Champ Pizza Donates Pizza Bites at Football Games to Raise Funds

Champ Pizza

As locally owned Champ Pizza continues to grow, its owner, Tyson Cook, has decided to donate pizza bites to local high school football game concessions stands at no cost to the schools. These local athletic boosters are able to sell the pizza bites at 100 percent profit. 

Champ Pizza also provides a team dinner to one team each season.

“Champ Pizza also provides one free team dinner to each high school sports team and clubs each season when they reach out to us,” Cook said.

The pizza bites program is brand new.

“As long as the money goes directly back to the athletic programs, we will keep doing this for the foreseeable future,” said Cook. “We are testing it out with football and currently it’s going very well.”

So far these schools: Prairie, Battle Ground, Camas, Rex Putnam, and Fort Vancouver, are participating in the program.  All receive pizza bites 100 percent free so that all proceeds go to their local athletic programs. 

“We provide the food and paper goods,” said Cook. “Camas made $700 during their first game selling those. Prairie made $500 the first game. Rex Putnam made $400.  Profit margins aren’t always great for concessions so this helps them out a lot. The pizza bites are made in our Camas store.”

Cook says he’d rather give money to support our kids to help them raise funds, “because if we take care of them it will take care of us in the long term. We live to serve the community. That’s where our funds are being shifted to support our high school kids.” 

The program requires very little manpower. It only takes one person to serve them out. The concessions teams train their kids, and they are able to instruct others. They did a good job of training the high school kids to work with them.

“They’re a great addition to the concession’s menu!,” said Lisa Schneider, who is part of the Camas Athletics Boosters Club.

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  1. Phil
    Phil says:

    Thank you Champ Pizza. My family really appreciates you helping Camas HS sports like this. Many people do not quite understand all of the cost that goes into running productive sports programs for our students. My family will visit your shop this weekend. Good deed’s have their rewards.



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