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According to the Clark County Elections Office, Camas School District No. 117, Proposition No. 1, Bonds to Improve Safety, and Construct and Renovate School Facilities has passed with 61.07% of the vote, a super majority, with 38.93% voting against the bond measure. A total of 5,983 votes have been cast so far, with 3,654 votes in favor of the measure.

Local residents have been campaigning hard for the $120 million levy, which keeps essential operations running for several years, and also allots funds to build an annex to the existing Camas High School. Camas has managed its funds well over the years, and voters are showing their approval with the votes. These types of measures require a supermajority, or 60 percent of votes cast.

“It’s a hard threshold to meet sometimes,” said Camas School District Superintendent, Mike Nerland.

Other local districts are experiencing similar special election results. These other districts have earmarked their funds differently than Camas.

  • Green Mountain School District passed with 56%.
  • Hockinson School District passed with 53%.
  • La Center School District passed with 56%.
  • Ridgefield School District passed with 63%.
  • Vancouver School District passed with 70%.

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 9.16.37 PM

These results are from the Clark County Elections Office, but are considered unofficial until all votes are turned in, and official tallies are certified. It takes day for all votes to be counted, and certified.


CAMAS, WA — The Camas Wrestling team accomplished something it hasn’t since 1994 — they won a District Championship this past Saturday while hosting the annual event. With 40 on the team, the boys had a complete lineup, with 28 spots filled. The Papermakers scored 351 points.

Junior Dylan Ingram won the 220-pound weight class, and moves onto State competition. He credits coach Cory Vombaur with the team’s success.

Photos by Blake Schnell.


Camas Freshman, Jack Latimer, during the semi-finals.

“It feels so good to be Union,” Ingram said. “And I give credit to our coach who’s recruited well, and has encouraged us to develop and grow this sport. The team has grown a ton in recent years.”

Fans and families filled the Camas Gym from 8 am to 8 pm at the day long event, which saw some incredible wrestling.


Here are the results from the Finals, by weight class:

106 pounds: Ethan Rotundo (Union)

113 pounds: Will Taisacan (Mountain View)

120 pounds: Joseph Hartnett (Battle Ground)

126 pounds: Rylan Thompson (Camas)

132 pounds: Isaiah Av (Evergreen)

138 pounds: Miles Harrowig (Union)

145 pounds: James Rogers (Battle Ground)

152 pounds: Tommy Strasseberg (Union)

160 pounds: Dylan Goodpaster (Evergreen)

170 pounds: Taylor Stewart (Battle Ground)

182 pounds: Shan Sighn (Union)

195 pounds: Zach Berfranger (Union)

220 pounds: Dylan Ingram (Camas)

285 pounds: Dallas Goospaster (Evergreen)


Camas senior, Dominic Delgado.




001771  001781

001754  001759

001766  001763


Camas Junior, Dylan Ingram, won the 220-pound class.













Since today is Election Day, we dug up some old history and fun facts, and learned that Charles Farrell was the first registered voter in Camas. This is a photo, courtesy of Images of America, of the 1915 Farrell House, which was built by John Roffler for Charles Farrell and his wife, Ursula “Rose” Roffler. Charles was the fist registered voter in Camas, and served on the Camas City Council for many years.

The Farrell House still stands today, and has been very well maintained over the generations. Locals know it well.

Initially, the Charles and Rose ran a general store in downtown Camas, as well as a home millinery business. Their business evolved to become the Farrell and Eddy Department store, which was the go-to department store for local residents.

Today, the building still exits, and houses the Camas Antiques store, which is an attraction from miles around. It’s truly a destination for many people.

So, now you know.

For more information, visit Camas Public Library via the Internet, or stop by the historical building, which had a major renovation in 2003. They have a section that allows you to view and copy old materials, which help one gain a sense of local history.

Camas photographer, Blake Schnell, captured this amazing sunrise photograph of Mt. Hood this morning. We think it turned out great!



