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LACAMAS MAGAZINE was launched in 2012 driven by our passion for journalistic excellence seeking real stories about real people. We’ve interviewed mayors, state representatives, a Chamber of Commerce President, CEOs, school principals, city councilors, teachers, athletes, students, pastors, and kids! We’ve discovered fascinating accounts of triumph and tragedy, stamina and strength, hard work, and determination.

We endeavor to share your stories and to publish original and compelling features. With the rise of social media, information has become a recycling of content. We are determined to pursue a higher path.

Camas, WA — Ninety women gathered at Salud Wine Bar Wednesday night for the inaugural meeting of 100+ Women Who Care Clark County, which was an event that raised more than $9,000 for Children’s Home Society in an hour’s time.

The brand-new chapter of the nationwide charitable foundation was founded by Christie Ribary, who coordinated Wednesday’s event and provided procedural specifics throughout the night.

Members heard from Ribary, her mother, Cheryl Craig, who founded the Boulder, CO chapter of 100+ Women Who Care, and others who promoted various charities.

The doors opened at 5 pm for a social hour, and the event officially started at 6 pm. The charter members filled out cards with the names of a charity they wanted to promote, and three women were randomly selected to draw those cards from a bucket.

Children’s Home Society, Clark County Special Olympics, and Food With Friends were selected. Individual promoters of the respective charities explained what the organizations do, and how they help local people in need.

Children’s Home Society provides food and backpacks for children in need in East County, and is struggling to meet demand. Clark County Special Olympics is seeking funding for specific sporting programs for teens. Food With Friends always seeks funds to provide food, basic essentials, and helps people prepare to re-enter the workforce.


Christie Ribary is the founder of 100+ Women Who Care Clark County.

City Councilor Deanna Rusch works as a volunteer administrator for Food With Friends, and said “they always need help and volunteers.”

Once the impromptu presentations were made, the women voted by ballot, and Children’s Home Society won.

”Once we collect all the checks, the promoter of this charity will personally visit Children’s Home Society and present them with the funds,” said Ribary. “It’s a way to make a big local impact.”

Ribary said she’s very pleased with the local response and is impressed by the event’s turnout.

The group will gather in three months and repeat the process, but this time they will hear directly from Children’s Home Society and how the funds were used.

”This is also a great way for you to become familiar with local charities you may have never heard about,” said Ribary.

To learn more, visit www.100womenclarkcounty.com

You may also read our first article about the organization: 100+

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One of the biggest fitness trends that is going to make its mark in 2018, according to CNN.com, is high intensity interval training or HIIT. This type of training is different than just going to the gym to lift weights or doing cardio for an hour. This type of training combines aerobic (cardio), anaerobic (like sprinting), and resistance training (free weights) exercises that are programmed to deliver the maximum amount of caloric expenditure burn and fitness results — within a short period of time.

How is it different than traditional group classes?
HIIT classes can range from 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the group fitness studio you belong to. Some studios will only do body weight, but others will incorporate all three components mentioned above to deliver the maximum results within your class time.

If you are an avid cardio goer, love yoga, dance, just run, walk or hike, then HIIT is definitely going to take you out of your comfort zone. In the fitness world, we use the term planes of motion. With cardio movements, like biking or running, your body goes in one direction. When you take a HIIT class, you are moving in all the planes of motion. This means you are moving forward, sideways, backwards, at angles, up, down and sometimes all around. As humans, we are not meant to stay in one place, so if we can exercise to mimic real life movements, it helps tremendously. We call this, functional training movements. With HIIT, those movements are elevated to a higher level with out-of-the-box workout routines that are meant to get you leaner and stronger throughout your entire body, especially your core. In addition, the programmed rest cycles are meant to make your heart & lungs recover quicker, so that you can bounce back faster after every exercise sequence.


A 45-minute session at Burntown Fitness.

Why is this important?
The magic with HIIT training is that your muscles are constantly guessing. No one wants to hit a plateau and have their bodies become stagnant. With these classes, we are constantly confusing the body with various movement patterns, different exercises and resistance levels. The end result is an increase in calories burned, better muscular endurance, a stronger and leaner body, and better recovery between exercises.

Why can’t we just do cardio?
Cardio is great, but it does little in maintaining our muscle mass. The problem with cardio addicts is their muscle mass will suffer in the long term. The goal is to maintain or increase that lean body mass through resistance training because we will lose muscle at a faster rate as we get older. In addition, you have the bone density benefit. Lifting weights and constantly challenging your muscles with various resistances and dynamic movements will help maintain bone density, especially in women who are predisposed to higher levels of osteoporosis as they age.

