Camas, WA — Former Seahawks star running back Curt Warner and his wife, Ana, along with writer Dave Boling, are excited to officially release their new book, “The Warner Boys: Our Family’s Story of Autism and Hope,” this weekend.

Published by Little A, an imprint of Amazon Publishing, “The Warner Boys” is a raw, emotional depiction of the reality of dealing with twins with severe autism, and the closeted life that ensued.

Curt is a two-time All-American at Penn State, a 2009 College Football Hall of Fame inductee, and a former All-Pro running for the Seattle Seahawks and the Los Angeles Rams. A three-time Pro Bowler, Curt was inducted to the Seattle Seahawks Ring of Honor in 1994.

Ana has dedicated her life to the care of her family, and the study and treatment of autism spectrum disorder. Both have served as keynote speakers at the National Autism Conference at Penn State, and the Texas Autism Conference in San Antonio.

The couple were prominent figures in Seattle during the 1990s, and when they dropped from the public eye following Curt’s retirement, the reality of their situation was a closely guarded secret.

“When Austin and Christian were born, everything seemed normal,” said Ana, who was already the mother of 18 month-old Jonathon. “But as they got older, they were really hard to control, and were nothing like Jonathan. By age 2, we started noticing really odd behaviors. They were very hyper.”

Ana said they wrote the book in part to explain why the disappeared from people socially.

“We were forced to isolate ourselves for their safety,” said Ana. “We were in survival mode for a long time.”

Curt said the book is also a story of hope.

“We take them from diagnosis at age 5 and prior to that the issues we were dealing with, and where we are today,” he said. “It’s not a fix-it book, it’s a book that is testimony of what we’ve been dealing with for the last 23 years. We just happened to find the right channels from point A to point Z. We ended up speaking at a 2013 Autism conference at Penn State, and after that we realized we do have something to share with people who are going through this. We are able to help people, and to promote awareness because there are families dealing with the autism spectrum and still looking for answers. We can relate to families coping with this. Ultimately, you’re not alone when it comes to this.”


Their new book is available at

Ana explains the autism spectrum of 1-10, with 10 being severe.

“You have people who can go to college and be successful and you have the other end of the spectrum,” she said. “We are at the 7-8 of the spectrum. Our kids are probably in the more severe end of spectrum. They need 24-hour assistance.”

Like the book, during our interview the Warner’s were very raw and candid about their daily struggles. During the two-hour interview, Curt acknowledged the daily roller coaster ride.

”As fathers, we’re supposed to be solid, not show emotion, we have to be strong,” Curt said. “But, this thing is tough. It’s tougher than any football game, any strategy. It’s tougher than anything I’ve had to deal with. There are moments of sheer frustration, anger, pain, and moments of total gratitude and love. We love our children.”

Ana said she escapes through sleep, and they are currently going through times when they can’t take the boys out.

“Mentally, they’re at 5-6 years old,” said Ana. “It’s hard to manage because they’re men.”

The book addresses the physical activities they do, and what foods work best. The couple provides counsel to other families, and encourages families to never give up.

“Our advice would be to not give up on your child or your marriage,” said Ana. “Try not to isolate yourself (like we did) and ask for help. In the case of someone who had never encountered anyone with autism before, be kind, don’t judge, if possible try to help.”

You may purchase the book here: The Warner Boys



Book author Pat Jollota is at it again, with her just-released, well-researched, and riveting historical account of a murder case that rocked Vancouver in the 1950s. “The Murder of Joann Dewey in Vancouver Washington,” published by The History Press, is a decade in the making by Jollota, 81, a retired Vancouver City Councilwoman, museum curator, and the author of seven books.

Always a character and full of life, Jollota, walked us through the nuances of the case of 18-year-old Joann Dewey, whose Vancouver kidnapping in 1950 was on full display by upstanding citizens who did nothing while the young woman, who was just 60 feet from her destination, fought for her freedom.