Youth Theater Production Runs Two Weekends – March 4 – 13, 2016 at Washburn Performing Arts Center at Washougal High School

WASHOUGAL, WA — Join the Journey Theater Arts Group for a year in the life of Charlie Brown as he searches for happiness. This bright and sunny show is packed with upbeat Broadway songs, funny comics and the creative genius of Charles M. Schultz. All your favorite Peanuts characters are here: Linus, Lucy, Snoopy, Woodstock and the entire gang. Whether it’s a baseball game, a day at school, or Beethoven’s birthday- nobody knows how to celebrate like the Peanuts gang.



Theater Performance Times and Location

Performances are March 4 – March 13, 2016 at Washburn Performing Arts Center at Washougal High School, 1201 39th Street, Washougal WA, 98671. Tickets are on sale now at journeytheater.org or by calling 360.750.8550. Pre-sale adult tickets are $14. Youth and senior tickets are $10. The March 5, @ 7:00 p.m. showing is a “family day” performance with all tickets $10 in advance per person. Tickets for all performances will be $4 more at the door.

School Day Performances will be offered at 9:30 a.m. and 11:45 a.m. on Wednesday, March 9. Tickets are $6 each for groups of 10 – 99 and $5 each for groups of 100 or more, with one free ticket for every 15 purchased. Call our office to arrange to bring your class or home school group!


Public Performances
Friday, March 4 @ 7:00 p.m.
Saturday, March 5 @ 7:00 p.m.
Sunday, March 6 @ 2:00 p.m.
Friday, March 11 @ 7:00 p.m.
Saturday, March 12 @ 3:00 p.m.
Sunday, March 13 @ 2:00 p.m.

School Day Performances
Wednesday, March 9 @ 9:30 a.m. and 11:45 a.m.

About Journey Theater Arts Group
Journey is the most dynamic theater arts community in the Portland/Vancouver area, offering dozens of classes in drama, dance, voice and more, as well as producing 12 shows in four locations during the school year and a professional-level community theater musical each summer. Journey strives for excellence, while providing a welcoming and encouraging environment where kids ages 6 to 18 and their families can build life-long skills and friendships. Journey is a 501(c)3 nonprofit educational organization, with offices located at 1400 NE 136th Ave, Suite 201, Vancouver WA, 98684. Contact at 360.750.8550 or www.journeytheater.org.



By Dan Trujillo
Camas Post-Record

The following is an excerpt from Dan Trujillo’s Blog post, used with his permission.

A Camas freshman, sophomore, junior and a senior finished in the top six of the all-around competition to help the Papermakers clinch their third straight district gymnastics championship. Camas racked up a season high 167.925 to surpass Union by a 6.05-point margin.

Sophomore Jacqueline Purwins won the all-around crown with 35.25 points. She finished first on the beam (9.375) and bars (8.8), and third on the vault (8.425).

Junior Emily Karkanen earned third all-around with 34.425 points. She took third on the floor (9.475), as well as fourth on the vault (8.4), beam (8.35) and bars (8.3). Karkanen was also named a first-team all-around gymnast in the 4A Greater St. Helens League.

Senior Caleigh Lofstead claimed fourth all-around with 34.1 points. She won the vault (8.7), placed third on the bars (8.35) and eighth on the floor (9.15).

Freshman Madison Martin secured sixth all-around with 33 points. She rose to second place on the beam (8.8) and seventh place on the bars (7.7).

Freshman Joy Marsh snagged seventh place on the vault (8.05) and Michaela Lasher notched ninth place on the beam (7.85).

CAMAS, WA — Developing story … The Papermakers won today’s hard-fought District Wrestling Championship with 351 points, which is a feat they haven’t done since 1994, before any of these competitors and athletes were born.

Individual wins also went to Rylan Thompson and Dylan Ingram, in their respective weight classes.

“I attribute today’s win to great coaching, recruiting and hard work,” said Ingram. “We’re grateful for so much community support.”

More results and details to follow.

Photos by Blake Schnell.


Dylan Ingram won the 220 weight class division, and moves onto State.



Jack Latimer and his wrestling teammates admire their hard-fought trophy.