Final Words
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. If you feel that you have reached a plateau, it just means you need to train at a higher level and be challenged. You don’t have to leave your current fitness place, but at the end of the day, if you aren’t getting results anymore, you need to crosstrain with other modes of exercise. The question to you is: Are you going to give HIIT a try? Don’t limit yourself with comfort, you only get one body, why not get the most out of it and Make Every Move Count.

by Kisar S. Dhillon, Partner, Burntown Fitness



Working out.



A 45-minute session at Burntown.



Sweating it out.

CAMAS, WA — When you get your carpet cleaned, it always feels good to get those dirty spots and stains off, but did you know there are also some additional health benefits?

Ammon Child, owner of the Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning franchise for the past 19 years in Clark County (based in Camas), has a few things to say about his company’s process.

“We want everyone to know that besides getting a clean carpet, there are some great additional health benefits, as well,” said Child. “We use a natural cleaning solution, which is water and citrus-based extract that dries in an hour. It’s a process that’s easy on your carpet — and the environment.”

In other words, no chemicals or residue left in your home. Their carpet cleaning also helps control allergens.

He said the quick dry means your carpet isn’t getting flooded, so it’s not doing any damage to the pads underneath. There’s not much waiting time until you can walk on your comfortable floor. Their technicians can operate around your furniture so there’s no need to do any heavy lifting — unless requested.

Child recommends that you get your carpets cleaned annually if you just have regular traffic in your residence, however, if you have pets he recommends cleaning twice a year.

Heaven’s Best offers the following additional services:

  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Tile and grout cleaning
  • Inspection, spot dying and repair
  • Carpet and fabric protection
  • Commercial services
  • Window cleaning

Their company is highly involved in the local community — Child’s wife, Kari, works for Camas school, daughter Madison attends Camas High School and runs Cross Country (ran with the State XC team), and son Lucas is in middle school.

To learn more, visit www.myheavensbest.com or call 360.606.2707 for a free estimate.



Winter here can wreak havoc on our rooftops, and sometimes a little leak can lead to severe damage — that’s where Gresham Roofing and Construction comes in.

The locally-owned company, which does 30 percent of their business in Clark County, was established in 1968, and was purchased several years ago by Camas resident, Jason Coe, whose children attend Camas High School. Coe is an active supporter of Camas athletic teams, and provided the food at one of the recent Papermaker football unity dinners.

“I really believe in supporting Camas and all that it has to offer,” said Coe. “This is our home and we want to do everything we can to keep it an amazing place to live and raise our family.”

His company also has an amazing crew.

From time to time, you may see Josh Nisbett and Andy Garcia working on a roof. The two work together frequently and ensure homeowners are fully comfortable and aware of the work they’re doing.

“This is your home,” said Nisbett, “and when we come to your house we explain everything upfront and answer any questions. Then, we do our best to get the work done before you come home from work. Aside from having a much better roof, you won’t even know we’re there.”


Josh Nisbett and Andy Garza.

Whether you need a full replacement or a simple patch work, Coe’s team offers a full range of services:

  • Residential and steep slope roofing: Shingling, complete re-roofing, custom tile repairs, green roof design and installation, inconspicuous solar panel installation.
  • Roof maintenance and repair: Fixing everything from minor leaks to major damage.
  • Construction services: Need a new deck? Door or window replacement? What about a new shed in preparation for Spring?
  • Commercial and low slope roofing: Providing roofing solutions that help lower energy costs at your business. They work to understand your unique situation.

Gresham Roofing and Construction is fully licensed, bonded and insured — and they hold one of the best safety records in the industry.

If you think your roof may have a problem, or maybe it’s just time to replace it, please call Gresham Roofing and Construction at 503.512.5730. You can also visit www.greshamroofing.com

Camas, WA – Varo Interior Design just announced that the Motor Yacht Chasseur has won best power yacht in the 40m to 65m category by the International Superyacht Society.

The M/Y Chasseur was built by local Vancouver, WA based Christensen Shipyards and designed by Tonya Lance of Varo Interior Design, a Camas company. Chasseur was also the recipient of a ‘Special Achievement’ award at the at the Showboats Design Awards earlier this year.

“When we started the process, I met with the owner to see his vision, and learned he loves the modern design,” said Lance. “I got his reaction to every sample, which included fabrics, carpets, wood, and stone. I brought as many materials as I could for him to view, and then started to build pallets for each room. We selected every piece of wood and stone, and every door is custom.”