It’s the story of a life cut short, the craziness of a criminal investigation that included the arrest of the investigating sheriff, and the ultimate convictions of two brothers, Turman Wilson, 26, and his brother Utah, 18. They would eventually hang for their crimes.

“The crime happened at 13th and D Street in Vancouver,” said Jollota. “On April 22, 1950, the victim, 18-year-old Joann Dewey, was just 60 feet away from St. Joe’s Hospital when she was grabbed by these two guys — in front of two upstanding citizens. She was fighting and screaming and they told her she was Utah’s wife and that she had too much to drink. It’s tragic.”

It’s a complicated case, said Jollota. The Sheriff had no police experience, and was tried for public intoxication. He had been the director of Labor and Industries for Washington. The prosecution was praised for its work, and the case even brought in Earl Stanley Gardner, author of all the “Perry Mason” books. Gardner wrote a report about the investigation, and he had nothing but praise for the Vancouver Chief of Police and veteran prosecutor, RD Jones.

“This whole crime is fascinating, and I was riveted by it,” said Jollota, who spent many years researching to write this book. “We’ve had pretty strange crimes around here.”

And, it gets weirder.

“At one of my book signings, the Wilson family came, and they stood right behind me,” said Jollota. “They believe their family was framed. So what I did, I gave them a little time to present what they believed, and then they were content. They bought two of the books. This was Saturday at Vintage Books. This whole case is weird, the trial is weird, the investigation is weird.


“The Murder of JoAnn Dewey” is available at Barnes and Noble.

“If I had found one shred that pointed to their innocence I would have written it that way, but all I found was pointed to them. They had incorrigible evidence — a beer bottle with big bubbles in it, with fingerprints on it.”

And, she said it fits a pattern of criminal behavior.

“Ten years before three of the brothers were in an almost an identical crime, and they were sentenced to an Oregon penitentiary,” said Jollota. “The oldest brother was killed in World War II. The family had a history of crimes, including a pardon by Oregon Governor McCall for Rassie.”

Jollota did extensive research for the book. She started day by day in her role as Clark County Historical Museum curator, and found the stories in The Columbian archives. The more she dug, more facts emerged. It took her about a decade to do the research.

In February 2018, she was approached to write the book, which took three months to complete.

“I just focused on writing every day,” she said. “My challenge was to take all of these stories, the trial, the crime, the investigation and weave those together in a way that made sense. The trial was five weeks long, and trying to make sense of that was a challenge. I asked Judge Suzanne Clark to read it, and she did. She just changed some of the phrases that a judge would use. She was kind enough to do it for me.”

Jollota also wants people to remember JoAnn.

“She never had a chance at love, at getting married, at raising a family, or starting a career,” said Jollota. “I want people to remember her.”

The book is available at Vintage Books, Barnes and Noble, Philbin’s Hardware, and, of course,

On November 24, Jollota is going back to Vintage Books for Small Business Night.

The book was released on October 29.

Camas, WA — At Thursday’s Camas-Washougal Rotary Club meeting, member Tina Simmons announced she would be having a book signing for her book, “Zandreal.”

Wait, what?

Simmons, who works for a wine labeling company, and whose pen name is Tee Griffen, spent a year writing and editing “Zandreal,” and got it published in 2016.

“It’s really not a new book,” said Griffen. “But because of life issues, I had to delay its marketing, so we’re doing that now.”

“Zandreal” is young adult fantasy fiction about a young girl named Andrea and she finds out she’s not quite human. So, she must figure out why she’s here, and she ends up doing a lot of external travel,” said Griffen. “The book is about our responsibility to share our gifts with the world, taking care of the Earth, and working together.”

Griffen’s no stranger to writing, as she previously was the ghost writer for two books — the first was “Tracks: Memoirs of a Vietnam Veteran” by Clyde Hoch. The second one was a book called “Turbo Charge Your Life,” by Troy Spring. Those were written in 2011 and 2012.

“I’ve always liked to write, but being an author wasn’t my goal in life,” said Griffen. “I went to school for Graphic Design at Cazenovia College in upstate New York. ”I wrote this as part of self-exploration. I’m an observer, a healer, a worrier, a wanderer, and a seeker. All the elements were there. I couldn’t write it fast enough. Once those five parts came to me, they formed the characters and the storyline came together.”

