Camas Basketball: Honoring 4 Seniors

Brock Fielding

It was Senior Night in the Ware House! Camas honored their four senior Varsity basketball players Monday night prior to their home game against Battle Ground.

Ethan Unger, Matt Murphy, Cameron Vega, and Brock Fielding were honored for their four years in the program. Unger led scorers with 28 points. Tanner Fogle, Alex Glikbarg, Jake Hansel, and Bryan Nguyen had big baskets late in the game.

Camas Basketball in Their Blood

The boys have been playing basketball since they were young, and have steadily improved over the years. All started as Freshmen Papermakers.

The boys basketball program has seen steady improvement over the last couple of years, with the addition of new talent, and a drive to excellence. The games continue to draw large crowds from the local community, and even the spotlights from local television channels. And, then’s the ongoing rivalry between the Camas Papermakers and the Union Titans. There’s never a dull moment when those two teams play each other.

Even alumni can get into the diatribes and name calling.

For more information about the program, visit www.chs.wednet.edu, and then go to the Athletics page.

Images by Blake Schnell.

by Ernie Geigenmiller
Editor + Publisher, Lacamas Magazine


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