Washougal, WA — The students at Washougal High School, led by student Bridgette McCarthy, who serves as a liaison to the City Council, are celebrating #MSDKindness Month with two weeks of daily activities.

Last month, Mayor Molly Coston proclaimed April as #MSDKindness Month, in honor of those who were killed at Marjory Douglas High School. The Kindness proclamation is the genesis of the #MarchKindness campaign, of which Coston played a significant role.

To honor Coston’s proclamation, the student leaders, in association with Washougal_Unite, created two weeks of uplifting activities to create a sense of kindness, love, and respect among the student body.

The Washougal campaign, also referred to as #ShougKindness, started earlier this week as Kindness posters were placed around the campus. On Monday, the Panthers attended a Pride Time Presentation and students were asked to consider filling out Kindness pledges.

On Tuesday, Smile Grams were passed out. The forms are filled out and then will be sent to the recipients. It’s a way of uplifting their day.  On Wednesday, the students filled out Thank You cards.

Thurday’s lunch time activity will be Compliment Battle, in which students will compete to see who can say the nice the nicest things. Lacamas Magazine will cover that. Sounds interesting.

Friday’s activity will be delivery of the Smile Grams.


Smile grams at Washougal High School.

For next week, they have daily lunch time activities, which include:

  • An assembly for students to openly discuss what makes them happy.
  • More Smile Grams will be filled out.
  • Students will be invited to list Kindness actions on a public chalkboard.
  • A Hula Hoop activity with Kindness slip drawings.
  • A school-wide Happy/Sunshine Day where students can wear clothing that makes them happy. Kindness pledges will also be turned in.
  • A final school-wide assembly with a grand prize drawing.

Keep up the good work, Panthers!






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