Initially, she worked with a publisher, but it didn’t move fast enough for her, so Griffen chose the self-publishing route.

“It was hard to self-publish,” said Griffen. “I felt more out there on my own, because with the publishing house I felt I would have had more support. The Kickstarter campaign was set in 2016 and I raised $4,000. It wasn’t hard to get, but it took a lot of marketing. They told you to find champions ahead of time. They also supported me. I had a community. It was an emotional roller coaster because it feels like baring my soul to the world.”

Sunday’s book signing at Caffe Piccolo in Downtown Camas is the only book signing she has scheduled for now. She’s been talking to the school districts about getting into the classrooms.

“I think it’s time to get the book out there,” said Griffen. “I feel like our country is very polarized, and I think we could use a little bit of unity.”

The book is available at and you can learn more at


Camas, WA — Imagination, determination, and overcoming adversity were the main topics addressed by 2008 Camas High School graduate, and new book author, LK Walsh, while addressing Liberty Middle School students Friday afternoon.

Her book, “The Lavender Soul,” released in April through PelianWords Publishing House, is a fantasy novel about a young girl born with lavender eyes, portending she will be the annihilation of evil, or the impetus of world-consuming darkness. It is an adventure through a fantastical world with reimagining of classical characters, such as fairies and dragons, along with new beasts crafted from Walsh’s imagination. It’s about the main character, Vera, who is seeking out her purpose.

Now living in Lompoc, CA, Walsh is in town for the Portland Book Festival, and was invited to spent time in her hometown.

“I’m here to talk about dreams and how you can help them come true,” said Walsh. “I was a senior, and had my life plan right on track, and I had already applied to several universities. I was set. I was ready to go to Chapman to study Music Therapy. Chapman said they were ending the program, and that affected my scholarship. I was high and dry, and my mother had to call and begged to get to other schools. I had worked for years to become a music therapist, so I decided to become a Humanities major and went to Concordia in Southern California.”


She appreciated the experience, and was able to explore many things.

“I went into journalism, but that wasn’t for me,” said Walsh. “Then I worked for an art newsletter. That wasn’t for me. So, I decided to get into publishing.”

After earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities Creative Writing from Concordia in 2011, she spent 18 months writing “The Lavender Soul” after spending eight years imagining it. Once completed, she went through the agony of finding a publisher, and after 38 rejection letters, she found a home with PelianWords Publishing House.

“I am fully able to admit that I felt like a failure because it really hurts when people say no,” said Walsh. “But failure isn’t real. You can fail because you didn’t pass a test. If you choose not to learn from the failure, then it’s a real failure. You have to learn from it.”

She said there’s “one key to success in any field and that is imagination, which is key to making all of your dreams come true.”

She encouraged the middle schoolers to always have imagination.


LK Walsh addresses students at LIberty Middle School in Camas.

“Logic, science and math are not separate from imaginations,” she said. “Sometimes people give up on their dreams because of money. Authors don’t make money. My dream is to create worlds. My dream is to spread imagination. Dreams have such great value because it takes courage to dream. Every time you have a thought it creates a physical pathway in your brain. The easiest thoughts are negative ones. It takes imagination to be positive. Imagination gives you the courage to dream. Dreams don’t always have to be those huge paychecks. They don’t even have to make sense.”

Walsh has spent the last several weeks traveling to promote her book, and is working on a prequel, which has been approved by her publishing house.

Cat Rushing, Walsh’s mother, created the cover illustration, based on vision provided by Walsh.

To learn more, or to purchase her book, visit

Camas, WA — Award-winning Camas author and playwright Gary Corbin has announced the release of his fifth novel, The Mountain Man’s Badge, with launch events and book signings in venues around the greater Portland/Vancouver area.

