Chef Ben

Friends and family are rallying together to assist Feast @316 Chef Benjamin Ortega, known to many as “Chef Ben,” “Benji” or “Benny” as he recovers from a serious car accident.

On July 17, Chef Ben was involved in a tragic car accident along the Oregon Coast. According to Feast @316 owner, Melissa McCusker, a log truck turned toward the highway without stopping, and Chef Ben didn’t have enough time to stop, causing his car to slide under the truck and become wedged underneath.

“It took first responders 90 minutes to get him out,” said McCusker. “Then they took him to Portland OHSU and he had a dislocated jaw, fractured vertebrae, broken collar bones, broken ribs. He had two surgeries. He’s at home now recovering. He has worked for Feast for four years, and has a four-year-old son named Chinook and a loving wife, Ingrid.”

McCusker said he has insurance covered through Feast, but the GoFundMe is there to cover the extra expenses.

Chef Ben
Chef Ben with son, Chinook.

“He’ll likely be out for a good three months,” said McCusker. “Everyone’s been pitching in in the kitchen.”

The GoFundMe organizers said “After seeing the photos of the accident it is unbelievable that he survived and the injuries were not worse. Surgery was done to fix the broken jaw and today he is home under the care of his family. It will be some time until Benjamin can go back to work. Until then, we humbly ask for your financial support to help with medical and living expenses.”

Feast patrons recognize Chef Ben for his creative culinary abilities and for his contributions to the excellent food prepared at their restaurant. Feast @316 is local steakhouse and a favorite destination for many. To learn more about Feast @316, visit

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Chef Ben

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