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WSDOT REPAVING OF SR 500 Alert has been provided by the City of Camas.

Earlier this summer, the City of Camas shared the details of the SR 500 repaving project by the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT). The project will improve the area from Washougal River Bridge, just south of downtown, to the intersection of SR 500 / Everett Street and SE Leadbetter Road, just north of NE 43rd Ave.

Here are the latest details:

  • July 23 – 27: Construction of new ADA-compliant ramps and electrical work on traffic signals.
  • July 30 – August 3: Paving begins with the 3 bridges on the project.
  • August 13 – 17: Paving of the roadway.

The City of Camas is asking the public to note the following:

  • Expect delays of up to 20 minutes throughout the construction zone.
  • All work is weather dependent.

There are several ways to track the project and receive updates through WSDOT. Please review the related article on www.cityofcamas.us


SR500 Repaving

Camas, WA — At Monday’s City Council meeting, longtime Camas resident, Bob Hitchcock, received the Mayor’s Volunteer Spirit Award.

”Tonight we have the opportunity to honor somebody we’ve been watching through his volunteer work in the community for many, many years,” said Camas Mayor, Scott Higgins.  “Tonight’s recipient is extremely involved in a lot of things to do with military service as a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars here in town, and he works very hard with that group of folks.  I would say if you were looking for one word to describe him is PATRIOTISM. When you see flags on the streets for special holidays, such as Flag Day, or Independence Day, you might think that’s a city service, but it’s a volunteer service … and Bob is part of that … It contributes to the specialness of our town.”

Higgins recognized Hitchcock’s work with the Wreaths Across America program, which has the goal of placing wreaths on every veteran’s grave at Camas Cemetery.

“You will see him at the Camas Days Parade … and, years ago he and his wife were honored as King and Queen of Camas Days in 2010, and they continue to use their energy and time to not look at their own needs, but to look at the needs of this community,” said Higgins. “And they do what they can to encourage giving and to be patriotic … Thank you, Bob.”

Hitchcock then addressed the council.

”With the Wreaths Across America … our goal is to get a wreath on every grave [at the Camas Cemetery] and right now we’re talking 857,” said Hitchcock. “Last year, we did 400, so we’re half way there. It comes around every year during the second week of December. We have the scouts participate, and the community gets involved. Thank you again for this.”


Camas, WA — The annual Camas Poker Tour is always a fun night! And, it’s happening today, Friday, July 6th, 5-8pm. The 13th annual Camas Poker Tour, is sponsored by Camas Antiques, throughout participating businesses:

  • Collect a “poker card” from each participating merchant
  • Turn in your cards to the dealer at Camas Antiques by 8:00pm
  • You will be dealt playing cards to match the number of business “poker cards” that you have (the more businesses you visit, the more chances for a great hand!)
  • Great prizes donated by local businesses will be awarded to the 5 highest hands! Good Luck!

Enjoy other family-friendly games throughout town and earn tickets to enter to win a prize basket from the merchants!

  • Jackpot Plinko!
  • Lucky Rollers
  • Spin and Win
  • Downtown Dice
  • Card War
  • Toss it in
  • More!


Poker participation and activity lists can be found at the DCA table at Journey Church and at participating shops.

Other activities for First Friday include:

  • Ribbon Cutting at 5pm to welcome Hey Jack to Downtown Camas!



A salmon entree at Hey Jack,

So much going on all over town! Shop, dine, enjoy the galleries, listen to live music, and more!

To learn more, visit www.downtowncamas.com

Camas, WA — Camas City officials are holding an open house Wednesday, June 27 from 6-8 pm at Lacamas Lodge to present and gather input about a new proposed Crown Park redesign plan.

Late last year, inspectors mandated closing the Crown Park Pool until it meets code, which would require hundreds of thousands of dollars in renovations. The Camas Parks and Recreation team said those renovations would only sustain the pool for a short period of time — and recommended closing the pool all together.

”The pool’s maintenance costs have risen dramatically in recent years,” said Camas City Parks and Recreation Director, Jerry Acheson. “The city subsidizes 50 percent of the pool’s costs.”

The city has been planning for alternatives, and presented various plans last year. They held a public forum this past winter on how to proceed with renovations, and the City Council voted to demolish the 64-year-old pool. A decision on what to put in its place — if anything — has not been determined.

