Hana Foods Changes Up Menu — But Leaves Your Favorites


Camas, WA — The popular Hana Foods Korean restaurant, located in downtown Camas (where Rice Time used to be) changed up their menu for the new year. They’ve streamlined their offerings in an effort to focus more on signature Korean dishes, but have kept customer favorites, such as the Teriyaki grill offerings, bowls, and noodles.

“We wanted to make things a little easier on Mom, who does most of the cooking,” said Phil Park, co-owner of Hana Foods. “Plus, we wanted to focus on more signature Korean dishes. They taste so good! That’s why we changed things up for the new year. We are so grateful for so many loyal customers.”

With a focus on Korean foods, the Soon Du-bu, a soft tofu spicy stew, has an assortment of vegetables with the option to add your protein of choice (beef, pork, chicken). It does have a kick, and is a great way to ease off that winter cold and get you back to health. We just sampled it a few days ago, and it’s delicious. Top it off with some Korean side dishes. Ask for Soon Du-bu or K-1.

The Deon-Jan Ji-Gae or (K-2) is a soybean stew with assorted vegetables, tofu, and your protein of choice.

Kimchi Ji-Gae is a kimchi lovers paradise that’s loaded with kimchi, assorted vegetables, tofu and your protein of choice. We recommend ordering it with beef. It’s K-3.

They continue to offer Bi-Bim-Bap (my personal favorite), which is K-4. It’s steamed rice topped with assorted vegetables, seaweed, and your choice of protein. Again, we recommend the beef.


Steamed rice topped with assorted vegetables, seaweed, and beef (or your choice of protein).

Hana continues to offer the Jap-Chare (sweet noodles), Bul-Go-Gi (Korean Beef), Dae-Ji-Bul-Go-Gi (Spicy Pork), Day Bul-Go-Gi (Korean chicken), and Gal-Bi (Korean short ribs), which is so incredibly tasty!

Teriyaki grill offerings are still there, as are two noodle options (Yakisoba and Udon), along with eight bowl offerings and your favorite sides (we recommend the Korean sushi, Korean Kimchi Tempura Pancake, and the Miso soup.

Hana has lunch menu pricing, and is conveniently located in downtown Camas at 412 NE 4th Avenue. 360.833.9111.

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Jap-Chase — swee potato glass noodles.

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