Washougal WA – Start with the Washougal High School (WHS) Library and add a dash of WHS Advanced Baking class and you get a fun and creative project for students as a part of National Library Week in April.   Students used book titles to inspire and practice their cake decorating skills learned in class.

“To say these creations are amazing is an understatement,” said Fran McCarty, WHS Library Assistant.  “The students had a lot of fun choosing the book to illustrate with their cake. There was a lot of buzzing around the shelves.  If was fun.”

The WSH student body voted for their favorite.   All the cakes are currently on display in the library. The winning cake was an Alice in Wonderland theme created by Rose Elsensohn. Jennifer Whitmeyer, Hannah Moen, Rebecca McDonald.  “We chose Alice in Wonderland because it was so colorful,” said Elsensohn. “And there were so many different characters to create around the story.”

According to the winning team. the most challenging part was building the castle tower.  They tried to roll fondant but ended up using Rice Krispy treats.  They felt their attention to detail and ability to work as a team were the keys to earning them first place in the student vote.

The idea for the cake decorating project came to McCarty when she considered that culinary students create gingerbread houses during the holidays, so why not cakes?

“And by partnering this way we are getting some students into the library that normally may not come in very much,” she said. “The students all did a fabulous job!”

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