The Downtown Camas Association (DCA) announced today that Camas is a top 20 national finalist to appear in the next season of “Small Business Revolution – Main Street,” which is a streaming Hulu web series hosted by Amanda Brinkman and Ty Pennington.

Camas made the top 20 out of 12,000 applicants, said Maria Gonser, owner of Attic Gallery in Downtown Camas.

“I’m a big fan of the show, and I submitted an online application to get Camas to be on ‘Main Street’,” said Gonser. “The show really understands small towns, and they’re big on restoring them.”

Gonser explained that Small Business Revolution will choose 10 of those cities to come visit. And out of those 10, they choose five, then the show’s viewers will vote on the remaining five. The top vote getter will be the focus of season four.

The top 10 will be announced on December 11, and the town visits will take place in January. The top five will be announced in mid-February, and the public vote takes place the end of February.

“I was drawn to it because we have so many projects but don’t have all the funding for them,” said Gonser. “If we win, we’d get $500,000 in funding. Six businesses would get a major makeover, plus we need to send more love to 3rd and 5th Streets in Camas. I want to feel good when I go on those streets.”

Main Street

Call 360.696.9877

Once the show’s producers contacted Gonser, she directed them to the DCA’s Executive Director, Carrie Schulstad.

“I spent about 40 minutes on the phone talking with them,” said Schulstad. ”I told them all the great things about Camas, but also the areas that need major improvement. If we get picked, they will go into each business for a month and help them out. They all have their own expertise and help each business revamp their whole branding, their space, etc.”

To get to the Top 10, each town is encouraged to promote why they should be considered. Schulstad wants Camas residents to use the hashtag #MyCamas on social media posts.

“Please like their Facebook page (go to @SmallBusinessRevolution) and post a photo to their timeline with a message about why you love Camas and be sure to use the hashtag #MyCamas,” said Schulstad. “Our town can do this! Please use this hashtag on Twitter and Instagram, too!”

Main Street

The show is hosted by Amanda Brinkman and Ty Pennington.








What is Small Business Revolution Main Street?

This is what the show’s producers say: “As we traveled the country, capturing the inspiring stories of 100 small businesses, we recognized that nowhere in America are small businesses more critical, and more under siege, than in our small towns.

“We created the Small Business Revolution – Main Street to help those small businesses, and in turn, those small towns, reignite the spark that drives them and keeps people coming back.

“Each season, we seek out America’s most inspiring small towns, and award the winner – and six of its small businesses – a $500,000 revitalization and feature the transformation in an original series.”

To learn more, visit



Join Downtown Camas merchants for pie tastings, a pie walk dance party, pie raffle, autumn crafts, family-friendly kindness and gratitude activities, art shows, rock painting with The Paint Roller, shopping, dining and so much more at November’s First Friday, on November 2.

The theme is “Thankful for Pie!” and we will be doing pie tastings in participating merchants!! Stop by the DCA tables at Journey at 4th and Birch for your pie passport and activity list. Yum!!  The Pie Raffle at the DCA tables in Journey Church sponsored by Carla Edwards with

Featured Artists

Local artist Tommer Gonser will be featured at the Attic Gallery tomorrow! Tommer Gonser’s oil paintings with their bold palettes and dynamic patterns are reminiscent of the early modernist abstractionists. The uniqueness and mystery of his art is in large part the essence of his abstractions. He is influenced by his daily life and carries over on to the canvas his recent or more distant past. “Today I am painting yesterday. Tomorrow I will be painting today.”

Experiences such as a childhood spent surrounded by the beauty of Colorado and later years spent in the outdoors of Alaska rock climbing, fishing, kayaking, bike riding, hiking, and camping are among his influences. An inspired song writer and musician, Tommer plays the guitar, sings and writes music in a style that is as unique as his paintings. The Opening Reception will be during the First Friday event tomorrow, November 2nd from 5-8 pm. Enjoy wine, refreshments and music!

Mehrdad Shojaei will be the featured artist at Camas Gallery for the November “Thankful For Pie” First Friday. He bought his first DSLR camera in 2010 and started photography as a serious hobby.  He has always loved nature and wildlife and living close to Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge inspired him to be there when not working.  Mehrdad is a self-taught photographer and has learned photography mostly through trial and error as well as using online resources.


