award in the district called the Mill Town Pride Award. When presenting this award, we talk about how it represents the best of who we were, are and want to be as a community. We use the certificate below and have a pin of the mill that we hand out.

We understand and appreciate the passion about Papermakers. We embrace it along with the rest of our history. If you’d ever like to chat let me know.

Jeff Snell


Mill Town Pride

Mill Town Pride Award Certificate.

I also sat down for an hour with Mr. Oster, who provided insight on this topic. During the discussion he also talked about the uniform design process.

”I want to make sure the community understands that the students are very proud to be called Papermakers,” said Oster. “We’re not ashamed of being Papermakers. There have been thousands of conversations about this, and we embrace the history. Regarding the phrase ‘Roll Makers’ the first time I heard the phrase was four years ago — one of our volleyball student athletes gave an interview and said it at the end of the interview. It really took off with our students and coaches from there. It was about the same time frame as Russell Wilson saying ‘Go Hawks’ after every interview.”

Camas School District Communications Director, Doreen McKercher, offers a different perspective on the shortening to ‘Maker.’ She said that it happened during the Fall of 2011 when students created a spirit campaign called “Meet Your Maker.” The theme was present at many CHS athletic events.

McKercher emphasized it was a student-driven effort, and not an official movement to change the mascot name.

Papermaker Uniform Design Process

One of the things that offend many in the community is using the term “Maker” on official school uniforms.

So, Oster explained the uniform design process.

”Every three years, each team captain, along with their coaches re-design their team uniform,” said Oster. “They use design websites like Nike Uniform Builder, and decide what to put on the home uniform and on the away uniform.”

The students decide what to put on the sleeve, on the front of the jersey, and they can change colors and lettering, but that there is a standard Camas red that is used. They generally put “Camas” on the home jerseys and Papermakers or Makers on the away jerseys. Or sometimes they put the Camas “C” on.

He said sometimes the name “Papermaker” is too long to fit across the jersey — and sometimes that depends on the font used, as well.

“They copy what they see happening at the collegiate level,” he said. “And once the coach and captain make their design decisions, they submit those to me for final approval.”

The next round of uniform design changes will appear on jerseys this Fall. The football updates are already done, and volleyball and girls soccer are in the works.

”I really do want to emphasize these kids are proud of being called Papermakers,” he said.


Rory Oster explains how uniforms are selected using a Nike website.



The State championship football team is a source of pride for Camas.

The Papermakers (8-1) will load up and head north to Auburn at noon tomorrow, says Camas Varsity quarterback, Kyle Allen, to begin what the team hopes is a five-game winning streak to the State Championship.

Everyone is invited to the game Friday at 7 pm. The address is 801 4th Street, Auburn, WA 98002.

After losing the District Championship game to Union 14-13 last week, the team has been busy getting prepared.

“We’ve been doing the same thing we do every week,” said Allen. “Watch a lot of film and practice hard knowing that next week is not a guarantee.”

“They (Auburn) are a strong competitive team with a lot of good athletes,” said Allen. “Should be a fun one.”

Path to State Championship


Reflections on the Season

“It has taught me about how I can be the best football player I can be and the best person I can be,” said Allen. “I’ve learned how to better deal with pressure and how it doesn’t just take individual athletes to win, but a united team to win. Also, I’ve made many great friendships with teammates and coaches along with memories I’ll remember forever.”

Homecoming Images

Photos by Jon Pugmire

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The Camas Varsity Football team ended their 2015 season at the State Quarterfinals, which was hosted by the Skyline Spartans. The final score was 35-10. We’ve posted a final photo album at our Facebook site. Photos by Blake Schnell. Go to




Jared Bentley scores the winning touchdown of Saturday’s game.

by Ernie Geigenmiller
Photos by Blake Schnell

CAMAS — Papermaker Football fans got their money’s worth at Saturday’s playoff game against the Skyview Storm in a competition that saw plenty of turnovers, defensive scores for both teams, and a successful drive near the end of the fourth quarter that made the difference.