City leaders are inviting the public to participate in Wednesday’s public open house, but supporters of rebuilding or renovating the pool aren’t impressed.

Local supporters of the Crown Park pool and park have created a group called Friends of Crown Park, and they feel their voice isn’t being heard by the city.

“I’m a little miffed over them (the city) repeatedly saying that ‘public input has been integral to the process’ when the massive amount of public input has pointed straight toward the residents’ desire to keep a pool in the park,” said Camas resident, Anastasia McDonnell. “Yet they haven’t taken any of the hundreds of voices across social media platforms, public rallies, and the 1,300+ signatured  petitions to heart in their plans. At all the public hearings I’ve attended there has been zero support for a splash pad.”

To learn more, visit www.cityofcamas.us

Crown Park Pool Memorial

Proposed Redesign


Camas, WA — At Monday’s public meeting, the Camas City Council voted 5-2 to adopt an ordinance to reduce the number of days that fireworks may be discharged from three to two. Effective 2019, fireworks may be discharged only on July 4 from 9 am to midnight, and on December 31 from 6 pm to 1 am on January 1 of the subsequent year. For 2018, the dates haven’t changed, but enforcement has.

On multiple occasions this year, the Camas City Council and Staff have been listening to public input about fireworks use within city limits. The four options presented to the public were as follows:

  1. Keep the ordinance intact, as is.
  2. Limit fireworks usage to only the 4th of July, and New Year’s Eve.
  3. Create a “safe and sane” ordinance, which limits which fireworks can be lit.
  4. Ban private Camas fireworks all together.

Monday’s vote adopted option 2.


The City of Camas issued the following statement:

“The Council heard from those seeking a total ban on fireworks, and empathizes with their concerns. The Council also heard from those who enjoy the Fourth of July celebration with family and friends, and recognizes their input.”

Until these dates and hours dates take effect in 2019, the city asks residents to heed the current schedule of approved dates and times for setting off fireworks in Camas and Washougal over the Fourth of July holiday, as shown below.


Fireworks schedule.


The Council also adopted a new ordinance for violations and penalties. Effective this year, the Fire Marshal, Camas Police, and Code Enforcement have the authority to issue citations for illegal fireworks or for discharging fireworks outside of the adopted days and hours. The first violation is $250, second violation is $500, third violation is $750, and $1,000 for each subsequent violation within a three-year period.

To learn more, visit www.cityofcamas.us

Public Hearings on Fireworks Usage

Camas, WA — After listening to three hours of presentations and public comments Monday night, the Camas City Council unanimously voted to approve the Grass Valley Master Development Plan, which is a combination of new commercial and residential construction.

The site, located at 192nd Ave and 38th Street, will be the new headquarters for Holland Partner Group, and is expected to bring 1,500 jobs to the area, said Camas City Administrator, Pete Capell. Holland’s campus development plans call for three new office buildings, totally 272,000 square feet with 1,000 parking spaces. The master plan includes a 20,000 square foot market, 12 apartment buildings (each with 24 units), a pool, and complex leasing office.

The apartment buildings were the source of great concern for a majority of the Awbrey Glen residents (off 192nd Ave). Thirty Awbrey Glen residents attended the long session, with six making public comments.

At issue is the height and location of apartment building structures to be built on the site’s southern border, which is adjacent to the Awbrey Glen subdivision. Residents feel the developer’s fence and proposed greenbelt weren’t enough to insulate them from the light, activity and noise that apartment life would bring.

“Awbrey Glen residents propose a compromise, they don’t want to stop development,” said Jiri Vasat. “We want to extend the green belt on the south side to 50 feet from the Awbrey Glen property line.”

Roger Young echoed Vasat’s comments, and asked developers to reduce the southern apartment buildings to two stories, rather than three. He also expressed concern about traffic congestion.

“We don’t want their windows looking into our living spaces,” said Young.

Others discussed their SEPA appeals, water runoff issues, and green belt mandates.

Attorney Randy Printz, who represented the project, presented the plan and offered multiple responses to the SEPA appeals and said the “development meets all code requirements” and urged the council to vote to deny the appeals, and clear the way for the development to proceed.

Camas City staff and councilors have been reviewing project plans for many months.



The campus that will be built.