Featured artwork at Camas Gallery.


Join Camas Gallery at the  First Friday Event gallery reception tomorrow from 5 to 8 p.m.

See you in beautiful Downtown Camas for a sweet time!


Local artist, Tommer Gonser will be featured at the Attic Gallery tomorrow! Tommer Gonser’s oil paintings with their bold palettes and dynamic patterns are reminiscent of the early modernist abstractionists.

Cake Happy, which is located in Downtown Camas, is commemorating their fourth anniversary today from 3-8 pm with a celebration and a Grand Re-Opening. As part of their re-opening, they are partnering with Ice Cream Renaissance and will now be serving ice cream along with their tasty treats. And, they are extending their hours, as well.

The public is invited to today’s celebration, which will include giveaways, raffles, prizes and treat samples while supplies last.

“We’ve literally been working around the clock to bring you a new and improved Cake Happy,” said Cake Happy’s ownership in a statement. “We are so excited to announce our partnership with Ice Cream Renaissance.”

Call 360.696.9877

As part of their remodel, they are also posting a new storefront sign, which was created by Honey Be Designs.

Cake Happy is a small batch bakery specializing in custom cakes and offers an assortment of fresh-baked pastries, cupcakes, and espresso daily. The company believes in baking fresh from scratch each day, and sources the best and local ingredients for each of their products.

They also provide space for private events, such as birthday parties.

Cake Happy is located at 340 NE 4th Ave.

To learn more, visit




Camas, WA — The 13th Annual “Pumpkin Pageant” and Disney Costume Contest will set the tone for this month’s First Friday events in Downtown Camas. Here’s a list of all the fun, which begins Friday, October 5, from 5-8 pm:

  • Pumpkin Pageant: Participating downtown businesses each will carve a pumpkin and you get to vote for your favorite! Voting enters you to win a fall-themed basket
  • Disney Costume Contest

    • 7pm at Journey at 4th and Birch
    • Prizes for both winner and runner up for Best Disney Costume for both Adults and Kids. Thank you iQ Credit Union for sponsoring!
  • Art Shows:
    • Second Story Gallery will host a reception for the fiber art show “Story Time”from 5-8pm. The art pieces are inspired by book titles and are created by fiber artists Linda Reinert, CarolAnne Olson, Hedda Wright, Judith Phelps, Mary Kay Price and Dianne Kane.   They say viewers will be intrigued by the variety of pieces inspired by each book title, illustrated with wide-ranging techniques including applique, piecing and painting on fabric. Refreshments will be served.  The art show will continue through November 30th. 625 NE 4th Ave.
    • Camas Gallery will feature painter Rob Blackaby, a multi-disciplinary fine artist at their First Friday artist reception along with refreshments and live music, 5-8pm, 408 NE 4th.
    • Attic Gallery’s featured artist will be Earl Hamilton, a favorite artist in this gallery, with many new abstract paintings for the show. Reception runs from 5-8pm with live music by Paul Chasman, wine and refreshments, 421 NE Cedar.
  • Christopher Robin will be playing at the Liberty Theatre!
  • Painting fun with the Paint Roller!
  • Button making craft with Lifeline Connections
  • Live music in various locations throughout town
  • Enjoy festive shopping and dining all though town!
  • Start your night at Journey to pick up the participation and activity list at the DCA tables, 304 NE 4th Ave. See you then!











Donations will help the Farmer’s Market provide fresh, local produce to area families

CAMAS, WA — Members of 100+ Women Who Care Clark County will write checks to the Camas Farmer’s Market for their third nonprofit selection of 2018. The total amount should be close to $10,000 once all donations are collected from members.

Members of the local giving circle met Wednesday, August 8 at Salud! Wine Bar in downtown Camas. Camas Farmer’s Market Board Member and Vendor Kimberly Koch, who is also a member of 100+ Women Who Care Clark County, nominated the farmer’s market.

Koch said the market operates on a tight budget and that the donations will help fund Produce Pals, which is geared toward encouraging children to make healthy choices at the market, and Fresh Match programs for SNAP recipients.