It was a playoff game that was a battle early on, as neither side left anything on the field. The top-ranked Camas Papermakers etched out a victory on their home turf at Doc Harris Stadium, taking the lead with just 2 minutes and 16 seconds remaining to beat rival Skyview 29-22 in the first round of the Class 4A state playoffs. 

Bentley celebrates his TD with teammates.

Both sides eagerly wanted to play Skyline next week in the quarterfinals.

Papermaker fans expected a routing like they did during the regular season, when Camas smashed Skyview 41-10, and the opening moments of Saturday’s playoff game looked to tell that same story. Papermaker Drake Owen returned the game’s opening kickoff, running 95 yards for a Camas touchdown. That happened in the first 17 seconds.

The Football Game Changed

But, the story quickly shifted.

Skyview answered back with a safety and an 83-yard touchdown pass to take a 9-7 lead before the end of the first quarter. Defense dominated the game, and offenses kept punting.

Papermaker Cooper McNatt changed the game with an interception, as Jordan Del Moral moved the ball 48 yards, with QB Liam Fitzgerald taking the ball the final two yards for their second touchdown, giving Camas a 14-9 edge.

Running back Jordan Del Moral.

That was the score at halftime.

Jack Colletto lit up the fans by returning an interception for a 94-yard touchdown. The score was Camas, 21, Skyview, 9.

But the Storm wasn’t finished.

An 80-yard touchdown pass to Travis Yajko put them within 5 points of the Papermakers. The Storm then took advantage of a Camas fumble early in the fourth quarter, pushing them to a 22-21 advantage. Camas fans got nervous. That was Camas’ fourth turnover.

And both teams would fumble the ball again later in the fourth quarter.

Wide Receiver Hunter Bruno goes down.

Jared Bentley, Hunter Bruno and Del Moral completed three consecutive first downs to bring the Papermakers to the 23-yard line with 2:23 left. Bentley caught the game-winning 23-yard touchdown pass from Fitzgerald, and both players connected again on the 2-point conversion to put the Papermakers up by seven.

QB Liam Fitzgerald battled all night, but in the end made a 23-yard TD pass that sealed the victory.

That gave Skyview football just over 2 minutes to respond, until McNatt nailed his second interception of the night – dashing the Storm’s hopes of a last minute drive. After a first down, Camas took a knee.
The undefeated Camas team travels to Sammamish next weekend to face Skyline (10-1) in the state quarterfinals.

Wide Receiver Sean Ramage.


Camas — The Papermaker’s football offense spoke loud and clear Friday night in the first round of 4A playoffs at Doc Harris Stadium. And the defense screamed loudly too, in a 49-6 crushing of the Bethel Braves.

It was over by halftime. The fans loved it.


Wide Receiver Jordan Del Moral ran for four first-half touchdowns, and Camas scored touchdowns on their first five possessions. It was a fantastic game for QB, Liam Fitzgerald, who passed the ball to a variety of receivers throughout the night.

“We had a great night,” said Fitzgerald. “I hope we do well again next week. We’ve been putting in the time, and we have an amazing team here.”

Del Moral scored the first four Camas touchdowns on runs from inside the 10. He finished with 66 rushing yards and another 70 on three receptions.

Jordan Del Moral
WR Jordan Del Moral ran for four first-half touchdowns.

In the first half, Fitzgerald completed 16 of 23 throws for 237 yards. Among them was a 43-yard catch and run by Drake Owen for the fifth Camas touchdown.

Coach Jon Eagle, like his players, enjoyed the sixth first-half touchdown, which was a 51-yard interception return by Blake Roy.

“I appreciate how hard the boys played tonight,” said Eagle. “We work them very hard, and it shows. It’s also a reflection of all the coaches, and the support of all these great fans here at Doc Harris Stadium.”

In total, there were three interceptions, including another by Jared Bentley, who picked off a pass in the end zone. Jack Colletto intercepted the first pass of the second half.
Senior Sean Ramage is announced.

