Washougal, WA — High school education is often multidimensional.  For Washougal High School senior, Ulysses Ramel, his interest and skill in 3-dimensional printing helped him to broaden his expertise while he developed opportunities for other students to learn how to create 3D projects.

Ramel made positive and negative 3D mold examples for use in a new unit of instruction in the WHS Baking and Pastry class.  He also wrote step-by-step instructions for students to create a positive mold using class software.  This work, and the passion he exhibited to help others learn, earned him recognition in the 2018 Clark County Youth Commission’s Youth Achievement Award for education.

In the nomination submitted by WHS Librarian Hillary Marshall, she said his expertise helped her to teach and reach more WHS students.  “Ulysses demonstrated perseverance as Chef Hitchins and I were creating a brand-new unit of study and he created multiple molds as examples. His attention to detail was exceptional as he explained why designs worked or failed and helped me to understand the software, so I could deliver clearer instruction.”

“I was happy and surprised to receive this award,” Ramel said.  “I like sharing my knowledge about 3D printing and helping other students to have the fun of creating something new.  It is a nice feeling to make something for people to see.”

“Ulysses is helpful and wants to share his knowledge of 3D printing,” said Marshall.  “He is kind and approachable so working with him is encouraging.  He helped me giggle my way through learning a software tool that was uncomfortable and foreign to me, so that I could gain confidence under his guidance and deliver a clear, concise lesson to the Baking and Pastry class.”

Ramel is a student at the Cascadia Tech Academy Pre-Engineering program where he refined his knowledge of 3D printing.  His skills were put to the test when he was asked to help assemble the school’s 3D printer.  “By assembling it, I now understand the concepts of how it works so I can see how to work around mistakes and improve the product,” he explained. “Once you know how something works, you know more about how to fix an error.”

Beyond his Cascadia projects, Ramel has also created 3D key chains and drink coasters for the WHS Unified Sports to help the team promote itself.

Ramel is Filipino and arrived in Washougal during his freshman year from the Philippines.  At that time, he could understand some English language but was not able to speak it well. Now he plans to join the Air Force and go on to college for a degree in mechanical engineering.

“I am pleased Ulysses is receiving this Youth Achievement Award,” Marshall said.  “I wanted to recognize his talents and encourage his efforts and help him reach his dream of a career in engineering.  Ulysses is humble about his talents, but they need to be highlighted.”

“I did not expect to get an award for this,” Ramel said with a smile. “It makes me proud.”



Ulysses Ramel received the Youth Achievement Award in Education for his work in 3D printing.

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