Koch said she’s passionate about the efforts the market makes to make sure fresh, local produce is available to a vulnerable population in Clark County.



“Feeding our kids is the most basic, important thing to do as parents. Everybody deserves the opportunity to have access to healthy foods.”

Members voted to support the farmer’s market after hearing about two other Clark County nonprofits as part of the nomination and voting process. The other nominees were NW CAVE, a Vancouver, WA-based nonprofit assisting victims of domestic violence and human trafficking, and the West Columbia Gorge Humane Society.

100+ Women Who Care Clark County is a giving circle that meets quarterly. Members who attend are eligible to nominate local nonprofits to be considered for the quarterly donation.

Members commit to a $100 donation to the charity voted upon by the members at each meeting. Teams are also welcome to split the quarterly $100 contribution. Current membership is 120 women.

The next meeting takes place Wednesday, November November 7 from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. at Salud! Wine Bar in Camas. There is an optional social hour before the meeting from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. More information is available at


Gathering at Salud! In Downtown Camas.

Hey Jack,

That’s the name of the Downtown Camas restaurant that’s changing the dining scene in Mill Town. It’s a restaurant, but it’s more than that — it’s an experience that’s a sensation of flavors that will that satisfy foodies, and those who simply want a good meal. It’s also an escape for patrons, who come from near and far to taste what Michelin Chef Peter Rudolph and his talented team are offering.

Hey Jack,

You opened in May, but what’s with the name?

“It’s a greeting,” said Rudolph, who partnered with Don Riedthaler to open this new endeavor. “It’s a starting of a conversation that we hope to be an inviting term. In a broader sense, ‘We’re all Jack.’ It’s part of endearing ourselves to a local community and becoming a dining destination. A place to sit on the patio outside for Sunday brunch. It’s something that when we settled on the name, we knew we had settled on the right name. It was something that embodied those qualities that we wanted to have in our establishment.”

“We answer the phone ‘Hey Jack!’ which you have to say with a warm intonation. It’s a wonderful way to start a conversation. When I say it I feel like I’m conveying the entirety of our concept to someone. I guess it’s very personal. We put so much personal time into the creation and design of the space. The comma was a big point for us. The comma means it’s the start of a conversation. It showed that were are able to reach out and welcome people.”

Hey Jack,

What are you about?

It’s a neighborhood restaurant with a comfortable atmosphere with wonderful cuisine and wines that celebrate the local community. Using mostly products sourced from local farmers, Randolph and Riedthaler have created a place that’s not too fancy, but it’s also not a brew pub.

“We source a lot of product from local farmers,” said Rudolph. “We source products as locally as possible, and the same thing with the beer and wine list. We have fun with the food and the cuisine, and try to express a unique, individual view of the local products.”

Rudolph is enjoying the Pacific Northwest scene.

“I’m starting to get a grasp on the seasons,” he said. “It’s really different here. We are creating relationships. Becoming part of the community takes time. As a chef and restaurateur these things are evident to our guests. I’ve learned a lot about how I can work with the local seasons and farmers and bringing that product to our menu. I continue to develop relationships with them, and how to get the best of their product here. To see the produce I think is the best.”


Grilled salmon.

Patrons agree.

“I took my dad here for his birthday,” said Ruth Radford, of Portland. “We had a wonderful time, and everything we ordered was absolutely delicious. We will definitely be back. I recommend Hey Jack to everyone.”

For his part, Rudolph said he enjoys becoming part of the Camas community.

“It’s such a wonderful place,” said Rudolph. “It’s so diverse. I’m getting more product from local farmers: Spring Hill Farms, Wild Roots, Millennium Farms, Quackenbush Farms — as I’ve started to get this produce — and as a chef you get inspired by that produce. Then I start to think about how that produce will make it to the menu.”

He continues.

“On the menu, we have salmon wrapped in a fig leaf and roasted in the hearth. The fig leaf gives an amazing aroma. We put that with carrots and summer squash that come from the same farm. I was inspired by the fig leaf and created a fig sauce to go with it, and combined it with vegetables. That’s a really good example of working with the farmers and is a good expression of the food at Hey Jack. Reister Farms is amazing and they provide us lamb, and it’s a wonderful product. We’re putting the tenderloin and making a fresh sausage with tepary beans.”

