Kelso, WA — It may be a bit of a drive, but Kelso is a familiar place for Camas swimmers. It’s been a place where District Championships are won, records broken, and state qualifying times are earned. And, this week was no different.

On Tuesday, Camas Junior, Eric Wu, made his state cut time in the 50 Free (22.23), which put a smile on his face. Reluctant to talk about his feat, he pivoted and thanked his team instead.

”The whole team swam very well today — especially Ben Taylor in the 100 Fly and Luke Bales in the 200 Free. Our team is up and coming and we’re ready for the Kelso Invitational on Saturday.”

That’s how leaders talk.

And, prior to the Kelso meet, Wu demonstrated that talent and capacity. While most were getting themselves mentally ready for the tasks ahead of them, Wu was busy helping teammate, Tim Timchenko, with his swimming strokes.

That’s how leaders act.


Eric Wu helps Tim Timchenko with some swimming strokes.

They lead, they inspire, and they motivate.

The Camas Boys Swim team is a diverse one. You’ve got your rock stars who have State Champion titles, the near break-outs who are are the verge of hitting some amazing times, focused swimmers who are improving their skills, those that struggle or are new to the sport.

Freshman Josef Kiesenhofer’s teammates know he works as hard as anyone at their practices. New to Camas, Kiesenhofer had taken a break from competitive swimming while his family lived in Germany for the past two years. Prior to that, he swam in Connecticut and North Carolina.

He’s focusing on getting state cuts in the 100 Back and 100 Fly.

”I feel pretty good about the 100 Fly,” Kiesenhofer said. “I have a lot of experience, and it’s fun to be on this team. I really admire Mark Kim — he can practically do anything.”

At Kelso, Kiesenhofer competed in the 100 Fly, 50 Free, and two relays. He won the 100 Fly event.


Josef Kiesenhofer in the 100 Fly.

Freshman Kaden Lana started back up this year after a two-year swimming hiatus. He competes in the 50 Free, 100 Free, and 200 Relay.

“Swimming is fun,” said Lana. “And I love doing Freestyle. It’s easy!”

Sophomore Luke Bales is on the cusp of getting State times in the 50 Free and 100 Free.

”I need to shave 1-2 seconds,” said Bales. “That’s still a lot, but Kelso is a good pool with good blocks and a deep diving end. And the walls here are sticky.”

He may pull it off at Kelso 2.0 this week, when the boys meet at the annual major invitational featuring athletes from 19 schools.

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Swim Photo Gallery


VANCOUVER, WA — The Papermaker Boys Swim Team came out ahead at Thursday’s Propstra Aquatic Center meet against Hudson’s Bay, Columbia River, and Washougal.

Pushing along in their quest to defend their State title, the boys made do at the swim meet without some key swimmers, who were traveling to a private swim club meet up north.

Their absence created a little shifting during key relay events giving underclassmen Dave Peddie, Luke Bales, and Ben Taylor the opportunity to swim a relay with State champion, Mark Kim.

“We just finished our 200 Free Relay,” said Peddie. “The Camas A team got first place, and our times are not bad for this point in the season, but we can definitely build on that, and keep improving.”

Bales, a sophomore, agreed.

“We were led by Mark Kim so that’s a really good thing,” said Bales. “And personally, I hit a PR in the event.”

Propstra Swim Meet Stats

Here’s how things turned out, by event.

200 Free Medley Relay:

  • 1st Place: Camas High School (1:51.31) – Junha Lee, Jakob Duerfeldt, Luke Bales, Austin Fogel.
  • 2nd Place: Columbia River High School (1:51.84) – Daniel Ishchuk, Ben Phelps, Elijah Parish, Simon Parish.
  • 3rd Place: Camas High School (1:57.62) – Sullivan Carrick, Jacob Fenley, James Hatch

200 Free

  • 1st Place:  Junha Lee (2:01.74), of Camas.
  • 2nd Place: Ben Taylor (2:08.4), of Camas.
  • 3rd Place: Colin Helt (2:27.3), of Columbia River.

Luke Bales starts his relay event.

200 Individual Medley (IM)

  • 1st Place: Austin Fogel (2:08.92), of Camas.
  • 2nd Place: Dave Peddie (2:17.15), of Camas.
  • 3rd Place: Simon Parish (2:17.45), of Columbia River.

50 Free

  • 1st Place: Mark Kim (23.46 seconds), of Camas.
  • 2nd Place: Isaiah Ross (23.85 seconds), of Washougal.
  • 3rd Place: Ben Phelps (24.30 seconds), of Columbia River.

