Portland, OR — Several weeks ago, Washougal teen, Charleigh Chaston, fell 60 feet while hiking at Panther Falls, and sustained many severe injuries. During that time, family and friends have held a fundraiser to offset the family’s many medical expenses, and have done what they can to support the Chaston family.

This morning, Voss Chaston, Charleigh’s father, provided an update on his daughter’s progress.

“Charleigh continues to do well in her recovery,” said Voss. “She has had a dozen surgeries in the last four weeks. Her jaw and her femur are healing nicely without complication. She did have an infection in her right lower leg that has slowed the healing process and required several surgeries, but the doctors feel she is rounding the corner on that. She finally had surgery on her foot yesterday to pin some of the broken bones in place. She likely will not have full use of her right foot, but we have to see how things heal and how therapy goes. She is getting stronger every day. She is starting some of her seminary and schooling in the hospital this week.

“The support from the youth, the ward (LDS Church congregation), and the entire community has been humbling and absolutely amazing,” Voss said. “We have felt the love and the prayers from everyone. Words can’t express the gratitude and emotion we feel from this support. I believe it is one of the many miracles that have surrounded Charleigh in this entire ordeal. One miracle after another.”


The Chaston Family. From left: Finn, Taeg, Mindy, Voss, Charleigh, and Koy.

Chaston’s injuries

Chaston and her family were hiking at Panther Creek when she slipped and fell 60 feet to a rock at the bottom of the falls. Immediately after the fall, a nurse, a chiropractor, and her brother Taeg took care of her until she was life-flighted to a Portland hospital with severe injuries to her legs and jaw.

Her family reports she had no neck, head or spinal injuries.

Her injuries include shattered legs and jaw bones, as well as foot, heel, ankle and pelvis breaks.

Until August 30, she was in ICU in critical condition, but stable condition. She is currently in a less critical pediatric unit.

Friends of the Chaston family are still raising funds to offset the family’s medical expenses. The donate site is:

All funds will go directly to the Chaston family.


Charleigh has had a dozen surgeries since her 60-foot fall at Panther Falls in August.

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