Opinion: A Few Things We Should All Stop Doing Right Now


This is just a list of things I’ve observed over the years that I think contribute to a negative culture — it’s just my opinion. I’m having a bit of fun with this list, but there are some serious points to consider. We welcome your input.

  1. Stop yelling at each other. Sometimes we feel we need to raise our voice to get our point across. Let’s stop and listen to what others have to say. Stop what you’re doing and look at them directly. Listen.
  2. Stop gossiping about your best friend behind his or her back. Kindness goes a long way.
  3. Stop hate-following people on your social media accounts. Let’s lift people up.
  4. Stop binge or over-drinking. Nobody likes it, and it doesn’t become you. Try a Perrier.
  5. Stop adding explanations to your apologies. We all screw up from time to time, and most people just want an apology and that negative behavior to end.
  6. Stop buying things based on what other people might think. If you like the car, jacket, or furniture–get it. I think of my neighbor who bought the ’78 Thunderbird last week. It’s hideous, but he loves it. Be you!
  7. Stop picking up your cell phone during dinner. It’s just rude. I’m sure you’re smart enough to engage in a good conversation.
  8. Stop texting your friend or relative that’s in the same room with you — or right next to you. Just talk. It’s nice to just converse with someone.
  9. Stop blaming the refs after your team loses. Own up and be respectful. Besides, it’s just a game.
  10. Stop waiting for success to come. Make it happen. You can do it! Start today.

What would you add to the list? And, by the way, I’m working on a list of things we SHOULD do.

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