Admiring their district trophy.



The District Trophy! The last time Camas won this in wrestling was in 1994.

By Ernie Geigenmiller

VANCOUVER, WA — Milwaukee Bucks Forward, Jabari Parker, who was the second overall pick in the 2014 NBA draft, addressed an audience of several hundred at a local LDS meetinghouse Wednesday night.

Parker, 20, who’s graced the cover of Sports Illustrated, and was named National High School Player of the Year, is also the first African-American Mormon to play professional basketball.The NBA player was in town competing against the Blazers Tuesday night, and found time to address a congregation of mostly youth.

He was introduced by the Bucks Strength Coach, Michael Davie, a fellow Mormon. Davie discussed issues of faith, struggle and integrity, and how people should express kindness toward others each day.

The event organizers showed a brief ABC News segment with Katie Couric, from three years ago, that showed Parker attending early morning seminary classes, and how well he performed in prep school.

The building was mostly filled with fans.
Couric asked him several questions about his faith, and in particular, the ongoing misconceptions about Mormonism.  Parker said his “faith kept him grounded, but that I have to explain my religion quite often to people.”

He addressed the Vancouver congregation by saying, “What’s up everybody?”

Parker, who’s 6 feet, nine inches tall, said being in the limelight as a basketball player is a challenge, but that “I’m no bigger than anyone else.”

“We have to acknowledge God, and remember that everyone is a child of God,” he said. “You have to have compassion and be a team player on the court, and recognize that we all make mistakes. We’re not perfect, so don’t judge.”

Parker said he started attending The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, as the church is formally known, when he was 7.“I have a very strong testimony of the Gospel,” he said. “I read the scriptures often, and my dad taught me that charity is putting yourself second.” 


Camas resident, Ethan Convey, waits for an autograph.


During the 90-minute session, audience members were able to write down questions, and have a moderator read those questions to Parker, and Davie.

One of those questions was: “How do you keep your personal standards while working in the NBA?”

Davie said: “These choices were made a long time ago, choices not to drink and to obey the law of chastity.”

Parker replied: “The influence of my youth leaders growing up helped get me here today. And using a basketball analogy, practice makes perfect. You have to keep praying to God, keep reading the scriptures. You have to be nice to people every day. I attribute all my success to God.”

Parker, who grew up in Chicago, Illinois, said his biggest challenge was breaking his foot when he was a junior. He played on a national team, and the doctor warned him of the consequences if he didn’t allow himself to heal properly.

He also addressed issues of peer pressure. “You know, a lot of people wanted to be my friend for the wrong reasons. I had to learn how to deal with that.”

He concluded his message with the following:

“The Gospel brings me more happiness than anything … You have the responsibility to share light with someone.”

He also said he practices 5 hours a day, and doesn’t have a girlfriend.

“It was awesome to have an NBA star right here in Vancouver,” said Jefferson Jackson, 14, of Camas. Jackson came along with his mom, Temple Jackson, his brother, Marc, and friends Ben Brittain, Calvin Wight, and Harrison Wight.

Parker stayed afterwards to shake hands, as well as sign autographs and take pictures with legions of adoring fans.

From left: Camas residents Ben Brittain, Calvin Wight, Jefferson Jackson, Temple Jackson.




Daniil Timchenko begins the 100 Back event. Photo by Blake Schnell.

LONGVIEW, WA — Swimming was definitely interesting today. The Camas High School Boy’s swim team won the Southwest Washington Swim Invitational Saturday at Mark Morris High School, with a final score of 602.5 points. Mountain View and Mark Morris rounded out the top three.The meet was halted near the end of the first event due to a septic overflow that spilled onto the pool deck, causing a public health hazard. This caused over an hour delay, which resulted in the athletes waiting and playing hoops in the gym, many still wearing their swimsuits and caps.

Waiting in the Mark Morris gym, by Blake Schnell.
“I’ve never seen anything like this,” said Sheri Breuer, a Skyview coach and meet referee.
The athletes spent the time playing hoops, most were barefoot, playing duck-duck-goose, or playing games.

