Creative Ways to Celebrate a Long-Distance Birthday


Don’t let a little bit of distance prevent you from celebrating your loved one’s birthday. Sure, you can’t be there in person, but this doesn’t mean your presence needs to be absent completely. There are plenty of ways to celebrate a long-distance birthday so that they still feel cherished and appreciated.

Send All Their Favorites

Spoil them rotten and send a huge gift basket with all their favorite items. These are the perfect gifts for when you can’t be there because it shows that you are always thinking about them. You also get to test your knowledge of how well you know them depending on what you put inside the gift.

Add their favorite snacks and beverages, but take it a step further and include some old photos inside the care package. Little mementos of your greatest moments together drive the point home that you love and care about them.

Video Birthday Cards

Instead of sending a classic birthday card from the store, add a personal touch to it. Create a video birthday card and pour your heart out. You can film yourself sitting down and talking to them, or you can combine several videos in one.

Ask a few others to join the video and have everyone share one of their favorite memories with the birthday boy or girl.

Virtual Parties for the Win

Don’t assume that you don’t have to do much planning because the party is virtual. Treat this virtual birthday party as you would an in-person one. You need to ensure everyone’s schedules match up, and if you plan on making it a surprise, you need to keep the guest of honor in the dark.

Start planning a least a month in advance, getting in touch with everyone you know who needs to be there. Start a chat with them all to see their availability. Ask the honoree what plans they have for their birthday and adjust your plans to fit their schedule.

Send out a link for everyone to join and then, at the last minute, contact the birthday boy or girl so that they can participate. Make sure everyone joins before you invite them into the call. Prepare some games for everyone to play and stories to share because you don’t want to just stare at each other all night.

Dinner Movie Date

Dinner and a movie is always a special gift. You can’t be there in person, but with this option, you can spend that quality one-on-one time that you guys miss. Make the day completely about them and have dinner ordered and sent over to their house so that they don’t need to lift a finger.

Get a meal from their favorite restaurant, and don’t forget to include dessert. You’ll need to blow out the candles with them virtually for it to be equally special. Plus, since you don’t have to worry about paying for multiple movie tickets, choose a couple of different films.

Go with some of their classic favorites, and then add a film neither of you has seen. That way, you get to share a new experience together.

Long distance doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate their birthday, and it definitely doesn’t mean you can’t make it special.

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