Students Arrive at 2023 Camas Prom in World War II Era Tank


Portland, OR — Camas Junior, Sherman Bynum, and his friend, Camas Senior, Sam Tetro, spent months planning for this big day: arriving to the 2023 Camas High School Prom in a World War II military tank!

On Saturday, April 29, 2023, they did it.

Bynum, who lost his father earlier this year, is a big history buff and his father loved tanks. So, he decided to make his mark by arriving to Prom in a tank with Tetro. So, having the name “Sherman” fits.

“I wanted to make my mark,” Bynum said. “We spent months planning, making phone calls, and I found a tank right here in Portland.”

Video report:

And, here’s the preview Camas Prom tank report:

Bynum raised more than $1,000 via GoFundMe to pay for the costs of renting this 1942 Stuart tank that was used in World War II. He worked to get all the proper permissions, contacted school administrators, and got the go ahead to make this happen. 

He and Tetro took two laps around the Portland Art Museum Saturday drawing onlookers, passersby and of course, many Camas High School students stopped to pose in front of the vintage tank. They even got the Portland Uni-Piper to escort the tank to the entrance of the Portland Art Museum.

And, his mother, Megan, was pretty excited and proud. 

“Hey, I never thought he’d do it, either,” Megan said. “I’m as surprised as everyone else. He put his mind into this, and he and Sam started making phone calls. I thought it was a big joke and here we are! Crazy!”

After getting out of the tank, Sherman said maybe for next year’s Prom he will sky dive.

Stay tuned.


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