100 Butterfly

  • 1st Place: Jaden Kim (56.33 seconds), of Camas.
  • 2nd Place: Austin Fogel (58.02 seconds), of Camas.
  • 3rd Place: Daniel Brown (58.82 seconds), of Camas.

100 Free

  • 1st Place: Isaiah Ross (51.23 seconds), of Washougal.
  • 2nd Place: Daniel Ishchuk (55.86 seconds), of Columbia River.
  • 3rd Place: Jack Harris (57.29 seconds), of Camas.

500 Free

  • 1st Place: Jaden Kim (5:23.53), of Camas.
  • 2nd Place: Simon Parish (5:23.53), of Columbia River.
  • 3rd Place: Victor Wu (6:14.81), of Camas.

200 Free Relay

  • 1st Place: Camas High School (1:36.52) – Mark Kim, Luke Bales, Dave Peddie, Ben Taylor.
  • 2nd Place: Columbia River High School (1:39.39) – Elijah Parish, Daniel Ishchuk, Ben Phelps, Simon Parish.
  • 3rd Place: Camas High School (1:44.90) – Timchenko Timofey, Victor Wu, Jakob Duerfeldt, Jack Harris.

100 Backstroke

  • 1st Place: Mark Kim (58.84), of Camas.
  • 2nd Place: Daniel Ishchuk (1:01.35), of Columbia River.
  • 3rd Place: Daniel Brown (1:02.10), of Washougal.

100 Breaststroke

  • 1st Place: Danilo Kamenko (1:12.05), of Camas.
  • 2nd Place: Jakob Duerfeldt (1:12.95), of Camas.
  • 3rd Place: Elijah Parish (1:14.20), of Columbia River.

400 Free Relay

  • 1st Place: Camas High School (3:36.25) – Jaden Kim, Austin Fogel, Mark Kim.
  • 2nd Place: Camas High School (3:54.85) – Dave Peddie, Ben Taylor, Luke Bales, Timchenko Timofey.
  • 3rd Place: Camas High School (4:03.56) – Josef Kiesenhofer, Jack Harris, Danilo Kamenko, Victor Wu.

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Swim Meet Gallery

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LONGVIEW, WA — The Camas High Boys Swim team (the 2017 4A State swimming champions) handily defeated RA Long and Mark Morris in their first meet of the season. The fast-moving meet got off to a good start with a win by the Camas 200 Medley Relay team, which included Finn McClone, Jaden Kim, Austin Fogel, and Mark Kim.

Meet Results:

  • Washougal’s Isaiah Ross won the 200 Free, and was followed by Papermaker Freshmen Jack Harris, and Dave Peddie.
  • State Champion and Camas co-captain, Mark Kim, won the 200 IM, and was followed by Papermaker’s Finn McClone and Junha Lee.
  • Jaden Kim won the 50 Free event, and Luke Bales placed second.
  • Jaden Kim also won the 100 Fly, and Fogel placed second.
  • Mark Kim won the 100 Free event, and Zachary Macia placed second.
  • Ross won the 500 Free event, while Peddie placed second.
  • Mark Morris won the 200 Free Relay.
  • McClone won the 100 Back event, and Macia placed second. Fogel won the 100 Breast, while Aaron Lee placed second.
  • And, in the 400 Free Relay, the team of Jaden Kim, Fogel, McClone, and Mark Kim won.

“This was a small dual meet so we just pushed through,” said Mark Kim. “We’re definitely working our hardest at every practice and improving our time, but we are focusing on the bigger meets.”

What’s next?

The boys head to Whitman College in Walla Walla, WA this Saturday for a tougher, more competitive meet.

“It’ll be a 15-hour day,” said McClone. “We leave Camas at 5:30 am this Saturday. It’ll be good to see the competition from that part of the state.”

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Swim Image Gallery

It’s one week into the new school swim season, and the reigning 4A state champion Camas boys swim team is working hard to find a way back to the state awards podium.

“We’re trying to find 2-4 kids to fill the void of two seniors we lost last year,” said Head Coach, Mike Bemis, who himself was honored as Coach of the Year. “We’re trying to fill Jeff’s (Fadlovich) spot and Tom’s (Utas) spot and I’m not sure how many juniors, sophomores, and freshmen we have to do that. Right now, we have the six returning from State, and now we need some others to step up.”

He added it’s very early in the season, with the first regular season meet several weeks away. The boys swim team has had a string of District Championships, and since 2012 they’ve been getting closer each year to clinching the State title, which they finally did in February 2017. They had the right mix of winning individual and relay performances to propel them over the top.

