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100+ Women Who Care Clark County Raise $10,000 in 1 Hour For Senior Citizens


Camas, WA — For their second event, the newly created, and rapidly growing 100+ Women Who Care Clark County raised $10,000 in just one hour for Villages Clark County.

More than 100 women gathered at Salud! Wine Bar, in downtown Camas, and listened to how their previous donations to Children’s Home Society are being used to help kids. Following that presentation, members placed their preferred charity names into buckets, of which three were drawn: 1) Special Olympics Dolphins Swim Team; 2) Villages Clark County, and Fathers in the Field.

Representatives from each charity each spent a few minutes explaining what these charities do and answered questions. Following the presentations, the women voted for their preferred choice. The winner was Villages Clark County, which is part of a national network of “baby boomers” and senior citizens that are coming together to assist other senior citizens, and help them stay in their residences.

Helen Elder, the local chairperson for the organization, said senior needs are growing. She explained that seniors often are forced to leave their homes for the following reasons:

  • Health concerns
  • Mobility
  • Isolation
  • Finances
  • Concerns about burdening children

“One local woman felt she needed to leave her home because she could no longer mow her yard,” said Elder. “We network with local organizations, like churches, and the Boy Scouts, to offer assistance to our seniors.”

The group offers companionship, grocery shopping, housekeeping, pet care, running errands, and more.

To learn more, visit www.villagesclarkcounty.org

“I am so thrilled and humbled at the level of support the community has given our group,” said Christy Ribary, the founder of 100+ Women Who Care Clark County. They all feel empowered that they can make an immediate impact to our community. I am so inspired by all of this.”

To learn how you can join, visit www.100womenclarkcounty.com

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