The Mountain Man’s Badge will be released to bookstores on June 20, 2018, although it is available for pre-order on,, and on the author’s web page (

The Mountain Man’s Badge is the third installment in Corbin’s acclaimed “Mountain Man Mysteries” series, from Double Diamond Publishing of Camas, WA.

About The Mountain Man’s Badge

Mountain Man Lehigh Carter, drafted into serving as acting sheriff of Mt. Hood County after exposing his predecessor’s corruption, is compelled to arrest his new father-in-law for the murder of Everett Downey, the most despised man in town.

Still learning on the job, Lehigh continues to investigate loose ends that don’t add up, but ambitious prosecutor Ray “The Reverend” Ferguson seems intent on blocking him at every turn. Soon, Lehigh suspects that those most intent on pinning the murder on George McBride have reasons far more sinister than blocking Lehigh’s agenda of reform.

Can Lehigh uncover the truth behind the crime without becoming the killer’s next victim?

Book Launch and Signings: CapsN’Taps, Vintage Books, and more

 To help promote the book, the author will kick off a series of release events and book signings. The first event is a launch party at Camas’ popular taproom, CapsN’Taps, on the book’s launch date, June 20, from 6-8 PM. Corbin will sell and sign books directly, and CapsN’Taps will offer $2 off any beer to customers who purchase a copy of the book at the event.

“CapsN’Taps hosted the launch party for my very first novel, Lying in Judgment, which was a blast,” Corbin says. “They’re also featuring my books as prizes in their Trivia Mondays in June, so folks who haven’t read the first two books could win a copy and catch up on the series before the 20th. Beer and books—what a great combination!”

On June 23, Corbin will read from the new novel and sign books at local favorite Vintage Books, 6613 E Mill Plain Blvd in Vancouver, at 1 PM. Copies of all books will be available for sale at the event.

“Vintage Books has been amazing at finding readers for my books, and they’re incredibly supportive of local authors,” Corbin says.  “Vintage was one of the first to put my books on its shelves. It’s a great local bookstore with great selection and terrific event programming. I can’t say enough good things about it.”

Other events include book signings at The Coffee Cottage in Newberg, OR on July 11, and at Jan’s Paperbacks in Aloha, OR on July 14.

Full details of all events are available on the author’s website,

Award-winning Camas author and playwright Gary Corbin is releasing his fourth novel, Lying in Vengeance, today with accompanying release parties and signings in stores around the greater Portland and Vancouver area.

Lying in Vengeance is the sequel to Corbin’s award-winning debut novel, Lying in Judgment, from Double Diamond Publishing of Camas, WA. In Lying in Judgment, a man served on the jury of a murder trial—for the crime that he committed. Lying in Judgment was selected as “Book of the Week” by in July 2016 and was the “Indie Spotlight” featured book on the UK-based Literary Lightbox in February, 2017.

In this new book, 33-year-old Portland man, Peter Robertson, must choose between two horrible options — and both involve death and revenge.

Lying in Vengeance will be officially released to bookstores today, and is also available on and on the author’s web page (

Peter once fought a man on a remote forested road and left him to die. Six months later, he served on the jury that freed a wrongfully accused man—and let his own secret slip to a beautiful but manipulative fellow juror, Christine Nielsen.

Two months later, Christine wakes him in the middle of the night with a threat: kill Kyle, the man who stalks and abuses her, or have his own murderous past exposed.

Peter pretends to go along as he seeks another, less violent solution. But Kyle forces his hand, kidnapping Christine at gunpoint. Peter’s daring rescue gives him the opportunity to fulfill Christine’s request.

The next morning, Kyle turns up dead, and the police arrest his best friend Frankie, of all people. Peter knows he’s innocent, but can he prove it without directing the finger of blame at himself—for both murders?

Book Release and Signing at Vintage Books

 To help promote the book, the author will kick off a multi-stop bookstore tour at a local favorite Vintage Books, 6613 E Mill Plain Blvd in Vancouver, September 16 at 1 pm. Corbin will sign books and read excerpts from his books, which will be available for sale at the event.

