5 Ways to Spend Time in Your Backyard This Summer


After a long, dreary winter, it’s refreshing to spend time outside without having to wear a parka. Summer is the perfect time to get active with your friends and family—and you don’t have to go on a long trip to enjoy the weather. With these ways to spend time in your backyard this summer, spending time in the sunshine will be easy and fun.

Outdoor Movie Night

Get that old-fashioned drive-in movie experience without searching for the nearest theater. Set up a projection screen in the yard, bring out some blankets and camping chairs, and watch your favorite movie together as the sun sets.

Camping Out

Rough it in your yard for a night or two! Set up tents and blankets, and if you’ve got a fire pit, get a campfire going. Bring your best spooky stories and plenty of marshmallows for roasting. Spend time as a family under the stars.

Backyard Game Day

Think about your favorite games to play at a family cookout or barbecue. Croquet, ring toss, and cornhole are great—and low-stakes—ways to flex your competitive spirit. Elevate the game experience with professional cornhole gear or a high-end croquet set, and offer tantalizing prizes (Gift cards? Homemade treats?) to the winners.

Karaoke Party

If it’s been a while since your last try at karaoke, bring the music outside and have a laughter-filled time with family and friends. Making and listening to music together is a uniquely entertaining experience when enjoyed outdoors.

Play With Your Pets

Your four-legged friends love spending time outdoors just as much as you do! Let your pup loose in the yard and play a rousing game of fetch. Even cats can enjoy that direct sunshine from a secure area as they watch the critters outdoors. Keep an eye on your animal pals to prevent them from wandering off while enjoying their companionship on warm summer days.

Feel the sunshine on your face as you plan fun summer activities. There are plenty of memories you can make in your own yard! Let these ways to spend time in your backyard this summer inspire you to go above and beyond the classic cookout.


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