“Thoroughly Modern Millie” is Brilliant

CAMAS, CHS Theatre — Before I tell you about Skyridge Middle School’s presentation of “Thoroughly Modern Millie” I need to be transparent: I’m not a theatre critic, or an art critic for that matter. I don’t have the credentials. I don’t have the pedigree, but I do know talent when I see it.

The play’s director, Sylvia Manzo, does have the credentials — and her skills clearly bring out the best in the talents that her students personify in this production.

“Thoroughly Modern Millie” is a musical filled with wonderful dancing, singing and acting, and these youth are able to capture the playwright’s vision with style, wit and incredible timing.

Skyridge’s version of “Millie” stars Brooke Moltrum as “Millie Dillmount” — the play’s namesake, who clearly shows she knows what she’s doing with an amazing voice, dance and acting skills. She had many scenes with love interest “Jimmy Smith,” played by Jonah Schmidt, who has his own motives, which are revealed in the production’s final scene. Schmidt demonstrated wit and great timing, as well.

Thoroughly Modern Millie


“Jimmy Smith” played by Jonah Schmidt and
“Millie Dillmount,” played by Brooke Moltrum
act out a scene at Friday’s performance.

Natalie Schmid showed off her range playing the role of Mrs. Meers as she worked to manipulate tenants and control Ching Ho (placed by Forrest Myers-Power) and Bun Foo (Quinn Barret) throughout the performance. Myers-Power and Barret showed off their comedic chops and dance skills as they made the audience laugh multiple times. Myers-Power used his Chinese language skills to bring a layer of depth to his character. And credit has to go to the costume designers and make-up artists because I’ve known Barret since he was two years-old and didn’t realize it was him until I received a program AFTER the play.

Claire Green did a fantastic job portraying “Dorothy Brown” who had her own interests and motives, which were also revealed in the final scene. Amy Osterhage gave such life to character “Miss Flannery” as did JT Tumanuvao in his portrayal of “Trevor Graydon,” who played Millie’s boss.

Much credit also goes to the supporting cast as they clearly worked hard to prepare for the multiple scenes, which combined comedic timing with dance and song. Very impressive.

This is Manzo’s final show and curtain call as she retires in June after 44 years of teaching. She has directed 10 plays at Skyridge and currently works as a guidance counselor at the school. This production is a great way to end this part of her career.

“Thoroughly Modern Millie” had many good singing and dancing scenes.

The play’s last two performances are Saturday at 2 and 7 pm, at CHS Theatre.

Well done, team.

Quinn Barret
These actors quickly endeared their characters with the audience.
From left: Quinn Barret as “Bun Foo,” Natalie Schmid at “Mrs. Meers”
and Forrest Myers-Power as “Ching Ho.”
Sylvia Manzo
Director Sylvia Manzo with Claire Green who played “Dorothy Brown.”


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