“Vintage Books has been amazing at finding readers for my books, and they’re incredibly supportive of local authors,” Corbin says.  “Vintage was one of the first to put my books on its shelves. It’s a great local bookstore with great selection and terrific event programming. I can’t say enough good about it.”

Since some of the characters in Lying in Vengeance obsess about beer and coffee, Corbin will share samples of his home-roasted coffee (“JavaTown,” the favorite of Peter’s scheming nemesis, Christine) and homebrew recipes with attendees. “My characters,” he says, “whether good or evil, are good Portlanders!”


Corbin Book Signing Events

Sep 19, 2017, 6:00 pm

Caps N Taps, Camas, WA

Lying in Vengeance UnCapped in Camas!

Beers, books, and good times at Camas’s best taproom.


Sep 23, 2017 11:00 am

Jan’s Paperbacks

Book signing and reading at Aloha’s best independent bookstore.


Sep 28, 2017 4:00 pm

The Coffee Cottage, Newberg, OR

Live music, great coffee, and Lying in Vengeance book signing in the heart of Pinot Noir country.


Sep 30, 2017 1:00 pm

Camas Public Library

Camas Library Local Author Coffee Klatch

Gary joins a panel of other local writers to celebrate Camas’s growing creative scene. Come ask questions of the authors and check out their books!


Oct 12, 2017 6:00 pm

Loowit Brewing Company, Vancouver, WA

Beer and a Book! Loowit Brewing hosts local author Gary Corbin, who will sign books and join you for one of Loowit’s excellent craft brews. Get a book and a beer for the price of just the book ($14.99)!

Camas, WA — The Camas Public Library officially began its Summer Reading Program, titled “Build a Better World,” and is open to young children, teens, and adults.

The purpose of the Camas Public Library’s Summer Reading Program is to encourage youth to read and participate in community activities during their school break. Youth who read during the summer will practice their comprehension skills, and are likely to start school in the Fall more prepared and ahead of their classmates.

The program measures reading time and community participation rather than number of pages or books. With this method, youth of all ages and abilities can accomplish their goals with comparable effort.

The program itself includes games, events, and weekly summer movies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What counts as reading for the Summer Reading Program? Books, magazine articles, graphic novels, eBooks, audio books. The library has many downloadable audio books.

What is the first day people can participate? June 24.

Do I have to participate in the program to attend the free events? Nope!

The program is sponsored in part by:

  • Burgerville
  • Squeeze & Grind
  • Clark County Fair
  • Camas/Washougal Community Chest
  • Lacamas Swim and Sport
  • City of Camas
  • Oaks Park
  • Vega Programs
  • Camas Farmer’s Market
  • Sky Zone Trampoline Park
  • Friends of the Camas Library

Summer Movies

Every Wednesday features a summer movies. The first one, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” is on June 28 at 2 pm.

The second movie is “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” which will be shown on July 5 at 2 pm.

The third movie is “Iron Giant,” will be shown on Wednesday, July 12.

Each movie is projected in the upstairs library big screen. Popcorn will be served.

To learn more, and to sign up for the program, visit:

Camas, WA — Gary Corbin knows a thing or two about writing, and his latest project, a legal thriller called “Lying in Judgment,” is the perfect setting for a shift in his career.

The accomplished playwright is known for a string of comedy productions including “Happy Anniversary” and “P.S., I Love Your Daughter” and for his frequent contributions to the Portland Tribune.

Now with the release of “Lying in Judgment” he’s adding author to his long list of credits.

The idea for “Judgment,” which was just released on March 5, has been brewing in his mind for 25 years. He even started writing the book 10 years ago, and has had an on-again, off-again relationship with becoming an author. It’s on now, and this book is a page-turner, says fellow author, Bob Ferguson.

“You’ll love this book,” he said at Corbin’s inaugural book signing, which was held this past Saturday, at Caps N’ Taps in downtown Camas. “Gary really knows how to tell a story. He’s very creative.”

The packed tavern was filled with adoring fans, many of whom brought already-purchased copies of his first novel.