These are good examples of local product and getting experiences and flavors that create a unique offering.


Chef Peter Rudolph.

The History

Rudolph and Riedthaler worked together professionally for three years in the Bay Area. In Menlo Park, Randolph was an Executive Chef at Rosewood Sandhill Hotel and Madera Restaurant, and Riedthaler was an equipment sales specialist that serviced the hotel.

“We tried to do some other projects together,” said Rudolph. “In 2017, we both left the Bay Area in pursuit of other things, and we ended up meeting a year later in Camas.”


Rudolph’s family moved into a van and traveled around the country for a year, exploring the food scene all across the country.

He said that barbecue changes so diversely across the country, and that it doesn’t change like the time zones, but rather it changes gradually.

“We ate quite a bit of BBQ and you see little changes in the sauce or the spice, and the cuts of meat that an area focuses on,” Rudolph said. “As we moved from area to area, and in the rural areas you started to see the changes. Then, you get to Dallas, or KC, and they have strong identities.”

Produce and Farmer’s Markets

“They play a big role in our lives, and always have. These farmer’s markets that celebrate their local produce are great. You see that produce and how it’s used by the local community. There are so many strong areas that I didn’t know about. Pickling, curing or sauces or jams or jellies are just used with so many products. Totally different depending on where you go. It’s eye opening and refreshing to see that. Those are two big things that we saw in our travels.”

Hey Jack, Why Camas?

“I came to visit some friends, including Don, who lived in the area, and we ended up becoming interested in this space and doing something together and fell in love with the downtown Camas area. Out of that energy and this opportunity with this space this project was born.”

The partners took possession February 5, and opened up on May 1.

“I really enjoy the nature of the people here,” said Rudolph. “Everyone is very authentic. There’s a broad cross-section of life. I enjoy the small town feel.”

Hey Jack now has a working OpenTable for reservations, as well as posted menus on the website —

The restaurant is open from 5 to 9 pm Tuesdays through Saturdays, with a Sunday brunch from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. It’s really delicious with wonderful cheeses, and different flights of wine from their list, along with special wines.

They’re located in Downtown Camas, on 4th Avenue in the Camas Hotel building.

Camas, WA — Come enjoy artists in Downtown Camas painting our town! During the day on September 7th from 9 am-4 pm, local artists will be doing painting around town. So fun to watch! Then vote for your favorite during the First Friday event from 5-8pm.

The finished plein air art pieces will be on display at the Camas Gallery, 408 NE 4th, from 5-8 pm that evening. The community will vote for its favorites and “People Choice Awards” will be given. These works of art will then be auctioned off at the Dinner in White on the Columbia, a benefit for the Washougal Library Building Fund, on Saturday, September 8th at Marina Park at the Port of Camas Washougal. For artists who would like to participate, visit here for all the info:



Artwork at Journey Community Church.

Other art features, music, and activities that night are:

  • Shops around town will be hosting an artist from downtown’s Elida Field Art Studio’s Art-Women-Wine art group. These ladies do amazing work! They will also have a big party and celebration at Elida Art Studio starting at 8pm, 735 NE 6th. Join in the fun and talk with the artists!
  • Hidden Bronze Bird Tour –find the bronze birds throughout town and see what kinds of funny things they are wearing this year! Be entered to win a great prize basket!
  • Friends of Camas Arts Art Show and Sale at Journey. Help support the arts in the Camas School District!
  • Art guessing game in select locations–guess the artist of a famous piece of artwork and be entered to win!
  • Art shows and receptions at Camas Gallery, 408 NE 4th, will feature Cheryl Matheison and  Attic Gallery, 421 NE Cedar, will feature Jean Schwalbe
    (Note: Second Story Gallery will not be hosting a reception for this First Friday–they’ll see you in October!)
  • Kids’ art crafts and 5th annual coloring contest
  • Rock painting with The Paint Roller!
  • Shop, dine, & have artful fun in Downtown Camas! Receive a free prize ticket for every $10 you spend in downtown.