Team Co-captain Mark Kim, who is the reigning 4A State champion in the 200 Free and 500 Free events, looks forward to the journey this season. Senior Finn McClone is the other team captain. He was preparing for the Salem Open meet during interview time.

“The team’s accomplishments last year were really big,” said Kim. “It’s a really big legacy we have to live up to this year, and this being my senior year, it makes me want that State title even more. We have some talented underclassmen that will help us get there.”

This year’s squad is 30 athletes strong, with six seniors, 10 juniors, six sophomores, and eight freshmen. The team is comprised of swimmers from local swim clubs — Columbia River Swim Team (CRST), Lacamas Athletic Club, and Portland Athletic Club (PAC), as well as athletes from Washougal.

“We swim about four miles each day,” said freshman, Dave Peddie, with a big smile. “Morning, night, lunch time.”

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State Champion swimmer, Mark Kim, help lead the Camas Boys Swim team win the State title earlier this year.

Swim Team Image Gallery

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LONGVIEW, WA — This is a video about the Camas High School Boy’s Swim Team adventures at the Southwest Washington Swimming Invitational, which had some major glitches. Because of a septic overflow, the meet was suspended for an hour, and the athletes ended up playing hoops in swimsuits and caps. Several even wore their Speedos on the court. It was hilarious!

Plus, it didn’t help matters that some of the athletes tampered with drains, causing the problems to increase.

The athletes resumed the intense competition after the sewage overflow was cleaned up, and the pool was deemed safe (meeting health codes) by meet officials.

Swimming in Review

“Overall, it was a great meet,” said Jeff Fadlovich, who made some personal records at Longview. “Our team is pretty young, but we’re making great strides with our freshmen and sophomores. People like Mark Kim, and Eric Wu are making a huge difference, especially after losing State champions Lucas Ulmer and Kasey Calwell.”

Camas has been building up its program over the last 7-8 years, drawing talent from club swimmers who have been active in the sport most of their young lives.

Camas did end up winning the Invitational, by a large margin.


FEDERAL WAY, WA — For Camas Senior, Kasey Calwell, all went according to plan at Saturday’s 4A State Swimming Finals. Calwell won state titles in two events — the 100 Breastroke and the 200 IM. In addition, he won the 4A State Swimmer of the Year Award and earned an All-American title.

Calwell has been swimming for Camas since his Freshman year and has steadily been making gains at State, culminating in these wins. In addition, his relay teams placed fourth at State.

He also swims for CRST in Vancouver.  He will be attending UC Santa Barbara this fall.


KELSO, WA – When swimmers from several regional high schools descended upon Kelso on Friday night they were determined to make a statement – and they did as eight meet records were shattered.
In addition to breaking many of those event records, the Camas boys won the meet by a landslide, racking up 668 points overall. Mark Morris placed second at 470, with Skyview third at 380 and Hockinson placing fourth with 377 points. Kelso rounded out the top five.
The Papermakers made a splash early on in the 200 Medley Relay with Kasey Calwell, Tom Utas, Lucas Ulmer and John Utas coming in at 1:41.19, breaking their team’s old Kelso Invitational record of 1:45.80 that was made just 12 months ago.
Moments later, Calwell would do it again in the 200 Free by finishing the race at 1:48.73, shattering Eric Bugna’s 2012 record of 1:52.40.
And these boys were just getting warmed up.
Prairie’s Jaron Hamlik, who practices daily with the Camas team, not only broke a meet record in the 50 Free, but also set a pool record and made a State cut as he came in at 22.10, breaking Chris Xue’s 22.24 record set in December 2012.
“It was the best start I’ve ever had,” said Hamlik. “I feel good.”
His coach, Mike Bemis, was equally impressed.
“And this isn’t his best event, either,” Bemis said. “This is like his third best event, and he hasn’t swam the 50 Free in some time. We’re really proud of him.”

Papermaker Lucas Ulmer placed second in the 50 Free coming in at 23.25.
Hamlik decided he wasn’t done. So after the 25-minute diving session, he nailed the 100 Fly coming in at 53.24, also breaking a meet record.

One of the Papermaker’s young guns, Jeff Fadlovich, keeps turning heads this season with his times. He won the 500 Free, coming in at 5:15.82 and also broke a meet record.
Columbia River’s Benjamin Grubb won the 100 Back event, coming in at 55.62, breaking the meet record set by Ulmer (56.16) in January 2012. Ulmer placed second in the event (56.05) on Friday night.

Calwell also won the 100 Breast with a time of 1:02.32, breaking another meet record, previously made by Camas graduate, Jake Yraceburu (1:05.06).

