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In order to earn their Girl Scout Bronze Award, local twins Julia and Grace Hines decided to help out the Portland VA Fisher House by donating board and video games to ensure children of Veterans and active duty service members have something to do, and to life their spirits during their temporary stay.

“Thank you to local Girl Scouts and sisters Julia and Grace who donated board games and video games to the Portland VA Fisher House last week! The sisters raised their own money to purchase the games …,” said Fisher House in an official statement.

The VA Portland Fisher House, located on the Vancouver Campus, is “a home away from home” for families of Veterans and military service members who are hospitalized. It may also serve family and caregivers of Veterans who are receiving extended outpatient specialty care, such as oncology care, at our various specialty clinics.

Julia and Grace are 11 year-old twins and have been in Girl Scouts since kindergarten. They developed a plan to help Fisher House to earn their Bronze Award, which is the highest award a Girl Scout Junior can receive.  The goal of the Bronze Award is to make a lasting impact in an area of need in the community. The girls had to identify a community need, make a plan to help, put that plan into motion and then spread the word. They identified Fisher House as having a need.

“Fisher House is a ‘home away from home’ for families of Veterans and military service member who are hospitalized,” said Gina Hines, the twins’ mom. “It may also serve family and caregivers of Veterans who are receiving extended outpatient specialty care, such as oncology care, at their various specialty clinics.”

Julie and Grace contacted Fisher House and found out they needed board and video games for the young residents ages 8-15 as they didn’t have many games to play. The girls raised all the money themselves by organizing, cleaning, tagging and selling their toys and clothing at the local JBF sale. They then took all that money and shopped stores, garage sales, and thrift stores looking for the perfect games for older kids who stay at Fisher House.

The goal was to buy as many engaging games as possible that would provide entertainment, stress relief and lift the spirits of children of Veterans and active duty service members who stay at the Vancouver Fisher House. Julia and Grace plan on starting their Silver Award next year. They also plan on starting a charity project (or two) and a business to help pay for their Girl Scout projects.

Their participation in Girl Scouts has helped them build courage, confidence, and has given them a desire to help give back and improve not only their community, but the world around them, said Hines.


Julie and Grace presented the VA Fisher House with new board and video games.


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