Police: Camas Copes With Vehicle Prowlers, Thieves — Authorities Provide Guidance


According to the Camas Police, Camas has been hit hard by vehicle prowlers and thieves this month, and these acts have led to other crimes, including identity theft.

There have been 23 reported prowls and thefts so far for the month of January, reported Camas Police officer, Debra Riedl.

“The prowlers will generally hit one neighborhood/area hard at a time,” said Riedl. “Prowls occur all over our city, but this month has kept us busy on different areas of Prune Hill, Parker Estates, NW Lacamas Lane, the area near Dorothy Fox Elementary, and the SW 6th Ave neighborhood.”

Here’s how you can help:

– Call 911 if you see or hear suspicious activity during early morning or late-night hours. (Prowlers caught on video are often out prowling between 3 and 5 am)

– Keep valuables out of sight or secure in your home.

– Keep weapons secure in your home, not in your vehicles.

– Lock your vehicles and home. (Most of the recent prowls have been unlocked vehicles!)

– Consider keeping your porch lights on.

– If you notice neighborhood vehicles with dome lights on, call 911.

– Don’t be shy. Your Camas police work 24 hours a day, and we’re here to respond to your calls. We often don’t know about the prowls/thefts until after the fact.

Questions? Contact Camas Police Department at 360-834-4151 or stop by 2100 NE 3rd Ave.


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