“It feels amazing to do this,” said Corbin, as he greeted fans. “This has been in the works for years, and to see it in print is absolutely amazing.”

Corbin’s book is an original story with a fresh take on the legal thriller genre. The novel is based on a guilty juror, and says Corbin, “that doesn’t happen.”

“You don’t have to be a lawyer to be a juror, and to see an average person serve is an interesting perspective,” he adds. “And local readers get the added benefit of having Portland sites be part of the story. They’ll read about a scene at Pioneer Courthouse Square and it’ll be familiar to them.”

The History on His Legal Thriller

When Corbin first started writing “Judgment” about 10 years ago, he spent 18 months writing and revising the original manuscript, and at the time the publishing industry was going through a retraction. That initiated some hesitancy.

“The industry took a big hit,” he says. “But it’s on the rebound now.”

After much research, he felt it was time to pick it up again, and he started the legal thriller anew in 2015 set on publishing the book under his own imprint, which is called Double Diamond Publishing. He says it’s so much easier to self-publish now, especially with tools such as Smash Words and Create Space (which is a part of Amazon).

The challenge, however, is that larger bookstores work closely with the large publishing houses.

“That makes it hard to get the book into the major stores,” Corbin adds. “They simply prefer to work with major distributors, so I have to be very persistent. Vintage Books let us in, and the book has sold well at their store.”

See to learn more about their bookstore.

He said the whole process has been very educational, and that he’s already working on his next novel, which is a mystery called “The Mountain Man’s Dog”

Book lovers can order a paperback at, download a Kindle or iTunes version at, and also try Kobo. To date, printed versions account for 45% of “Lying in Judgment’s” sales.

To learn more about Corbin’s journey, go to “Lying in Judgment” Feature or visit 

The book is available online:


Lying in Judgment Novel

“Lying in Judgment” book author, Gary Corbin, had his first book signing at Caps N’ Taps in downtown Camas.


“Lying in Judgment” author, Gary Corbin, has announced his first public book-signing event, which is to be held this Saturday at Caps N’ Taps, in downtown Camas.

Corbin will sign copies of his book at Caps N’ Taps on 337 4th Ave in Camas, WA on March 19, starting at 4 pm. The event is expected to run until about 6 pm. Those who have already purchased copies of the novel should bring them in to be signed. A limited number of signed copies will also be available for sale at the event.

“I wanted to have the first book signing of ‘Lying in Judgment’ at a comfortable, fun place, where we could chat a bit over a good beer or glass of wine,” Corbin says. “And I wanted it to be close to home. Caps N’ Taps is perfect on both counts.”

“Lying in Judgment” is a legal thriller about a man who serves on the jury of a murder trial – for the crime that he committed. Released March 5, it has already reached Amazon’s top 200 list for Murder Mystery Thrillers. Readers and critics have raved about the book, calling it a “page turner” and “hard to put down.” Novelist D. F. DeHart raves, “If you are reading this novel in bed, plan on having a sleepless night.”

About “Lying in Judgment”

Imagine being a juror on a murder trial where you know that the defendant is innocent – because the guilty party is you!

That’s the shattering premise behind Camas novelist Gary Corbin’s long-awaited groundbreaking legal thriller, Lying in Judgment, released March 5, 2016, after over a decade of development.

Protagonist Peter Robertson, 33, discovers his wife is cheating on him. Following her suspected boyfriend one night, he erupts into a rage, beats him and leaves him to die… or so he thought. Soon he discovers that he has killed the wrong man – a perfect stranger.

Six months later, impaneled on a jury, he realizes that the murder being tried is the one he committed. After wrestling with his conscience, he works hard to convince the jury to acquit the accused man. But the prosecution’s case is strong as the defendant had both motive and opportunity to commit the murder. As the pressure builds, Peter begins to slip up and reveal things that only the murderer would know. As jurors one by one declare their intention to convict, Peter careens toward a nervous breakdown. The story concludes with a startling revelation that will shock some – and leave even the most jaded reader grinning with satisfaction.

