Community Aquatics Center

The City of Camas released this operations analysis for the Community Aquatics Center, known as Proposition 2, which is coming up on this election season’s ballot.

The City of Camas has been working with Ballard King & Associates, a recognized recreation consulting firm, to project potential operational costs, revenue, and a fee structure for the proposed Community Aquatics Facility. 

The consultant created a basic operations analysis for a facility that is approximately 78,000 square feet and includes a recreation pool, lap pool, gym, track, two group exercise rooms, weight/cardio area, community room, and child watch area.

The figures used to calculate the operations analysis are projected estimates for 2022, based on community center/aquatic center facilities that are similar in size and scope. Certain costs, including those for facility user fees and programs, will be subject to the discretion and approval of the Camas City Council and will have a direct impact on the operational budget summary listed below.

Operations Analysis Assumptions:

  • The first year of operations will be late 2022 or later. The budget represents the second full year of operation.
  • The operations plan includes a basic assessment of staffing needs and rate of compensation for full-time and part-time staff.  Revenues are based on a general fee structure only with an aggressive rate of utilization/sales.   
  • The minimum wage in Washington will be at least $14.32 an hour in 2022.   
  • This operational budget represents the full anticipated expenses and revenues for the center.
  • The center will be operated by the City of Camas. 
  • This operations estimate is based on a basic program and concept plan for the facility only.  This operations plan will need to be updated once a final concept design has been developed. 
  • The center will be open seven days a week for a total of at least 105 hours a week.  
  • Indirect city overhead costs have been figured at 18% of total operating costs.          

Notes About the Information

Interior of proposed pool.
  • Indirect costs of $476,473 are those services provided by the City such as human resources and financial services. The facility would benefit by sharing existing resources. 
  • Admission revenue assumes non-city residents paying 25% more.
  • Annual Passes equal 10% of the households in the service area.

Operational Budget Summary

Expenses:         $3,123,542 

Revenues:         $2,280,047         

Difference:         ($843,496)

Recovery %:        73%

Note: The City currently provides recreational services with a budget of approximately $400,000 per year with revenue of $84,000 in 2018. The Camas outdoor pool was subsidized about $100,000. Combined, these could help offset the operational deficit, bringing the difference down to approximately $343,500.

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  1. Brent S Smithline
    Brent S Smithline says:

    Could you ask the city if they could provide data to see how this compares against other facilities of it’s size in other cities around the state. Also like to see the operational costs for the pools in the city of Vancouver.


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