The Braves only had a net 19 yards rushing, with 142 passing yards, with three completions of more than 30 yards.

The Papermakers return this Friday at Doc Harris Stadium.

VANCOUVER — The Camas High School boys swim team won Thursday’s dual meet against Hockinson, Skyview and Fort Vancouver, and set a few state qualifying times along the way.
The Papermakers set the pace, winning the first event, the 200 Medley Relay with a time of 1:45.03. The relay consisted of Lucas Ulmer, Tom Utas, John Utas, and newcomer Andrey Khabibrakhmanov.
Camas 400 Free Relay Team: From left, Mark Kim, Kasey Calwell, Tom Utas,
and Lucas Ulmer
Camas Senior Kasey Calwell bested the 200 Free with a time of 1:47.88. “It’s been a great meet,” said Calwell. “We’re putting in some solid swims.”
Hockinson’s William Morris won the 200 IM shortly afterward. Papermaker Senior, Lucas Ulmer, won the 50 Free, with a time of 23.11 seconds.
“We’re having a great season,” said Ulmer. “We have a lot of new swimmers. It’s so great to have Brian Andrade on the team due to his disability. He really inspires us. We love having him.”
Ulmer made state cuts already in the 100 Free, 100 Fly, and 100 Back.
Lucas Ulmer dives in during the 400 Free Relay.
Papermaker sophomore, Tom Utas, won the 100 Fly with a time of 56 seconds. Calwell then earned a state qualifying time in the 100 Free (49.97 seconds). It was his fifth state qualifying time this season.
Camas freshman, Mark Kim, won the 500 Free and made a state qualifying time with the win.
Camas swimmer, Mark Kim, earned a state qualifying time in the 500 Free.
The Camas boys also won the 200 Free Relay (1:32.44). The relay team consisted of John Utas, Calwell, Tom Utas, and Kim.
Skyview’s Jake Breuer won the 100 Back (55.8). Hockinson’s Jonah Rodewald won the 100 Breast (1:05.68).
And, in the last event, the Papermaker 400 Free Relay of Ulmer, Tom Utas, Kim and Calwell handily beat the competition with a time of 3:21.06.
The team has added several new swimmers, including Andrade, Kim, and Khabibrakhmanov, along with Ian Pinch, Sullivan Carrick, Finn McClone and Max Crowson.
Coach Mike Bemis is pleased with the performance of the boys mid-season, and is looking forward to next week’s major meet against Union — to be held at Lacamas Swim and Sport Club.
“It’s sad that this is coming to an end soon,” Ulmer added. “But it’s been great to have a successful four years at Camas. It went by so fast!”
Calwell will be swimming for University of California — Santa Barbara (UCSB) this fall. Several other seniors haven’t announced their future plans as yet.

A couple of games ago, Camas had the help of two new ball boys. Camas senior, Matt Thomas, spent time during the game to help these guys out and explain some things to them. We call that CHARACTER. Well done, Matt.



The Camas High School Boys Swim Team won their final home meet of the season Wednesday night outpacing Mountain View, as well as Hockinson, Evergreen, Heritage and Woodland Schools. The team finished the dual meet season undefeated beating Union 203-80, Mountain View 188-87, Evergreen 221-35, and Heritage 229-16. Camas now has qualified for all three relays for State plus inviduals Kasey Calwell, Lucas Ulmer and John Utas.

The CHS Papermakers got the night off to a good start with a win in the 200m Medley Relay. The four-man team consisted of Kasey Calwell, Lucas Ulmer, Jake Yraceburu and Xiaguang Yan, and earned a time of 1:55.99. They were followed by Hockinson and the other Camas relay team of Jeffery Lee, Trent Harimoto, Joey Wunderlich and Nick Langer.

Camas Sophomore Lucas Ulmer had a good meet Wednesday.


Seth Albert won the 200m Freestyle with a time of 2:09. Camas swimmer Max Urbanek placed second with a time of 2:12.77.

