Lucas Ulmer

With just one regular season meet left, the Camas Boys Swimming (12-0) is riding a wave of success.

But it hasn’t come easy.
Late last summer, the team learned practice times would move to 5:15 am at the Lacamas Swim and Sport Club. Immediately, the swimmers thought the early hour would affect morale, energy, grades, performance, etc.
But it didn’t.
They rose to the occasion, and like champions they pushed these obstacles out of the way. After a string of 12 victories, the boys, guided by Coach Mike Bemis, and assistant Leslie, continue their daily regimen of swimming 140 laps (3,000-3,500 meters) apiece.
It’s great conditioning, but like Freshman Kevin Chen says, “it’s hard to jump into that cold water at 5:15 every day.”


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