Camas, WA — Hana Restaurant owners, Agnes and Phillip Parker, suffered second and third degree burns on their hands and arms last week in a kitchen accident that will require several more weeks of recovery.

“My mother is doing better,” said Phillip. “Unfortunately she and I got burns, and that is putting us both out of commission to work for at least two more weeks while our burn specialist can determine better timeline of healing. We both received second to third degree burns, but we are being strong with the understanding that this is an accident, and we will recover and come out stronger! I am really sitting here kind of still soaking this all in, but day by day I’m sure everything will work out.”

As they are the primary cooks for Hana, the restaurant will be closed until they are healthy enough to return to work.

Carrie Schulstad, of the Downtown Camas Association, started a GoFundMe page today to raise funds for their family while they recover. The restaurant is their primary source of income.

The GoFundMe page states:

“Agnes and Phillip from Hana Korean restaurant in Downtown Camas had a kitchen accident last week and were badly burned, especially Agnes who does a large majority of the cooking of all the delicious food! They will have to be closed for a while and we want to help them! Agnes, Phillip and Eric are some of the most kind, hard-working and generous people you could ever meet. Let’s come together and help cover them during this time!”

To donate, click this link: https://www.gofundme.com/help-hana-in-downtown-camas

Their goal is to raise $20,000 for the family during their recover period.

Hana cooks excellent Korean and Japanese food using family recipes. They are a popular destination on 4th Avenue in Downtown Camas. They’ve been featured several times in Lacamas Magazine.


Steamed rice topped with assorted vegetables, seaweed, and beef (or your choice of protein).

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