And to top off the night, the Camas 400 Free Relay A team brought strength and resolve, by setting a new meet record in that event with a time of 3:23.10. The A Relay consists of John Utas, Jeff Fadlovich, Ulmer and Calwell.

“It’s been another great meet,” said Bemis. “The B teams did very well, and our younger swimmers delivered tonight, too.”
There will be more on the younger swimmers in a follow-up article.
The journey continues.
The Camas 200 Medley Relay team won the event and broke a meet record (1:41.19).
Prairie’s Jaron Hamlik won two events — the 50 Free and 100 Fly.
Columbia River’s Benjamin Grubb (left) talks with Lucas Ulmer after winning the 100 Back event.
Kasey Calwell won the 100 Breast event (1:02.32) breaking a meet record.
Papermaker Jeff Fadlovich finishes his left of the 400 Free Relay. His four-member team won the event and set a new meet record (3:23.10).

The Camas Boys Swim Team face all competitors today at 3:30 at the Kelso Invitational.

In this photo, Papermaker John Utas finishes the 400 Free Relay events against Skyview/Fort Vancouver. Utas and his teammates (Lucas Ulmer, Kasey Calwell, and Jeff Fadlovich) are undefeated in the 400 Free Relay this season.

The boys have continued to dominate the season, led by Ulmer, Caldwell and Utas, who have already made State cut times (which means they have qualified to compete at State in several swimming events).

“The boys are here at 5:15 every morning,” said Coach Mike Bemis. “The lights are dim, and the water is cold, but they make it happen every meet, and at every practice. I’m really pleased with their performance.”

The A relay teams have been very, very strong, and continue to win all their meets. However, the B and C teams are also winning, and although they are slower, they are still winning their events, and adding to the overall team score.

“The B and C teams make all the difference,” said Ulmer. “We’re glad they’re so strong.”

Ulmer has been swimming competitively since he was 6.

Calwell, who attends a private school, has been swimming with the team since his Freshman year. He has his eyes set on winning a couple state championships before he graduates in 2015.

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Papermaker Swimming


VANCOUVER, WA – The Camas High Boys Swim Team dealt another blow to the competition Tuesday at Propstra Pool, beating past rival Skyview 122-44 and Fort Vancouver 139-8, continuing their undefeated status this season. The multiple dual meet had swimmers from other schools, as well, including Woodland, Hockinson, and Brush Prairie.

The swimmers competed in 11 events total, and even though it’s hard work they made it look easy.

“It speaks to the strength of the whole team,” said Junior Kasey Calwell, who attends King’s Way Christian, but competes with the Camas team. “Our B team relays are doing extremely well and they will help our team win districts.”

Swimming Domination

The Papermakers got off to a rocking start by winning the 200 Medley Relay. The four-man team consisted of Calwell, Tom Utas, John Utas, and Lucas Ulmer. Their time was 1:42.3. Hockinson placed second with 1:46.79 and the Camas B Relay team placed third, at 1:57.98.

Jonah Rodewald, of Hockinson, won the 200 Free with a time of 1:59.3 with Papermaker Jeff Fadlovich placing a very close second, at 2:00.59. Camas swimmer Luke Albert placed third, at 2:01.59.

“Our relays did really well at this meet,” said co-Captain Xianguang Yan. “I’m very impressed with what’s happening on our team overall.”

The 200 IM went to Brush Prairie’s Jaron Hamlik, who clocked in at 2:05. Ulmer placed second at 2:09.44, followed by Papermaker Colin Kuhta at 2:20.46.

Calwell won the 50 Free at 23.43, with Xiaguang Yan second (24.20) and Tom Utas third (24.50).

Calwell did it again in the 100 Fly, winning with a time of 55.71. Cullyn Newman, of Hockinson, placed second (58.81). Camas swimmer Max Urbanek placed third (1:03.68).

The Utas brothers, John and Tom, took first and second, respectively, in the 100 Free. Older brother John, a Junior, came in at 51.17. Tom’s time was 53.84. Skyview’s Garrett Jensen came in at 57.54.

Ulmer, who rarely competes in the 500 Free nonetheless won the event Tuesday night, coming in at 5:15.72. Jeff Fadlovich came in at 5:17.43, and Hockinson’s Will Morris placed third, at 5:39.47.

The brothers Utas, along with Yan and Kuhta won the 200 Free Relay, coming in at 1:37.62. Skyview’s relay with Jensen, Nick Anderson, Alex Osler and Matthew Gaylor, came in second (1:45.09). The Camas B Relay team with Luke Albert, Noah Macia, Xinyang Chen, and Nicholas Burton placed third (1:48.76).