This information is provided by the Downtown Camas Association.

The 10th Annual Downtown Camas Vintage & Art Street Faire will feature 60+ vintage and local art vendors all in the charming tree-lined streets of Downtown Camas.

When: Saturday, August 25th, 9am-3pm

Vintage offerings include a huge variety of indoor and outdoor furniture and home and garden items as well as clothing and accessories. Art offerings include quality paintings, woodworking, glass art, metal work, handmade jewelry, fiber art, repurposed art, and more (see below for list of 2018 Art Vendors) Live music and fresh, delicious food will also be available.  The friendly and inviting ambience of the town will complete the experience!

The Faire will be hosted on Saturday August 25th, in Downtown Camas on 4th Avenue and Birch Streets, near Camas Antiques, 305 NE 4th Avenue.

Come early for fresh coffee at 9am, enjoy lunch at one of Downtown Camas’ many fine eating establishments, and stay until 3pm  finding the perfect items for your home and garden.

Live music will include jazz guitar by Bret Malmquist from 10-12 and Carol Rossio Jazz Trio with French influence from 12:30-3pm

This event is a collaboration between the Downtown Camas Association and VV Larue Presents and is sponsored by Camas Antiques.

To learn more, visit


Camas, WA — June’s First Friday celebration is all about the Dog Days of Summer. Running this Friday, June 1st, from 5-8 pm, participants will get to enjoy a fun talent and fashion show with prizes, along with vendor booths, children’s craft stations, a dog breed guessing activity in participating businesses, and so much more.

There will also be a dog and owner look-alike contest! Bring your favorite pooch (leashes required) and make a fun night of it. The Downtown Camas Association thanks Naturally Healthy Pet in Downtown Camas for sponsoring this event.

The Doggie Fashion Show & Owner Look Alike Contest starts at 6 pm; and the Doggie Talent Contest starts at 7 pm. For the Fashion Show, the judging will be for Funniest, Cutest, and Most Creative. For the Talent Contest, the judging will be for most clever, most difficult, and cutest talents. Sign up when you get to First Friday at the DCA table, up to 15 minutes before each event. The contests, crafts and other fun will be between 4th and 5th on Cedar Street. No cost to enter.

There will also be vendors! Dog Specific Vendors coming to the “Dog Days of Summer” are:

PNW Visiting Vet

Must Love Dogs NW

Polka Dot Paws

Deborah’s Creations

Wigglin’ Home Boxer Rescue

Pup Town Cafe

High Expectations Dog Training

WCGHS (West Columbia Gorge Humane Society)

Other activities for First Friday include:

So much going on all over town! Shop, dine, enjoy the galleries, listen to live music, and more!

Camas, WA — Hana Restaurant owners, Agnes and Phillip Parker, suffered second and third degree burns on their hands and arms last week in a kitchen accident that will require several more weeks of recovery.

“My mother is doing better,” said Phillip. “Unfortunately she and I got burns, and that is putting us both out of commission to work for at least two more weeks while our burn specialist can determine better timeline of healing. We both received second to third degree burns, but we are being strong with the understanding that this is an accident, and we will recover and come out stronger! I am really sitting here kind of still soaking this all in, but day by day I’m sure everything will work out.”

As they are the primary cooks for Hana, the restaurant will be closed until they are healthy enough to return to work.

Carrie Schulstad, of the Downtown Camas Association, started a GoFundMe page today to raise funds for their family while they recover. The restaurant is their primary source of income.

The GoFundMe page states:

“Agnes and Phillip from Hana Korean restaurant in Downtown Camas had a kitchen accident last week and were badly burned, especially Agnes who does a large majority of the cooking of all the delicious food! They will have to be closed for a while and we want to help them! Agnes, Phillip and Eric are some of the most kind, hard-working and generous people you could ever meet. Let’s come together and help cover them during this time!”

To donate, click this link:

Their goal is to raise $20,000 for the family during their recover period.

Hana cooks excellent Korean and Japanese food using family recipes. They are a popular destination on 4th Avenue in Downtown Camas. They’ve been featured several times in Lacamas Magazine.


Steamed rice topped with assorted vegetables, seaweed, and beef (or your choice of protein).