Lance said most communications with the owner were by email, but that major presentations were made at Christensen Shipyards, which is located right on the Columbia River. The project took 36 months to complete.

The yacht’s interior really is the pinnacle of refined luxury. Each detail was mindfully designed to pleasure the most selective connoisseur. Milk glazed figured Sycamore walls filled with an abundance of impressive windows graciously surround Chasseur’s light, modern, elegant interior. Her classic teak interior flooring is beautifully accented with holly inlays and adorned with plush silk area rugs. Each piece of furniture is customized to offer the highest level of comfort and performance.

Her handcrafted Santos Rosewood casegoods are embellished with elements of polished stainless steel and shagreen. Chassuer’s main stairwell is a sculptural work of art showcasing glass and woven leather walls with floating glass treads. Her six luxurious staterooms with en suite bathrooms comfortably accommodate 12 guests. Each stateroom is equipped with autonomous control of an extensive movie and music library, U.S., Caribbean and European satellite television, iPad interface, and the fastest internet speeds available. Every guest bathroom aboard the vessel is clad in exotic onyx stones sourced from the finest quarries around the world. The interior and exterior bar surfaces are composed of backlit crystal agate and mirrored glass. The outdoor living areas provide abundant opportunities for dining, entertaining and basking in the sun. The Sun Deck arrangement features a full height bar, large Jacuzzi tub and lavish lounge areas. The bridge deck will offer two alfresco dining arrangements as well as a chic open air lounge area. The main aft deck provides a lavish seating arrangement and a full height service bar area. All exterior decks will be fully equipped with ample room designated for a helipad and toys.

“The yacht has a natural progression from the outside to the inside,” said Lance. “There’s no tinting on the windows, which keeps it in harmony with nature.”

The yacht is owned by a U.S. resident, but will be docked in the Mediterranean, and is currently en route to France.

M/Y Chasseur is 160 feet long, has a range of 4,000+ nautical miles, and has a maximum speed of 16 knots.  It is powered by two CAT 3512C series engines with a C-rating 1650 HP at 1800 RPM maximum continuous rating.


Chasseur Sky Lounge.

About Varo Interior Design

Varo Interior Design was started in 2007 in Vancouver, WA by Lance. Varo Interior Design’s mission is to gracefully design, plan and manage optimal environments through inspired collaboration and interactive process. Varo Interior Design takes a client-driven approach to every project.

“We are guided by integrity to create designs that will last and be loved,” said Lance. “We accomplish this by carefully detailing interiors in ways that encourage the highest levels of flexibility, durability, performance and appreciation. Our designs capture the spirit and vitality of the surrounding context, focusing on the integration of the project goals with the heritage of the built and natural environment.”

She said from client to client the context may vary, but they always produce designs inspired by the surroundings and reflect the uniqueness of each individual situation. Their inherent nature is to be creative and artistic problem solvers, and believe that only through a collaborative process can excellent design be achieved. To that end they are open and inclusive, welcoming inspiration from all. They also like to challenge the status quo.

About Tonya Lance

With over 17 years of professional experience, Lance is eager to help clients achieve optimal comfort and visual harmony. Tonya is grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with a wide range of clientele. She is noted for achieving high echelons of design within any budget. Tonya continually strives to develop strong working relationships to foster open communication and overall clarity. She is continually developing and in search of innovative design solutions. Her formal education includes a Bachelors of Art in Interior Architecture for Marylhurst University as well as a Certificate in Architectural Project Management from Portland State University.

To learn more, visit www.varodesigns.com


John, Oliver, and Tonya Lance, of Camas. Photo by Jennifer Barnes.

About Christensen Shipyards

Christensen Shipyards was founded in 1983 in Vancouver, Washington by Dave Christensen, and builds state of the art yachts of 120’ and more for discerning clients who recognize Christensen’s global reputation. Christensen Shipyards has been a staple in the yachting community and the Pacific Northwest for over 30 years. The shipyard encompasses over 300,000 sq. ft. of climate controlled manufacturing space and employs over 100 craftspeople. State of the Art facilities and modern manufacturing techniques enable Christensen to adhere to high manufacturing standards and build yachts of unsurpassed quality and beauty.

To learn more, visit www.christensenyachts.com

Yacht Image Gallery

All photos by Jeff Brown.