Sophomore Kasey Calwell won the 200m Individual Medley, earning a time of 2:15.94. Jon Rodewald, of Hockinson, placed second.

Camas Co-Captain and Senior, JakeYraceburu, won the 50m Freestyle with a time of 25.93. Dylan Osborne, of Hockinson, placed second.

Camas senior, Trent Harimoto, won the 100m Butterfly with a time of 1:07.97. Lucas Ulmer placed a very close second.

In the 400m Freestyle, Papermaker Max Urbanek, a sophomore, handily won the event with a time of 4:37.93. Urbanek really enjoys the longer distance races. The Papermakers won the 200m Freestyle Relay. The team consisted of Seth Albert, Xiaguang Yan, Trent Harimoto, and Jake Yraceburu.


Jackson Toole, left, and Ben Teames during
a relay at Wednesday’s meet.
Ulmer also won the 100m Backstroke, clocking in at 1:03.31, and Yraceburu also won the 100m Breaststroke. The Papermaker 400m Freestyle Relay team also took first place in that event. The team consisted of Albert, Calwell, Yan and Ulmer. The boys have their last regular season meet, which is an invitational at Mark Morris, a week from Saturday. To learn more, go to

Camas High School Track & Field proved their competitive edge with a successful showing at their first invitational of the young season at Battle Ground on Saturday, March 24.

The Camas boys won overall at the Tiger Invitational with the Camas girls placing second.

“The boys look VERY STRONG this year with depth in every event across the board,” said Co-Head Coach, Alisa Wise. “They won the meet and the girls also look very strong. We took second to Union by just a few points. We had some wonderful surprises from some freshmen athletes on both sides.”

Freshman Alexa Efraimson broke the meet record in the 800m AND school record at 2:17. Zach Marshall won the 100-Meter Dash with a time of 11.15!

Wise said Freshman Cole Zarcone stood out and “will be a force for us on the boy’s side.”

Zarcone, along with Daniel Ryan, Kyle Schrader and John Payne won the 4×100 Relay with a time of 44.16.

Camas Boys also won on the 4×400 Relay with Zach Eagle, Jared Smith, Schrader, and Marshall.

Marshall also delivered a first place win in the 200 Meters with a time of 22.75.

In long distance, Tucker Boyd placed third in both the 800 and 1600-meter events. Andrew Duffy and Andrew Kaler placed third and fourth, respectively, in the 3200-meter race.

In the Distance Medley 12,4,8,16, Camas placed third with a time of 11:48.90 with Taryk Boyd, Jackson Cutler, Matthew Sanchez and Timothy Miles.

Scott Feather placed second in Discus, while Triton Pitassi placed third in Shot Put.

Josh Ryan placed fourth in Long Jump and so did John Payne in the Triple Jump.

Paige Jackson Pole Vault
Junior Paige Jackson placed 2nd in Pole Vault.
“We are starting to get some ‘shape’ to our events and it’s exciting,” said Wise. “Caleb Morrissey got a BIG PR at 18-9! I was so excited for him! He is a good example of fortitude and it will pay OFF! He will do good things — he has good ‘pop’ speed and as he matures, he just gets stronger and faster and better!”

Lauren Neff placed first in the High Jump at 5’ 2”.

Kimi Knight won the 100-meter High Hurdles with a time of 16.44; and Tamaki Murata placed third in the same event. Knight also placed third in the 300 meter Hurdles.

Alexa Efraimson, Lauren Neff, Camille Parsons and Kimi Knight won the 4×400 Relay. Paige Jackson placed second in the Pole Vault.

“Well it was our fist invite, and for some of us it was our very first track meet,” said Kimi Knight. “So it was just exciting for everyone. And the sunshine was just amazing! I think that brought our spirits up as well. I competed in the 100 meter hurdles, 300 meter hurdles, the 4×400, relay, and the long jump and that was my very first time doing that since 8th grade.”


Caleb Morrissey
Caleb Morrisey got a PR for Long Jump.


Cole Zarcone has a bright future in track, says Coach Alisa Wise.