Once crews cleaned up the mess, the event resumed.

“It was a good meet for us,” said Head Coach, Mike Bemis. “We’re right where we were supposed to be. We did really well. I’m pleased.”

While the Papermakers didn’t dominate as many individual events, as they have in previous years, they came out ahead overall, as a young team working to overcome the strength of losing a commanding senior team last season. The void left by state champions Kasey Calwell and Lucas Ulmer, as well as state swimmer, John Utas, has been felt all season.

Bemis said the Camas team is a young one now, and he’s pleased with the performance of several new freshman swimmers. In particular, Eric Wu, Chris Xia, and Austin Fogel are standout freshmen. The Papermakers have also added Washougal swimmers (who practice with them) to the mix. They include freshman Landon Schmid, Isaiah Ross, and Daniel Brown.

“The Freshman are helping offset the loss of last year’s stars,” said co-captain, junior Luke Albert. “Plus, swimmers like Tom Utas have made state cuts. I think Tom has made state cuts in the 100 Free, 50 Free and the 100 Breast.”

Bemis added: “You don’t replace State champions very easily. We have four years to get there, and such is the cycle of high school sports. We’re young and growing, and learning how to be a team. The team came together Saturday to win the meet. Here’s a breakdown of the individual events.


Isaiah Ross won two events at the SW WA Invitational.

Swimming Event Results

Event 1 – 200 Medley Relay: Mountain View won (1:37.99), followed by Union A and B relays, and Mark Morris. Camas placed fifth.

Event 2 – 200 Freestyle: Isaiah Ross, of Washougal won (1:54.59), followed by Sam Walker, of Columbia River (1:54.77), and Nathan Hwang, of Union (2:03.04).

Event 3 – 200 IM: Eric Wu, of Camas, won (2:00.95), followed by Tom Utas, of Camas (2:05.02), and Austin Fogel, of Camas (2:07.26).

Event 4 – 50 Free: Josh Bottelberghe, of Columbia River, won (22.94), followed by Stuart Sardo, of Mountain View (24.32), and Michael Suk, of Mountain View (24.74).

Event 6 (no event 5) 100 Fly: Andrew Chang, of Union, won (53.53), followed by Josh Bottelberghe, of Columbia River (53.67), and Jacob McCarthy, of Mountain View (59.08).

Papermakers Austin Fogel (center), and Tom Utas (left) compete in the 200 IM.

Event 7 – 100 Free: Max Dolbinin, of Heritage, won (49.95), followed by Luke Albert, of Camas (52.27), and Chris Joa, of Mountain View (53.12).

Event 8 – 500 Free: Isaiah Ross, of Washougal, won (5:07.05), followed by Finn McClone, of Camas (5:17.74), and Tom Utas, also of Camas (5:19.27).

Event 9 – 200 Free Relay: Camas won (1:33.79), followed by Mountain View (1:36.00) and Camas B relay ( 1:42.02).

Andrey Khabibrakhmanov enters the pool. Photo by Blake Schnell.
Papermaker Austin Fogel waits for his first event.

Event 10 – 100 Back: Andrew Chang, of Union, won (56.20), followed by Jeff Fadlovich, of Camas (57.38), and Finn McClone, also of Camas (57.99).

Event 11 – 100 Breaststroke: Eric Wu, of Camas, won (1:02.69), followed by Max Dolbinin , of Heritage (1:06.53), and Austin Fogel, of Camas (1:07.25).

Event 12 – 200 Free Relay: Camas won the event (3:28.08). The team consisted of Tom Utas, Eric Wu, Finn McClone, and Luke Albert.

The team will convene once more, in two weeks, to compete at the 2016 District Championship, in Kelso. Many are still hoping to make state cuts at that event.


Max Dolbinin, of Heritage High School.


Papermaker swimmers cheer on teammates in the pool.


100 Back swimmers: From left: Sullivan Carrick, Landon Schmid, Daniel Brown, and Daniil Timchenko.

To learn more, visit www.camas.wednet.edu