After three hours of presentation and public comments, City Councilor Deanna Rusch motioned that the SEPA appeal be denied, which was seconded by Councilor Anderson. The council voted unanimously, which constituted a final order on the matter. The Grass Valley Development project will begin as soon as possible.

”I encourage residents to work with developers to discuss remaining issues,” said Camas Mayor, Scott Higgins.

Rusch said “this is a healthy development for Camas.”

Printz said the developers will break ground this summer, and completion will be some time in the summer of 2019. The project is a $164 million private investment.

”We will likely build a large component of it at one time to minimize the construction related impacts, so it’s not under construction for several years,” said Printz.

Project Images


Camas, WA — The historic Liberty Theatre turns 91 on June 14, and the operators are having a low-key celebration with a special showing of Steven Spielberg’s “Raiders of the Lost Ark.”

“This isn’t a benchmark year, so we’re not not having all the hoopla and swag bags like we did last year,” said the theatre’s operator, Rand Thornsley. “We’re having a 6 pm special showing of ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark,’ which is a community pick. We put out a poll and that was the top pick of our customers. Last year was very successful.”

For the record, “Wizard of Oz” placed second in the poll.

Thornsley’s group took over theatre operations in 2011 on St. Patrick’s Day, which is their operational anniversary, but the community is more in tune with the historic anniversary — and its opening in 1927.

This summer, the Liberty will present a Drones concert, as well as some “Beatles” programs. And, they have a few anniversary classics coming: such as “American Graffiti” to coincide with the downtown Camas Car Show in July; Alfred Hitchcock’s “Vertigo” celebrate its 6oth anniversary in July; and “Treasure of Sierra Madre,” which celebrates its 70th anniversary.


The theatre opened in 1927.

A few fun Liberty facts:

  • It’s classic vintage, not a multiplex. “We don’t do things like Regal does. We show a lot of different movies at a lot of different times,” says Thornsley.
  • Prices are more family friendly. General admission is $4.50 and $5.50 for adults. Tuesdays are $4.50.
  • Concessions are at a price point that’s affordable.
  • The big theatre seats 300. The little theatre has 29 seats.
  • They make it all happen with a staff of five.
  • Concessions — popcorn is simple, with no artificial ingredients. It’s quality popcorn, made with sea salt, and canola oil, plus butter if you want it.

To learn more, visit www.CamasLiberty.com

Camas, WA — Award-winning Camas author and playwright Gary Corbin has announced the release of his fifth novel, The Mountain Man’s Badge, with launch events and book signings in venues around the greater Portland/Vancouver area.

The Mountain Man’s Badge will be released to bookstores on June 20, 2018, although it is available for pre-order on Amazon.com, Smashwords.com, and on the author’s web page (www.garycorbinwriting.com).

The Mountain Man’s Badge is the third installment in Corbin’s acclaimed “Mountain Man Mysteries” series, from Double Diamond Publishing of Camas, WA.

About The Mountain Man’s Badge

Mountain Man Lehigh Carter, drafted into serving as acting sheriff of Mt. Hood County after exposing his predecessor’s corruption, is compelled to arrest his new father-in-law for the murder of Everett Downey, the most despised man in town.

Still learning on the job, Lehigh continues to investigate loose ends that don’t add up, but ambitious prosecutor Ray “The Reverend” Ferguson seems intent on blocking him at every turn. Soon, Lehigh suspects that those most intent on pinning the murder on George McBride have reasons far more sinister than blocking Lehigh’s agenda of reform.

Can Lehigh uncover the truth behind the crime without becoming the killer’s next victim?

Book Launch and Signings: CapsN’Taps, Vintage Books, and more

 To help promote the book, the author will kick off a series of release events and book signings. The first event is a launch party at Camas’ popular taproom, CapsN’Taps, on the book’s launch date, June 20, from 6-8 PM. Corbin will sell and sign books directly, and CapsN’Taps will offer $2 off any beer to customers who purchase a copy of the book at the event.

“CapsN’Taps hosted the launch party for my very first novel, Lying in Judgment, which was a blast,” Corbin says. “They’re also featuring my books as prizes in their Trivia Mondays in June, so folks who haven’t read the first two books could win a copy and catch up on the series before the 20th. Beer and books—what a great combination!”

On June 23, Corbin will read from the new novel and sign books at local favorite Vintage Books, 6613 E Mill Plain Blvd in Vancouver, at 1 PM. Copies of all books will be available for sale at the event.