Prairie’s Hamlik won his second event of the meet in the 100 Back coming in at 57.51. Hockinson’s Rodewald was in second (1:01.40) followed by Skyview’s Dalton Harvey (1:09.58).

Xiaguang Yan won the 100 Breast (1:10.90) and Joey Wunderlich placed second (1:11.80). Hockinson’s Dylan Osborne came in third (1:1519).

In past years, Skyview was generally a threat, said Calwell, but not this year as key athletes either graduated or are focusing on club swimming.

That leaves Union and Evergreen as the Papermaker’s biggest rivals. They’ll face each other this Friday at the Kelso Invitational. The meet begins at 3:30.

The journey continues.

Swim Team
Camas swimmers Jeff Fadlovich (left) and Joey Wunderlich (right) dive off
the starting blocks in the final heat of Tuesday’s 400 Free Relay.


Camas swimmer Noah Macia on the starting block.
Kasey Calwell
Kasey Calwell dives into his lane as John Utas completes his leg of
the 400 Free Relay. Camas won this event Tuesday night.
Colin Kuta
Camas Freshman Colin Kuhta finishes the 400 Free Relay.
Undefeated: The Camas 400 Free Relay team, from left to right:
Freshman Jeff Fadlovich, and Juniors John Utas, Lucas Ulmer and Kasey Calwell.
Camas 400 Free Relay B team, from left to right: Luke Albert, Colin Kuhta,
Joey Wunderlich and Max Urbanek. The B teams are doing very
well this season, according to their team captains.

LONGVIEW, WA – The Camas High School Boys Swim team continued their undefeated streak this season at Tuesday’s multiple dual meet, and competed directly against Robert A. Long High School, as well as Mark Morris.

A total of six schools competed at the meet, which was originally scheduled as a season dual. The other schools were Hockinson, Woodland, and Brush Prairie.

The venue provided some warmth and shelter from the pounding wind and rain outside.

The Camas swimmers kicked off the night by winning the 200-yard Medley Relay with a time of 1:57.69.

Junior Kasey Calwell (of King’s Way Christian School), who competes with the Camas team, won the 200 IM with a time of 1:59.3, making a State qualifying time in this event.

“It feels really good to be under two minutes,” Calwell said. “We put in a good team effort today and our team just keeps getting better. We made several state cuts today. And it’s good to see the freshmen stepping up and improving at each meet.”

In the 50 Free, Papermaker John Utas came out ahead with a time of 22.78. As usual, Utas gives each event everything he has, and Tuesday’s performance wasn’t any different.

Lucas Ulmer

“He always looks like he’s going to pass out after each event,” said one of the official timekeepers.

Junior Lucas Ulmer handily beat the competition in the 100 Fly, clocking in at 54.15, which is a State qualifying time.

Swimmers earn the ability to compete at State anytime in the season by meeting time thresholds set by the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA). They will host the Boys State Swimming and Diving meet on February 21 and 22 in Federal Way, WA.

Jaron Hamlik, of Prairie High School, who practices with the Papermakers, won the 100 Free in 50.29 seconds. He is also State-bound. Papermaker Xianguang Yan placed second at 55.18; and Camas swimmer Colin Kuhta placed third, with a time of 57.37.

In the endurance 500 Free event, Camas freshman Jeff Fadlovich finished first with a time of 5:17.84 while Camas Junior Max Urbanek placed second at 5:40.60.

“We’re really pleased with our freshman,” said Camas swim coach, Mike Bemis. “They’re doing a great job, and the team overall is also doing quite well.”

The four-man relay team of Kasey Calwell, Xiaguang Yan, Lucas Ulmer and John Utas finished first in the 200 Relay, earning a time of 1:32.42.

In the 100 Backstroke, Ulmer also beat the competition, with a time of 58.64 se conds. Utas came in second at 1:01.03.

Calwell bested the 100 Breastroke, as well, earning a time of 1:03.28, handily beating everyone else. Joey Wunderlich placed second, and Xinyang Chen, third.

The Camas boys earned a State cut as well in the 400 Free, earning a time of 3.23.83.

The Camas 400 Free relay team consisted of John Utas, Tom Utas, Calwell, and Ulmer.


Jaron Hamlik

Prairie swimmer, Jaron Hamlik.


The team practices at 5:15 am each day at Lacamas Swim and Sport Club.

This is about the half way mark for the current season, and the boys play again next week at Propstra.


Kasey Calwell
Kasey Calwell won the 200 IM event with a State qualifying time.



John Utas
Camas Junior John Utas won the 50 Free event.