Timbers: New Merged Soccer Clubs Announce Name Change, Logo

VANCOUVER, WA — Two local soccer clubs formerly known as Camas-Washougal Soccer Academy and the Vancouver Timbers have officially merged and are now known as the Washington Timbers.The Board of Directors, General Manager, and Directors of Coaching are pleased to announce that from this point forward, the club will be known as the Washington Timbers Football Club.

“We are proud of our roots in Camas, Washougal, and Vancouver and have members as far north as Woodland and Longview, ” said Elias Ulvi, the new General Manager of the club.  “As the club grows and other communities become a part of Washington Timbers, we want them to feel as much a part of the club as the founding areas do.”


New Timbers Name Crest

As part of the name change, a new name crest has been created, said Ulvi.

“New elements include the inclusion of Mt. Hood, silhouettes of trees, a modified overall shape, and an additional star to represent the two national championships the club has won,” he said.  “A huge thank you to the WT Marketing Committee with special thanks and design credit to Lori Carruthers, who worked tirelessly on several different ideas and versions of the new logo.  We will work with the uniform suppliers at replacing the existing crest and are committed to doing so at no cost to our families.”





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