“Vintage Books has been amazing at finding readers for my books, and they’re incredibly supportive of local authors,” Corbin says.  “Vintage was one of the first to put my books on its shelves. It’s a great local bookstore with great selection and terrific event programming. I can’t say enough good things about it.”

Other events include book signings at The Coffee Cottage in Newberg, OR on July 11, and at Jan’s Paperbacks in Aloha, OR on July 14.

Full details of all events are available on the author’s website, garycorbinwriting.com.

Camas, WA — June’s First Friday celebration is all about the Dog Days of Summer. Running this Friday, June 1st, from 5-8 pm, participants will get to enjoy a fun talent and fashion show with prizes, along with vendor booths, children’s craft stations, a dog breed guessing activity in participating businesses, and so much more.

There will also be a dog and owner look-alike contest! Bring your favorite pooch (leashes required) and make a fun night of it. The Downtown Camas Association thanks Naturally Healthy Pet in Downtown Camas for sponsoring this event.

The Doggie Fashion Show & Owner Look Alike Contest starts at 6 pm; and the Doggie Talent Contest starts at 7 pm. For the Fashion Show, the judging will be for Funniest, Cutest, and Most Creative. For the Talent Contest, the judging will be for most clever, most difficult, and cutest talents. Sign up when you get to First Friday at the DCA table, up to 15 minutes before each event. The contests, crafts and other fun will be between 4th and 5th on Cedar Street. No cost to enter.

There will also be vendors! Dog Specific Vendors coming to the “Dog Days of Summer” are:

PNW Visiting Vet

Must Love Dogs NW

Polka Dot Paws

Deborah’s Creations

Wigglin’ Home Boxer Rescue

Pup Town Cafe

High Expectations Dog Training

WCGHS (West Columbia Gorge Humane Society)

Other activities for First Friday include:

So much going on all over town! Shop, dine, enjoy the galleries, listen to live music, and more!

Washougal WA — Camas and Washougal community members are being asked to help make an impact on the lives of school families who need a little help with summer meals.  IMPACT CW (Camas-Washougal), organized by St. Matthew Lutheran Church in Washougal, will be held on Sunday, June 10 from 11am to 2pm at Parker’s Landing Historic Park at the Port of Camas-Washougal, to collect donations and fill food boxes.

“We are asking the community to drive up and drop off their food donations,” said Beth Raetz, Impact CW Committee Member and Church Office Secretary. “If they can, we’d love to have them stop for a while, help fill boxes, enjoy a free BBQ lunch and listen to an outdoor concert by the Camas-Washougal Community Orchestra.”

St. Matthew Pastor Bob Barber started the event and continues to be a driving force. According to Raetz, the event grew from a sermon series “Be the Difference,” which culminated in going shopping and packing boxes during the Sunday morning worship service for the first event.  Barber is the 2018 Camas-Washougal Chamber of Commerce’s selection for Citizen of the Year.

Although many people are conditioned to make food donations around the holidays, Raetz explains that there is another critical need at this time of year.  “We are targeting families in the schools who receive free breakfast and free lunches and are a part of the backpack programs,” she said. “When school stops for summer those meals end.  These kids may get into a summer meal program but there could be several weeks before they start.  These meals will help to bridge that gap.  It just gives them a boost.”

Now in its fourth year, IMPACT CW is growing. “This year we are continuing to invite groups to get involved and help out,” said Raetz.  “We have high school students working on their community service hours, scout troops, church groups, businesses and families volunteering to help.  It is so wonderful to see families from little ones to big ones all helping to fill up boxes.”

Once the boxes are filled, they will be packed in a U-haul truck and on Monday morning will be delivered to Camas and Washougal schools who will then connect the boxes with families in need.

Schools are currently working to identify those families who could use some help.  “Last year we made 140 boxes,” said Raetz. “This year we expect the need will grow to 200.”

Non-perishable food donations can be made in advance of the event and dropped off at St. Matthew Lutheran Church at 716 Washougal River Road ,Tuesday through Friday from 9:30am to 1:00pm.  Financial contributions can be made through www.gofundme.com/impactcw or checks made out to St. Matthew Lutheran Church.

For more information, contact Raetz at the church office at 360-835-5533.