Six Tips, Protocols For Smoking in Public Spaces


When you head out into public spaces, it is important to be considerate of those who may be bothered by the smoky air that you are creating. Here are six tips for smoking in public that do that.

1- Follow the Regulations

Of course, if there is any legal reason for you to not light up in an area, you should follow that as doing so will result in you being considerate of others as well as avoiding legal issues. As you surely know, restaurants and bars are no longer as legally smoker-friendly as they used to be, but also be observant of other things, such as signs stating that no smoking is allowed close to a building’s entrance.

2- Ask for Permission

If you are near others and it is legal for you to smoke there, you should still ask if they mind if you do. In many cases, they will say that they do not, even non-smokers, but doing so allows you to refrain when there are those there who will in fact be upset if they are unexpectedly breathing in second-hand smoke. This is especially frustrating for them if they cannot easily move to a different area.

3- Where Is the Wind Blowing?

Even when those around you do not mind or you are in a place where smoking is expected, it is considerate to be aware of which direction any breezes are blowing so that, when possible, you can direct your smoke away from others. Also be careful of smoking near a building’s entrance as the wind may be blowing your smoke into the structure, particularly if it is a non-smoking building.

4- Be More Considerate in Parks

Consider that many go to parks and other natural settings in order to breathe in the nature-infused air that exists there and may be much more upset at breathing second-hand smoke in that type of setting than they would somewhere else. For that reason, if you do smoke in a park, ensure that there is a considerable amount of space between you and others.

5- Treat Cigar Smoking Differently

If you are smoking cigars instead of cigarettes, you should treat that situation differently. For one thing, most people take longer to smoke cigars, meaning that you will be potentially annoying others for a longer time period. Also, keep in mind that cigars tend to produce more ash, and all of that ash should be disposed of in a manner that is least disruptive to others.

6- Avoid Places With Poor Air Circulation

Regardless of whether permission is given or implied, you should avoid smoking anywhere with poor air circulation unless it is an area that has been specially designed for smokers, such as a smoking room in an airport. Examples include cars and elevators as well as many indoor spaces but especially so if they are small. If you are smoking indoors, make sure that nearby windows are opened to improve the air circulation.

By: Katherine Robinson, a writer for Road Runner Cigars

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