Camas Little League Concludes 2013 Regular Season

CAMAS — With more than 550 kids playing on 40 teams, the Camas Little League regular 2013 season officially came to an end on Saturday with the pomp and circumstance that comes with celebration of a sport beloved by millions.

The season concluded with Closing Ceremonies, (hosted by league president Doug Vaughan) which began with the singing of the National Anthem as the upper division teams gathered on the East field at Forest Home Park. Trophies were presented to first and second place teams from their respective divisions.


The upper division teams of Camas Little League attended
Closing Ceremonies on Saturday at Forest Home Park.


Camas Little League
Teams await announcements at Closing Ceremonies.

The Majors division league champions were the Yankees (12-3), followed by second place A’s (11-4). The Mariners, who won the division tournament, placed third in league (11-4). The AAA Rangers, who won both league and the division tournament, were followed by the Mariners.

Camas Little League
The Camas Flame earned first place in their division.

In softball, the Camas Flame won the Minors division, and they were followed by the Vipers.

The All-Star teams for the Majors, AAA and Minors Softball teams were also announced. Games begin in two weeks. For a list of All-Star teams and their managers/coaches, please go to this link:

In all there are nine divisions in the league: Juniors, 50/70, Majors, AAA, AA, A, T-ball, Minors Softball and Pee Wee Softball.

The league, which was founded more than 60 years ago, continues to thrive — and this year changed its name once again — from Lacamas Little League to Camas Little League.

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