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RIDGEFIELD, Wash. – ilani, a premier gaming and entertainment destination in Southwest Washington, has garnered two dozen awards since opening this past April. Developed by Salishan-Mohegan LLC in collaboration with the Cowlitz Indian Tribe, ilani has attracted gaming aficionados from all along the I-5 corridor and is poised to continue its streak of good luck. With a new event center slated to open in 2018, the destination will enhance its offerings with a state-of-the-art facility for hosting meetings, conventions and some of the best entertainment in the Pacific Northwest.

“Open for less than seven months, ilani has clearly made an indelible impression on the local community and our guests,” said Kara Fox-LaRose, president and general manager of ilani. “We are honored to be counted among the best casinos in the region, and we are excited about our evolving offerings.”

ilani’s premier 100,000-square-foot gaming floor has something for everyone. More than 2,500 slot machines and 75 table games include favorites like blackjack, roulette, midi baccarat, craps and pai gow poker. ilani dealers and staff are ready and willing to offer advice and guidance for new players, and the excitement of slots doesn’t end after a trip to ilani: online casino games are available via ilani’s Play4Fun Casino site.

Strictly Slots Magazine Awards and Feature

As the winner of 13 awards in the Native Northwest category from Strictly Slots Magazine, ilani will be featured in the edition published today. The reader’s choice awards are the result of national voting from April to July, with ballots cast by mail or online. ilani received eight first-place wins, including:

  • Best Overall Casino
  • Best Reel Slots
  • Best Nickel Slots
  • Best Dollar Slots
  • Casino Where You Feel Luckiest
  • Best Slot Club, Momentum
  • Best Players Club Lounge
  • Friendliest Casino

Second-place wins for ilani included Best Video Slots, Best 50-cent Slots and Best $5+ Slots. ilani came in third for Best Video Poker and Best Comps. Additionally, the editorial staff of Strictly Slots Magazine named ilani their favorite casino in the region, granting the Editor’s Choice Award for the Northwest.


“We built this city, we built this city on rock and roll…” Starship featuring Mickey Thomas comes to Muze for a free show on Saturday, November 25.

Casino Player Best of Gaming Edition Awards

Ilani recently took home 10 awards from Casino Player Magazine’s Best of Gaming edition published in September. The casino nabbed numerous 2017 Native Northwest Honors, including four first-place wins:

  • Best Casino
  • Best Players Club, Momentum
  • Best Comps
  • Best Video Poker

Second-place finishes with Casino Player Magazine included Best Hosts, Best Reel Slots and Casino Where You Feel The Luckiest. ilani ended up third in the categories of Best Promotions, Best Dealers and Best Roulette.

Finally, Casino Player Magazine’s awards come on the heels of another big win in July’s Best Bets edition. ilani was named among Best Bets: Casino Player’s Expert Picks.

About ilani 
Located on a 156-acre site in Clark County, Washington, ilani, developed by the Cowlitz Tribe and Salishan-Mohegan, a partnership that includes Mohegan Sun, one of the world’s foremost gaming and entertainment developers and operators, is the West Coast’s premier gaming, dining, entertainment and meeting destination. With 368,000 total square feet, ilani includes 100,000-square-feet of gaming space with 2,500 slots and 75 gaming tables; 15 restaurants, bars and retail outlets; and a 2,500-seat meeting and entertainment venue hosting nationally recognized performances. For more information, visit ilaniresort.com and follow ilani on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

This is a short video on the new Flash Freeze Dreamery, which just opened for business near Costco at 192nd Ave. They have created a fun and tasty way to make homemade style ice cream that couldn’t be more fresh.

Please click on the link to view:



VANCOUVER, WA – This isn’t your Grandpa’s ice cream shop. In fact, the newly-opened Flash Freeze Dreamery offers much more than ice cream in a very sleek, modern, entertaining venue that’ll be a hit with your taste buds.

The shop, located at Lacamas Crossing (Costco shopping complex at 192nd Avenue and First), is based on the concept of liquid nitrogen ice cream.

So, what does that mean?

“The creamy part of the ice cream with flavor is put into a mixer and we zap it with liquid nitrogen, which is super cold,” says Flash Freeze Dreamery owner and concept designer, Gabe Ohms. “It’s mixed and the nitrogen evaporates out of the bowl while it freezes the ice cream.”

The nitrogen evaporates into the air leaving the ice cream “flash frozen” – and delicious.