The book is available online:

About the Author

Lying in Judgment Book Author

Book author, Gary Corbin.

Gary Corbin is a novelist and playwright in Camas, WA. In addition to assignment work for private sector, government, individuals, and not-for-profit clients, his creative and journalistic work has been published in BrainstormNW, the Portland TribuneThe Oregonian, and Global Envision, among others. Lying in Judgment is Corbin’s debut novel. His second, The Mountain Man’s Dog, will be released in the summer of 2016.

Gary is a member of Willamette Writers, PDX Playwrights, the Portland Area Theater Alliance, and the North Bank Writers Workshop, and participates in workshops and conferences in the Portland, Oregon area. A homebrewer as well as a maker of wine, mead, cider, and soft drinks, Gary is a member emeritus of the Oregon Brew Crew and a BJCP National Beer Judge. He loves to ski, cook, and garden, and hopes someday to train his dogs to obey.

For more information, contact:

Gary Corbin

Brendan Greenan, CapsN’Taps


When the author of “Shackleton’s Folly” started writing this intriguing book, he wanted to write Sci-Fi in the classical sense, to be filled with foreshadowing and enticing plots.

“It’s an adventure story about redemption,” says the author, Todd Yunker, who spent the better part of a year writing the book, which is part of a lengthy Sci-Fi series.

In this Sci-Fi story, Earth has been destroyed, few humans remain, and Shackleton, the novel’s central character, is determined to redeem his murdered father’s reputation by honoring his mission, namely to save the human race.

Integral to the story, Shackleton finds himself in a desperate race to solve an ancient legend of a lost tribe that long ago ventured into the stars. He seeks to find that tribe.

“Finding that tribe is key to solving his father’s dream and saving the human race from extinction,” says Yunker, who’s pleased with the effort. “I love how it turned out, and I’m already 115,000 words into the next novel in the series, which is called ‘Shackleton’s Critical Point.'”

Shackleton's Folly


Sci-Fi: A love for adventure

Yunker says he’s always loved a good adventure story.

“I’m old school,” he adds. “I like the classics. I like well-written stories and well-written plots. And, I always enjoy storytelling and entertaining others.”

He says it’s also been a good way to engage his son, Alex, who’s been battling cancer for the past few years. “The book has helped him cope with the cancer, as he’s been my beta reader.”

The reviews at Amazon are good, as well.

Says reader, E.A. Gray: “From the earliest part of the book, I realized the quality of the writing, the writer’s understanding of foreshadowing, and the progressive movement of the plot and characters. Alec is a superb protagonist that is a multidimensional individual. His love for his father’s work is respectable and his grit really rounds out his character. This guy is a real brick-laying tough guy that also happens to have a big heart, as well. His sidekick Dancer is a one-of-a-kind construct who’s easy to acclimate to. Before you know it, you are fully suspending disbelief and developing a strong bond with these characters: A testament to the author’s skill at character development.”

Shackleton's Folly3


Another reader,  David Bowen says: “Shackleton’s Folly” hit all the right buttons for me. I feel a wistful sense of loss that almost no one is writing classic-style SF adventure stories, ones that echo with the touch of the ghosts of Heinlein, Clarke, Asimov and the other luminaries of the Golden Age of Science Fiction. “Folly” has a similar feel to the classics without being derivative. The driving plot is paced more like an Indiana Jones adventure, but the big ideas are there. When I say big…I mean big. The concept behind the Lost Wonder in this book is staggering, any other word is an understatement. I truly appreciated the author had obviously spent the money on professional copy editing. It nearly doubled the pleasure of reading the story. I’ve read nearly 500 books since I got my first Kindle, many by new authors, some of which are now in development as movies.”


A little more about Yunker: He grew up in Salem, OR, and grew up with a passion for the science fiction genre. As a child, he was an avid reader, and relished the old sci-fi movies.

“Shackleton’s Folly” is the equivalent of 321 pages in a handbook, and is 408 pages in its current paperback version. It’s also available on Kindle, for $2.99 at Shackleton’s Folly on Amazon