Commentary: CHS Homecoming Prince, Grant Heiser

COMMENTARY: I don’t always pay too close attention to the winners of the Camas Homecoming Court. It’s surely a good thing, and I’m sure the kids are deserving of the honor, but the current Camas High School Freshman class nailed it when they voted Grant Heiser as their Homecoming Prince. Why?

Well, my family has known Grant since he was 8 years old. He played in Camas Little League, and he was one of those diamonds in the rough. I saw how this happy kid really struggled at the plate. I saw how he struggled with the mechanics of learning a very tough sport.

I replied to his stepfather years ago: “Grant has the raw skills. If he works at it, he’ll be a rock star.”

Turns out my prediction was right. Grant is a rock star.

He’s superb at baseball, and has turned into a stellar all-around athlete. Why? Because he worked at it. He worked harder than anybody around him. He cared more than anybody else. Plus, he was fair and caring, and wanted the best for his team. But, it’s more than that. It’s more than athletics.

Grant is a good person, and one day he will be a good man. He has a competitor’s heart, but he also has a tender heart, and you can see that in his countenance. The boy loves life, and those around him. He works hard for his achievements and expects nothing less from those around him.

And, you know that scar by his left eye? A Geigenmiller gave that to him. Yes, it was a total accident, during a little warming up for a sandlot during an All-Star game. For years I cringed every time I saw that scar, knowing one of my sons gave that to him. I remember the entire event like it was yesterday.

But now, I look at that scar as a permanent connection to a person, and to a family that I love.

So, to the Freshman class: You got it very right this year. Grant is a prince, and you’re lucky to have him.

Godspeed, Grant.


Ernie Geigenmiller

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