“Generally ice cream that’s been purchased has typically been sitting there for days, and it’s the same with frozen yogurt,” Ohms adds. “What we’ve done here is taken fresh cream (from Alpenrose Dairy), added some flavor, and within a minute or two we create the freshest ice cream. Our product has the smoothest texture.”

Flash Freeze does this with French custard, Italian gelato, and frozen yogurt. They also have non-dairy options available.

So, how does it work?

When you go to Flash Freeze, and trust me, you want to GO to Flash Freeze, you first select your size of treat (small, medium, large), select your base (ice cream, French custard, Italian gelato, frozen yogurt, etc.), and then choose your flavor.

Customers can choose from a “favorite” flavor combination from the menu, or pick a flavor that’s available. You can also “dream” your own.

It’s really a lot of fun, and incredibly delicious.

Once you order, Flash Freeze staff get right to work, and it’s fun to watch. They first add the cream and flavor combination (based on recipes crafted by Ohms), then it’s off to the Kitchen Aid mixers that are retrofitted with dosers, which are connected to massive liquid nitrogen tanks. The custom-made doser valves control the flow of the liquid nitrogen.

Workers mix the ingredients to perfection, and then place the mixer bowl into water to separate the ice cream from the bowl. The fresh product is then placed into a bowl and served fresh.

And all the flavors come out at once. You’ll love it.
“Using liquid nitrogen isn’t new to food processing,” said Ohms. “But it’s new to ice cream. This is really the ice cream of the 21stcentury.
Ohms has wanted to do something with food for years, but then he saw a TV show about using liquid nitrogen to make ice cream. So, about eight months ago, he began preparing for what would become Flash Freeze Dreamery.
“We’ve created something here for everyone,” his wife, Jessica added. “The kids will love to watch how the ice cream is made. And everyone will enjoy the experience.”
You’ll enjoy favorite menu options like Cherry Chocolate Fudge, which contains cherry flavor, cherries, and chocolate fudge; or Birthday Cake, with cake batter flavor, birthday cake pieces and sprinkles.
Ordering is as simple as 1-2-3.
Cotton Candy Carnival is a favorite, with cotton candy flavor, marshmallows, and cotton candy crunch.
Other options include Cookies and Cream, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Mint Chocolate Cookie, Coconut Joy (my favorite), Strawberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Smores, and more.
There are dozens of other flavors and toppings, and you can dream up your own mixture.
Flash Freeze opens at 11 am on weekdays and Saturdays, and is located at 155 NE 192nd Avenue, Suite 107, Vancouver.
Teal Fielding serves a finished dessert.

On Thursday, Fuel Medical, a locally-owned and operated company, met at the Camas Fire station on Parker Avenue and did their part in making a child’s Christmas wish come true.

The company purchased, assembled and then donated 13 bikes to the CAROL program, which is a 50-year Camas/Washougal giving program that helps out needy families at Christmastime.
“It’s part team-building, part giving back to the community,” said Stewart Lyon, Fuel Medical’s Marketing Director. “Our entire team is here assembling bikes and we’re having a lot of fun doing it.”
The CAROL program, which is run by the Camas Fire Department receives, organizes, and distributes food, toys and other items to needy families in the Camas and Washougal communities. It’s a long-standing tradition that will help 175 families in the coming days.
Camas Mayor Scott Higgins said Fuel Medical came to him, inquiring about local needs.
“It was great to get the call,” said Higgins. “So, I pointed them to CAROL, and here we all are. It’s a great feeling. It’s a great program and it goes straight to Camas and Washougal families. It helps our people right here, and we’re excited Fuel is partnering with us on this program.”
Fuel co-founders Brendan Ford and Shawn Parker assembled a child’s bike together, with Ford blind-folded while receiving verbal instructions from Parker. The build was successful.
Fuel staff worked in teams to assemble the 13 bikes, which will be distributed to families in the coming days.
Alicia Ramsey, of the Camas Fire Department, was on-hand and was grateful for the support.

“We’re thankful for Fuel Medical, for the purchase and donation of these bikes,” she added. “It’s great to have the help.”

Ramsey said their next task was organizing the delivery boxes in preparation for this weekend.

“This is our first year participating – we’re very excited,” said Parker.
Ford was appreciative that the Camas FD allowed them to use this space to build the bikes.
“It’s been a great experience for our team and we’re happy to help,” Ford said.
  Fuel Medical
Fuel Medical team members complete a bike on Thursday.














Fuel Medical
Fuel Medical finished their bike assemblies Thursday morning and donated the bikes to the CAROL program.